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More bits from Matt LaFond on the Jim Philion
(2013 announced by Matt as one of the ex Bob Johnson racecars).
+++Not confirmed by Jim Philion himself+++

Read the full story here 
April 1st, 2013
EX-John HALL T/A racer gets hot again

Peter Hallford updated us about the ex-John Hall car. It just finished its first racing appearance at the Thruxton Revival Easter event in the UK.

Read more 

Picture courtesy Wessex Car club 
(permission pending)
March 27th, 2013

To each his own!
The Mustang collection 2013

Something doesn't feel right here. Ford patched Parnelli Jones and Vaughn Gittin together in a graphics for the 2013 Mustang Collection roadshow ...on display for the first time at the 50th Anniversary merchandising launch in New York this week.

Parnelli Jones was invited to appear...but did not join the party. Nobody gave an explanation, why he did not join. Maybe he had a book signing date elsewhere, but then one seemed to know why he let this 50th launch date go.

Other artwork shown at the NYAS 50th launch worked much better, but this one seems to be a bit "off".

What's wrong? My personal opinion is that although the message may have been clear to the artist to create a bridge from the past to the future, it becomes indeed sort of a patchwork that does not really fit together. 
While it may be fun for some to see PJ in a Mustang GTR or Vaughn Gittin performing in a 1970 racer (well, that thought hurts already)...they should not be linked that way in my view. 
Ford seems to try to get past and presence of the Mustang brand image together for the 50th, but it is a difficult task. This artwork shows, it can go wrong. What do you think? Post your opinion on the forum in the Transam Section, if you like. I'll post the pic there.

March 26th, 2013
Jerry Titus and Horst Kwech at the May Lime Rock event in 1968.

Any shot you may have in your private photobox can solve a bit of mystery in the history of these T/A cars. Thanks to Phil Murphy we got this one. 

Just dig around and we find more and more answers for race cars they ceased to exist or have there coming out after 45 years plus.

March 22nd, 2013  April 3rd., May 18th....t.b.c.

The 67/68 notchbacks keep us busy. 
Anybody out there who can identify this car having been once in Mexico? The picture is not dated, nor do we know the location, though the background looked instantly very familiar.

It certainly looks like a Shelby team car, yet the drum brakes were probably refitted and anybody might have had just a Shelby car in mind when he did this one. Note the tidbits of the rollcage and  widened fenders.
Will this lead to another mystery SA (or  AS:-) car abandoned in Mexico? 

We have decided to give it a separate website to unroll the research. Click here for future updates.

A KK full floater rear axle with Watts linkage like used in the KK preppred TA cars from 68-71 leaves enough room for speculation what this car will tell us..

What the experts noticed so far, is the turn signal hood as well as the main hoop leaning back. "That to me says it had a 4-point roll bar at one point and later a full cage added. The lean back is due to the main hoop tubes on 4-point bars bolting to the rear floor pan rather than the upper section under the seat area.

Update April 3rd:
The suspension turned out upon closer inspection of detailed shots as some Kar Kraft parts, which makes this Find very interesting. Quick release brake pad retainers and curved veins in the discs plus the Watts linkage brackets appear real. 

Update May 18th
A meeting will take place in early June with a seller of parts of this car to unearth the full story. Stay tuned.

March 22nd, 2013
Something related to Parnelli Jones at the New York Auto Show!

When former TransAm race driver Parnelli Jones is called to the action, there must be a special car again in the Mustang Collection on display at the New York Auto Show 2013 this week. But there wasn't, PJ did not appear and no explanation was given.

We speculated a lot. My best guess was - Saleen is back on track and PJ is there as well. Both worked already together one time and created a special PJ Editon Mustang in 2005 and what would be the logical output of such a cooperation today?
Especially since there will be no official Boss 302 from Ford in 2014. 
Ok. this maybe the crux...PJ did not appear, maybe an indication they have indeed something in the pipeline as a Saleen SE?

I maybe wrong as there is an alternative...anyway we'll follow it.

March 22nd, 2013
Jim Gerdon is a long-time designer and artist. 

