1967 Shelby Group 2 Mustang notchback car #18
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Picture from 1967/68 with sidescoops bondoed over

All pictures and information by Jeff and Thom Canon.
Car is as of 2013 ownerd by Anne Canon.

The History of the 1967 Group 2 Mustang prepared by Shelby 
Originally purchased by Peter Cordts from San Gabriel/California. Sponsored by Downy Ford and entered in a A/S races in 67 as well as T/A races. 

Race results 1967 season acc. to owner records
Riverside 5th place
Stardust Las Vegas DNF

Driven by Milt Minter and Alan Moffat occasionally in the 1967 season. (questioned through further researchby Jeff Canon and Ken Mann). It seems that it was rather driven by Fred Sutherlandt, before Fred got his own 67 car #24. 

After a 9th finish in the A/S Southern Pacific Division in 1970 the car ended up in Shady Cove OR.

"Peter Cordts sold the car in 1970 to a Les Huddelston in Portland Oregon, Les ran the car in 2 publicized races, the Portland Grand Prix-Portland Rose cup races. I was able to finally track this information down, by car colors and sponsors. In 1970 it was raced at PIR in blue with door # 31, same color as when raced by Pete, and sponsor was International House of Pancakes. In 1973 It was again raced at the same event, this time in yellow with door # 29. When my dad bought the car around 1974, it was still yellow with the I H O P, sponsor decals."

Purchased by Thom Canon (Medford, OR) in 1974 and continued to run Pacific North west races, and hill climb events, through 1979. Sold to Lloyd Moore (Tulelake, CA). Purchased back by Thom Canon (Medford, OR), a couple years later. Used for open track events in 1993, and then restoration back to 1967 specs started. 

"The car at the Keno Hill climb that was put on in the 1970's by SSCC Siskiyou Sports Car Club. These pics are from 1975-1977".

The  car underwent a "major restoration" from 1990-2010.

"We started the restoration in the mid 1990ies, the car was painted. My dad was running the 1966 in a few vintage races on the west coast so the 67 was not moving along very fast.....The 67 as it sits is painted, the brake system is installed & plumbed, all the wiring is ready, as is the fuel system. Right now the car just needs the motor, trans and glass installed." Jeff Canon

As of January 2013 - the car is now owned by Anne Canon.

Status 2021: Car sold to a new owner.

Source and pictures: 
Owner information only - pls. verify this being the original car  yourself in case of further interest or if it is ever for sale again in the future. 


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