1966  Group 2 Mustang 
Drivers Don Pike/John Timanus/Patrick Scooter

© Jon Mello, Wolfgang Kohrn - December 28th, 2011, updated February 8th, 2013


Don Pike is often referred to in official race reports as the teammate of Titus in the Shelby team and his car being "factory sponsored". Being the Shelby engine shop manager that makes pretty much sense.
But we got confirmation via Jon Mello incl. information from Chuck Cantwell, that Don Pike built this car with his brother Gary. 

In an interview with Don Pike in the Fall 2012 SAAC Shelby American, the author still suggests and lists it as the Shelby notchback protoype. Either the article is wrong or Chuck Cantwell. You'll be the judge.


Thanks to Jon Mello 
we got new pics that may change some history records again. This is Don Pikes Mustang racer, that was mixed up in the SAAC registry to be the SA notchback prototype. Don Pike confirmed and also Chuck Cantwell that Don Pike built his car himself. But fact is it ended up in T/A races at Riverside and Green Valley.

Don Pike was the Shelby Engine Shop Manager and was in charge of show cars. He raced successfully a Holman-Moody Falcon in 1964 and Ford ordered Shelby to replace his Falcon with a Mustang racer according to http://www.legendsofriverside.com/legends/pike.html

Don Pike raced his notchback in 20 races acc. to above mentioned site.

Don Pike at the T/A 4 hour endurance race Riverside 1966.

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