His latest work isn't really new (2012), but still outstanding for T/A enthusiasts. The #17 Terlingua 1967 Mustang, driven by Jerry Titus could work well on a big wall...if it wasn't that small as a limited edition 9x18" piece of artwork for 30 bucks. So if you want one in bigger size, encourage Jim to get it done.
March 1st, revised March 5th.and March 9th, March 22nd
The 1967/1968 SA Notchback mystery continues
In digging for the VINs and their reference to the SAAC car# numbering, it paid off to get back to a few cars we had featured decades ago already. While at it I  "stumbled" over a long term assumption and a not posed question.
Learning every day new Mustang history tidbits
it is wise to correct it.  

It seems indeed that 7R01_164684 was assigned to car #8 based on the SA shipping papers. The car was registered as of January 1968 in Norway as a K-code and licenced. The rest of the story is still subject to further research. Yet there is no doubt it is the legit #16684.

7R01K164684 is still around and tagged on this car. 

This SA notchback made its debut on ice and snow in February 1967 at the
Brunnjøen race. After a second ice race it later turned up in several races of the swedish touring car championchip through the 1967season. Bo Ljungfeldt drove it for Ford Sweden , but had missed 3 races so he could not catch up again- but he won second place!.

He got it on the February 19th, 1967. Early SA shipping papers indicate it was #164684 that came to Sweden.

We are having a look into the cars history, tags and documentation. It got once hit by a BMW, when Tom Belso raced it in the 1968 season in Denmark and a fender and door were dented. 
Ford Norway repaired the car, converted it to street trim and back from the Shelby to "Mustang style" and sold went through several owners hands and is now in Bjørnar Djønnes hands.

We meanwhile reconfirmed a few things .
Here is the updated story on 1967 SA notchback #8 
Click here

Feb. 2013
You need another birthday present for your Mustang friends?  
You may now pre-order David Toms new T/A racing book.

This book was for a longer time in the pipeline, we heard about it several times. I think from those commments, it will be book T/A enthusiasts need on their shelve.

So make sure you watch out for it. Right now available on for preorders.  (to be released October 2013)

Feb. 2013
We received an
update on the ex-Don Eichstadt and ex-Martin Birrane racecar that Mike Friedlander sold in 2001 to a collector. It appeared now in Tyler/Texas thanks to our contributor David McMillan. 
Thanks to David for spotting this one an an indoor car show.
History logbook now updated here at

Dec. 10th., 2012 - update Jan. 26th, 2013
1966 Shelby #12 ex-McComb car for sale at the Kissimmee Mecum auction 

Rick Davis offers this car out of his collection after an ownership of just about 9 months.
The auction took place on  Sat, January 26th, 2013, 2.50pm

Watch out.

Sold for 400.000 Dollar.
Since regulations changed, more and more 67/68 Mustangs are prepared for racing. This is an outstanding example from American Muscle Car and Motorsports Services in Europe.
Bastian is the boss there and has built this car.
It showed up first at SPA in 2012 and then in Goodwood again. 
As you see at Spa it blew a tire and had to be parked for a while.
We'll feature this Daytona 68 replica in our special section soon.
Monterey/Laguna Seca (16-18.August) saw some spectacular TransAm race cars reunion
The 1967 Fred Sutherland Shelby Notchback #24 car reappeard and both Chris Liebenbergs/Ross Myers and Bill Ockerlunds blue door number 2 Shelby team cars joined the party. 

Another one spotted was a 67 notchback  with doornumber 21 from Cobra Automotive. We were wondering if that is the former doornumber 65 car.

Gary Underwoods McComb car and Jim Philions prototype attracted new audience as well.
More pics from Jim Lange  soon

January/July 5th, 2012
Incredible and truely unexpected... 
to review these details in a documentation of the 67/68 T/A season
I for myself have always thought, the Shelby team at the racetracks was a performance driven group of maniacs and workaholics, but then somehow unorderly in their organisation. 
Definitely not so.

The SA racing group properly documented each and every step for their race participations in a multiple page long movement schedule for all involved race team members, issued up front and monitored in every detail during each race. The detailing of car details including the VIN and its color, driver and the additional timing and meeting information allows a lot of insight. Planning was indeed professionally done. 

Unexpected Ponysite Editor (me:) as a rather independent runner of a website of  and for enthusiasts  - featuring all sorts of Mustang racecars - was pulled under the hood and given the trust of a first sneak preview  ... and then that's why your Editor has finally decided to put this on our Newspage here - it is really unexpected new material, I'd never thought would be around.. 

