S&C Motors Ford 1966 Shelby Notchback Mustang #1
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Pictures and copies received from Jim Kless own archive, publications are mentioned at the buttom of this page. Some pictures are courtesy Bill Hanlon & SAAC #44..

The History of theS&C Motors 1966 Shelby Notchback racer
Delivered early April to S&C Motors Ford dealer/Niagara Falls/NY. Cooper, Clark and Associates of Redwood Dity, CA was the original buyer. Company owner Bob Cooper had decided to enter the new Trans-Am series. Don Radbruch was an employee of Cooper and had raced midgets. He was Coopers choice for racing the car in 1966. 

One week after delivery at the Contra Costa Grand Prix. Don Radbruch with the car and door number #77.

The 1966 Shelby notchback #1 made its debut at the Contra Costa Grand Prix in the San Francisco area on April 3rd, 1966. Don Radbruch then took first in A/Sedan and second overall. Don entered the car in 5 other races.

Cotati California,  1966

Pictured above is Jim Kless and mechanic Rich Needles who rented the car from Don and drove it to a fourth place in the Riverside Manufacturers Trophy final. That was the 7th race in November 1966, the ARRC (Photo courtesy Jim Kless)

Jim Kless visible in the rear white car. Other Mustang drivers were Bill Pendleton and George Felton.

Sold back to Cooper team after Riverside 1967.

Sold to Cecil Yother in 1977.

Sold to Bill Hanlon in 1983 with 26725 miles.

Restored with help from C&J Automotive, Nelson's Body Shop and Talbots Truck Painting (San Leando/CA)

The car was covered in an Autoweek article, 17th.December 1966, an Mustang Illustrated magazine December 1986 (Article by Don Emmons), The Shelby American #44 by Bill Hanlon &Rick Kopec, The American Road Race of Champions Yearbook 1966. 

First Owner Jim Kless was kind enough to share his archive with us on this car. Stay tuned.

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