1966 Shelby Group 2 Mustang Prototype built by Chuck Cantwell
Drivers Don Peck/Ron Dykes/Steve Froines

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Donald Peck 1968 in his car at Laguna Seca
Picture courtesy Tam McPartland

The History of Don Pecks SA Notchback Prototype 

This picture from Daytona November 1967 clearly shows the drivers name Don Peck above the door. 
(courtesy John Wilson photo/collection Steve Francis)

In Nov. 65 the program to build SA notchbacks for the oncoming season was given a GO. The Homologation papers however were stamped and sent in already in October, but approved in December. A white hardtop sitting at a local dealer was used for referencing pictures in those documents.

CS ordered Chuck Cantwell and Jerry Schwartz to play with the real thing by November and Cantwell bought a blue 271HP K-code notchback from the Ford dealer. The program budget was 5000 dollar and it included the sales price of that K-code.

It was stripped and built up again with competition parts from Shelby.  Modified to Group 2 specs.

When they were finished with more suspension testing, the car was sold to Donald Peck (Santa Monica/CA) 5/9/66 as a used race car, sold "as is". 

A bit of confusion started in the SAAC 2011 registry:
"Raced 1966 in Trans-Am by Don Pike/John Timanus in the Green Valley/Texas/Pan American 6-hour Endurance race (5th) and again Don Pike with Patrick Scooter in Riverside 4-hour-Trans-Am

The name game Peck/Pike is irritating and obviously an error as was confirmed by Don Pike himself and several other genuine people.
Don Peck is the half-brother of actor Gregory Peck, who attended also several races.. 

In fact Don Peck drove his car himself or had Ron Dykes and Steve Froines drive it at Riverside 66 in the Riverside 4-hour Trans-Am. 
Here are the known ARRC/SCCA races so far:
- Sept 18th 1966 Riverside TA: Drivers Ron Dykes/Steve Froines. Car owner Don Peck. 
The Mustang with door number #14 finished 3rd place.

- Sept. 3rd, 1967 Santa Barbara SCCA Regional: Driver Don Peck

- Nov 1967 Daytona ARRC: Driver Don Peck. Mustang #21 color blue. Started 11th, finished 6th, A/S.
- 1968 Laguna Seca SCCA Regional: Driver Don Peck, Mustang #4 color yellow, A/S.
- Sept 9th 1968 Santa Barbara SCCA Regional: Driver Don Peck, Mustang #4, A/S.

- July 4-7th, 1968 - Riverside 6 hour Enduro & Championship races, Mustang #4 A/S
- Nov 23rd 1968 Riverside ARRC: Driver Don Peck. Mustang #4, finished 9th, A/S

1968 Riverside - Frank crewed here on Don Pecks car. Thanks to Neil Young, who is the brother in law of Frank, we received these pictures. More stories to come.Steve Francis

Don flat towed the mustang behind the light blue '62 Chevy station wagon shown next to the Mustang.Gregory Peck would occasionally attend the races with Don but not on this day at Riverside.

Purchased by Frank A. Tremonti (CA) 2/17/70.

Purchased and owned by Rick Nagel since 1986.

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