We had already reported early about a group that was researching all kind of so far hidden documentation, getting in touch with genuine players, previous owners etc. to get signed testimonials, to shed light on a true  mysterious season - the 67/68 Trans Am season and the real VIN story and color changes..that we could not really understand ourselves including a few owners of those cars. Matt LaFond, previous owner of the 1968 T/A #2 gets the credit for this report and it looks thoroughly researched and backed up with proofs from what we saw.

A cut-out of a sample page about the SA team at the Daytona 1968 race (Kar Kraft archives) included in a new 200 page report on the 1967/68 season, the prototype and including all race movements plus many more bits of history.. 

You would be surprised what these movement schedules are showing. So was I. The amount of details given in this report is really surprising and the VIN/Color changes explain a lot, why we could not properly sort out earlier what happened with the individual cars, the ongoing Ford ordered paint jobs and a real surprise that became evident in those presented papers. That actually two cars of the five 68 notchbacks were indeed altered  67s, but getting another prefix of  8F01D digits instead of their 7R01K former original prefix (why, how and where is explained in the report). These 2 cars were actually used at the Daytona race visible in that page above together with one 7R01K spare car. The research report continues after consulting known resources that the D indicates the Tunnel Port 302 engine. Not any street car got this digit, so you won't find it in standard documentation. 

To make it clear: 2 of the 68 cars were converted 1967s.. And only 3 new cars were ordered from SA, 2 of them being used in the season and one being the back-up bare body car - todays Phil Jacobs car. Rumour has it though there was another Body in white. We are researching that one right now.
You may understand that I can not send copies of what we got to anyone nor will I. That's up to the sources. I got only few pages, but interesting enough, of the claimed 200 pages documentation for a short News piece and independent preview of what is shown. 
The papers allow us to do at least some corrections on some of our misleading 67/68 T/A cars individual histories some time after it goes out to the related parties.

The starting point of this ongoing study and research was indeed  to shed some brighter light on the early history of the SA notchback prototype that had been questioned and finally excluded from the registry after a long period of acceptance in 2008. 
The research group was and is seriously engaged to rewind and play in slow motion the cars history from its purchasing through production and filling gaps in its so far known history in front of you ...and present further documentation about the key issue and argument of VIN alterations, which - and this is the claim - was not bound to the prototype alone.  
A major part will be statements by previous owners of the prototype from day one, Kar Kraft engineers, but also multiple pages for each race that document the exact chassis numbers and more behind those chassis numbers.
We've added a brief quote from a statement of the retired Ford designer and respected later Kar Kraft Design engineer Mitch Marchi. It is part of the documentation about the history review of the Kar Kraft notchback prototype plus many more. Mitch Marti is still active as automotive design engineer in Detroit. We might report further news in this breaking News topic either way. For a review of the Prototype story, as we knew it so far, click here.

Update July/August 2012:
Handwritten 67 race season movement  papers have turned up from Tom Tlustys drawers and are planned to be used in a book that Matt LaFond plans.
More Titus letters and race logbooks were in the package that Matt received, so all will end up in that documentation. Evidence found in those papers seemed to indicate that the Green Valley Titus car was not repaired but maybe replaced with a substitute and orders given to hide the remainders.  This has been prooven to be wrong by new D.Friedman pics posted by the Ford Benson Research Centre.

Update September 2013:
Matt LaFond tends to sell the documents on ebay or can be contacted directly by interested parties.

BME #4 soon ready to race
Steve and Kinga Johns have accelerated their efforts to take the car on a track. We assume it is ready for Monterey 2012.
There are obviously still enough mysteries out there, even in print. 
When we thought and read that the Don Pike car is the SA notchback protototype... it turns out, it is not. Don Pike build that car himself, says Chuck Cantwell.
The SA notchback prototype was indeed sold to Donald Peck and was raced later on by Ron Dykes/Steve Froines at Riverside T/A and by Don Peck at Laguna Seca and Daytona as well as a number of other SCCA and ARRC races. Stickers on his roll cage indicated that already.

The Don Pike car looks like this one on the right. Now comes the question: Of which origin is that one. Don mentions, he built (or prepped) it with his brother for racing.... though he was an employee of SA and had a Falcon from SA before. Stay tuned for the unexpected News again. 



The Pike car at Riverside 66...but Donald Peck was also there with his car.
Ed Diamond and his door number #5 lettered T/A Mustang

was a well-known name back then in the 1966 Trans Am season and he made his debut in that series at the 1966 Sebring race.

His original car or any remainders weren't found yet, but Tim Fuchs from Switzerland spent a lot of research in that car, found another SCCA raced 65 notchback and created in consulting Ed and his former crew chief Brian Fallon a very nice replica that he now races in Europe. 

The Solitute revival was its first coming out and we'd like to congratulate Tim for his efforts and Ed for sharing his records and memory with Tim and us here at Ponysite.


December 15th.
Digging around... 
we found this Terlingua Mustang - probably made up - sales ad "Driven by a conservative magazine Editor" in the Sports Car Graphic July 1967.
We all know who this editor was and who put it in SCG himself. 

Another piece of documentation ... and counting the days or weeks for a public coming out of another survivor...



December 3rd, 2011
When genuine racers meet, they can sort out pretty fast, who is talking nonsense and who is a smart guy.

That was the case when Richard "Dick" Guider attended for the first time the Arizona Sports Racing Association oldtimers luncheon this weekend. 
They recognized him immediately and so did he - dozens of good old stories were exchanged with attendees SCCA National Champion B Production GT350 Don Robert, SCCA National Champion Cobra and Lotus Cortina driver Tex Guthrie and many more. No doubt he was one of the gang.

The highlight of the day was however Dick Guiders visit to Jim Langes home to check out his mystery car, Jim had bought early and raced in A/S and which turned later out to be a combination of a 67 Shelby in front and a true race car with mystery history at ther rear end. 

For 2 hours Dick and Jim Lange sr. were sorting out the tidbits and one piece after another turned into a journey through memories. Dick brought the original sales paperwork with him showing the VIN of his car and his dash plaques and they went through Jims FIA racepass for the traces of his second car. 
A few individual Guider owned notchback details could be clearly identified or found in the spare parts boxes that Jim had saved for so long with reason. They triggered memories that lead to inspect other items on the rear 1/2, the wheels and more..
Many things matched up and the final words about Jims rear 1/2 SA notchback are way more than promising to Jim, soon to be on paper - certified by its former driver and owner.
Congratulations to the Lange family for this milestone in their research from over here.

Richard Dick Guider, Don Roberts and Jim Lange sr.

After 2 hours of close inspection, checking individual mods and changes on the rear 1/2 of Jims car, Dick is sure, this portion of the car is a true survivor of his former SA notchback that he bought and raced in A/S and Cal Club races.
Stay tuned for further proofs about the 2  (well 1 and 1/2) survivors on

The final words of Dick Guider:
"..there is no doubt in my mind that the rear half of your car is my old car"

Plus we might finally get pics of Dicks other T/A SA notchback in the container soon. Stay tuned for the 2013/2014 season.

Tom Yeager/Bob Johnson/Walt Hane information added in 66 section. 
Although not a true SA notchback, it had lots of Shelby pieces inside and participated in the Mustang racing history more than any other.

Click here

Next ones will be Norm Beecheys with latest owner updates and some more.

Browsing more picture collections from A-Sedan races - tracing down the history of the missing Shelby  Mustangs  - Dave Petersen contributed these pictures of a door number 17 lettered A/S racer and another bumper-equipped car with the door number #18 at the same Riverside race.

We will let you know soon more about the 2 notchbacks that Richard Dick Guider bought and raced at SCCA races.

Any further contribution is always appreciated.

The car with door number 17 is identified by Jeff Canon as his fathers car, earlier Peter Cordts car Shelby notchback #18. Riverside was Peters hometrack. It later was painted blue, probably at the end of 67. See 1967 Shelby Group 2 Notchback #18.
October 14th, 2011
Designer Melvin Betancourt made this unique Laguna Seca Boss 302 

..and it will be raffled off for a good purpose. Painted at AAI factory in this yellow outfit, it will certainly gain a certain collector status in the future.

October 2nd, 2011
BIW#4 becomes BME#4
The Unexpected keeps to its roots when it questions common knowledge that has been transferred for decades. One of the better known terms is the ex-factory
"Body in White" for the 4 body shells that made their way ex factory to Kar Kraft and Bud Moore. A more suitable term is Bud Moore Engineering vehicle.

As a logical step the Moore family has supported and guided the finishing of the last known Bud Moore Engineering Mustang #4, today owned by Steven and Kinga Johns. In certifying the status of the Johns Mustang Body as BME #4, we are having a closer look at the finishing of it after it received paint and many genuine goodies that have been collected and assembled to finish it in a period correct dress while getting race ready and safe enough to compete in selected events. Check out the Bud Moore certificate and latest pics of the meanwhile assembled race car. Click here

It is clear that this body/car has had no real race history, yet Bud Moore considers and certifies it as a legit surviving BME #4
September 15th, 2011
More pictures unearthed of Cal Club races
Bill Maier drove this car at a Cal Club Riverside meeting with the number 22. Thanks to Bruce Ward from Riverside Int. Jim Langes research about his fathers car brought up also more proofs for the chain of custody.
This is just one of a series of pics if Cal Club races and Jim is getting closer to the core of it. Stay tuned.
Read the most unexpected story of Dick Guider and his two ex-SA notchbacks here
20th. August 2011
Bill Ockerlund drives his 1968 Shelby Mustang T/A #2 at Monterey 
(Laguna Seca)
Craig Conley with his former Mike Folsom car and a number of others there as well.


See an interview with Bill here.
And Craig Conley here

July 20th, 2011
Sometimes it takes years or even decades for the Ponysite-network
, but thanks to John Scott we received this rare pic of Forrest Straights ex-Danny Moore racer.
A pic that Forrest was looking for for a long time.


July 10th, 2011
Ron Lanthrop
was there at several T/A races from 66 to 69 and thanks to Jon Mello over at the Trans Am Forum we can have a look into his great archive, which will probably answer a lot more questions which we could think over. 
Stuff enough for investigations about the original cars.

1967 Bryar

1968 Bryar

1969 Wolverine


Pictures Ron Lanthrop ( Mello)
May 9th, 2011 through June 2011
This is not just a simple RARE FIND as you know them, this will be a real
of more than a decade of Mustang History 
One of the 1967 Shelby Trans-Am Notchbacks that got out of sight in the mid 70ies and never surfaced since. We are proud to have the last and current owner give us an interview on how this car survived and in what condition it is today. 

For decades enthusiasts were puzzled about the various Titus cars and their crashes and "rebuilds" and what happened to all of them. Out of the cars number #1 to #5 a few were never found. The SAAC registry data of those cars will or might have to be rewritten once again, when the 2 cars will have to be fitted within the 67 notchback puzzle in 2011. 

The car which "we" unearthed through the research of Jim Lange going back through the history records of his fathers car was a real surprise and I am proud to have been a small part of the research group in finding the key person to give us much more insight into what happened to 2 of the notchbacks that are unaccounted for in the latest, just released SAAC registry of 2011.

But this true survivor exists, we have done our utmost to verify the truth behind the story, checked the VIN out with our resources and the history records speak for themselves as a logical record, though some things may have  to be reviewed, as they are based on memories of Richard Guider and his ex-mechanic. The story as it goes will be subsequently laid out with the related parties, yet we are proud to be part of the unfolding 2011 story. A or two true rare finds of more than a decade of Mustang history.  

After 3 phone calls with the owner, we think this is pretty much watertight now.

Read the interview now.

April 14th, 2011
Phil Dauphinee deserves a special mentioning on this site
with his latest scale model project, but not only because of that. He is one of the sources that I check more frequently in order to remain updated on what is going on at the historic racing spots in the US and Canada.
Being a true T/A maniac and a Gurney fan this scale model is detailed to its "bones" and Phil spent a lot of his time into researching all the bits and pieces of the original car.
Check out his photo collection of more than a decade on his site and browse through all the events he covered in that period.
"To celebrate Dan Gurney's 80th birthday I completed my model of his 1969 Trans-Am Mustang. The best part of building the model was researching all I could find out about the car.
All the photos are at"
Phil Dauphinee, April 14th. 2011

April 4th,2011, finally on
New BOSS 302 book can be pre-ordered now. 
Out in July 2001, probably from August 2011,11th on amazon, but, signed ones will be available latest at the Boss Reunion early August in Dearborn/Michigan.
I  entered my pre-order for Donald Farrs new Boss book already, so join us soon.

The Mustang Boss 302 - A Racing legend turns into a modern Muscle car. By Donald Farr.
Donald succeeded to finish his new 160 pages Boss book,which contains both the history and details of the classic and the new Boss 302. 

Exclusive Interview with Donald Farr 
Click here

February 9th, 2011
Jim Kless may ring a bell or two for some.

He owned and raced 2 1966 Shelby Group 2 notchbacks (#1 and#5) back then in the heydays. We are glad to have him here and opening his personal archive for us. 
See us fill in the stories step by step as my time permits, especially the history records, as I got 3 enveloppes full of stuff. Thank you, Jim. 
- car #5
- car #1
January 15th, 2011
The former Ted Gildred 67 notchback
will be soon in the News again as we heard through the grapevine.
Good to have some new pics of the car thanks to Frank Sheffield, who spotted the car back in 1983.

"The photographs were made in June, 1983, at Carlsbad Raceway in Southern California. It was a San Diego Region SCCA Solo event, or time trial." says Frank.

Editors note:
A new research report may shed some more light (or blow fog) on the mystery around the prototype and several 67/68 SA notchbacks soon with more bits, testimonals and statements. This report will be send to related parties. 

Update Dez. 2011:
Coming out in Jan. 2012 acc. to latest information.

December 6th, 2010
Returning to the action. has just released a DVD box with all the good stuff. 3 DVDs about the 67/68 T/A season, a Javelin view from 68 on and one DVD with Parnelli Jones about the 70/71 season is included.

See the trailer and for that price it is worth to have on your shelf for a nice viewing. 

picture courtesy
November 14th, 2010
Jim Lange had to go a long way in his research of the history of his
1967 Mustang notchback race car 

..but he finally succeeded with help of our T/A family and finding old friends and contacts from his fathers racer history.

According to his ongoing research, the car shown as no.22 or no. 73 on the right  belonged once to Ron Burns and previously to Dick Guider. 
Jim is currently still engaged in talking to the first owner and getting the chain of ownership closed, documented and watertight for a complete history report.

We are glad having helped Jim to cruise through the deep water of racing history research.

Read about the initial call for help. We will roll out and update  the information on that site as found by Jim.
October 13th, 2010
1967 and 1968 Group 2 Racing Mustangs
are getting very popular in Europe these days. 
Carlo and Mirjam Hamilton from the Netherlands are very special however. They started this project 2 years ago after a visit to our Ponysite replica section.

" I am Carlo Hamilton from the Netherlands, in January 2008 I bought a '68 Mustang notchback after seeing the PONYSITE! 
I told my friends I would build me a real RACE CAR This is the result after 2 years of work and help from my friends Cornell & Mario & Vincent & Joep

We will feature it soon in our replica section with more details after publishing it in our club mag.
September 2nd, 2010
The Frank Gardner T/A Mustang  #149625 may return to the tracks one day
Read Dan Bowdens anouncement here at the bottom of the related page
September 1st, 2010
You never know who is a reporter of sneaking with you into an engine bay.

....until you read it here.
This is Jim Langes father at the SAAC-35in our typical ponysite-mode talking with Chuck Cantwell about SFM5022 details.


Dan Gurney and the All American Racers team honored at Monterey

Friday 13th. August saw the 2011/12 Boss 302 street car unveiling at 11.45 at the raceway with Dan Gurney. 
More information on the Dan Gurney festivities

Mecum presented W. Wyss paintings at the Del Monte Golf Course during their auction.

The staged original Gurney cars at the Rolex Monterey Festival 2010

More pics will be added to the racing logbooks thanks to Phil Dauphinee

#112073 was be driven around the track by Bruce Canepa himself, who has the car on sale for Phil Gallant
(Picture G.A)

More information 

#112074 on sale as well at the RM auctions
(Picture above from 2004 F.Simone)
More Information

Another entry in the Gurney display will be 1 of 3 All American Racers Cudas - both Dan Gurney and Gary Savage ran those cars. But if you wonder where the third one is, drop Mike Mulcahey a line.

More information about the AAR.

June 18th. 2010
Ford plans a 15million dollar racecar museum

Dan Guerney and Parnelli Jones cars planned. We wonder which cars out of which collection may end up there, do we?
June 14th
Details from Thom and Jeff Canon about their  67 Shelby Notchback #18
Click here
May 18th
Details from Thom and Jeff Canon about 66 Shelby Notchback #15
Click here
May 2nd, 2010
1967 Shelby T/A Notchback from Jerry Titus  available from Pioneer Slotcars 
David Lord writing for a Scalextric UK magazine kept us updated on the latest development with his sneak preview of an article that will be published soon.

Next on is a plain white "paint it yourself" kit that allows you to create your own 1968 Notchback racer in your favourite racing trim.

The original in its yellow/black Terlingua Racing Team dress

...and the 1:32 Pioneer Scale Slot car. Together with the already available blue Bill Maier 68 #22 Notchback and the red Tony Marcotti 1968 #21 car they will be a great gift for your kids and yourself of course.
April 19th, 2010
112073 for sale by Canepa Design
Watch out on ebay

Asking price 960.000 Dollar

Picture Canepa Design
April 12th, 2010
Opening another dimension
During our research we stumbled over a lot  of other 69/70 Mustang racecar. Reason enough to start up another section on this site with help from former A/S car, Touring class cars and some other that may have catched your interest in those years. We will also regroup a few that had found their way in the T/A segment during the past years. 
March 26th., 2010
The 1968 T/A Shelby # 2 returns to the tracks
A known Shelby dealer named Bill Ockerlund bought the car and had it repainted back to blue

March 19th., 2010
PTWA based SUNA-6-3 Repair Coating for genuine Ford engine blocks soon available?
Some of you may have followed the Ford news in February about the innovative 2011 Shelby G.T.500 alum block treated with the PTWA coating process, developed by Ford Aachen R&D centre/Germany with Honsel and Spray-Flame Industries. Actually the 2011 G.T.500 engine block is produced over here in Germany now from Honsel in Meschede.

Many overlooked in the February 2010 PR news the words about the cast iron engines that were tested. Well it helped our club to be well-known in the Ford inhouse magazine in Germany, so we got a mail from  INSIDE Ford R&D that there will be more news around SUNA-6-3-repair-PTWA based-coatings of cast iron engines. Aside from Caterpillar Diesel engine applications the testing is in the final stages with this 66 Mustang engine.

This is the actual private test car.

While we don't think this coating might be necessary for the average Joes daily driver..depending on the final pricing, serious racers and Boss runners may keep their antennas tuned to Ponysite News for further updates from INSIDE Ford R&D and Honsel. Honsel and Ford are engaged to apply the techniques to volume car lines. The 1.4ZVTEC is one of the projects, the Caterpillar project another that turned out of a Nano-mobil-R&D project sponsored by the german BMBF with 11million Euro. The 66 Mustang engine project is carrried out with help from a former Q-Manager at the Ford Cologne engine factory, that produced the Mustang V6-engine for years.

Missed the PTWA news?

Feb. 4th., 2010
Two interesting cars on sale.
Check out the B302 Forum for discussions around them and the facts and fallacies, if there are some
The first one

The other one

January 29th, 2010

Ford presented two Boss 302 R in the well-known liverys of No. 15 and 16 at Daytona.

Picture Ford/Autostock Brian Czobat

January 9th, 2010
One of the things that drives us in maintaining this site is reconnecting previous owners with the current ones to preserve the histories of their Mustangs. 
Once again a mail made my day in the first days of January 2010, when Greg Meindl reported that former Mustang-racer Hermann Schlenker found his way to Greg through the report about his Mustang racecar on

The picture shows the car at a 1967 2-days canadian rallye event, here at the start on an island "St. Helenes" at the Montreal Expo. Hermann was invited by Gary back then to drive his car there. Gary Young was the owner of the car, which was  sponsored by the Frontier Ford dealership. In the background are Gary Young, Hermann Schlenker and Miss Montreal Expo.
We are sure both will have a nice time in reconnecting Hermann to his former mates and memories and maybe even reunite him one day with is old car. 

Read here more about the history of that car, we will add Hermanny pictures soon.

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