Bud Moore Trans-AM 9F02R112074
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1969 Bridgehampton

Picture courtesy Donald Farr
9F02R112074 as #15 driven by Parnelli Jones at Daytona 1969
Picture courtesy Donald Farr/Ford Photomedia

9F02R112074 as #16 driven by George Follmer in Bridgehampton 1969

9F02R112074 as #16 driven by George Follmer in Bridgehampton 1969
Above 2 pictures courtesy Sam Colman/David M. Bauer

#112074 first outing in 2004 at the Fresno/CA Concours de Elegance
Above 2 pictures thanks to Joseph Simone

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The History of the 9F02R112074
Main Team Bud Moore car in 1969. First driven by Parnelli Jones as #15 at the Florida Citrus 250 in February at Daytona.
Later it was probably driven by George Follmer in Michigan, Lime Rock, Mid-Ohio, Bridgehampton, Loudon/New Hampshire as #16 and finally wrecked in the St. Jovite race.

One of the official Ford Press photo of #112074 (Archive Walt Hane)

1969 Ford press photo (Archive Walt Hane)

#112074 was the car that both Shelby cars hit in the rear and that was put out of action.

Purchased by Richard Rodeck in 1982 from Bud Moore's shop together with #148623 (for 500$ together). Richard Rodeck did all the paint and body work.

Bought in 1984 by Don Hodges. "I had my choice of that (148623) one or mine (112074). That car was a 1000$ less than mine, but I thought the Daytona car would be the better one. Lance Coren (my brother-in-law) bought the other car from Rodeck in 89 and had Richard Rodeck do the car after mine was painted. I took the money to Rodeck for the sale of that car. I did the bidding on it as well for Lance."

Some information from Don about the restoration progress: Early Dec. 2002 -"Need to get the crossmember made and the valve covers done. Working on seat today and going to put the decals on this weekend. Need to get a dash done for it and the front bumper mounted. I have the gauge panel for it and will be doing that this weekend."

Dec. 16th.- "I drove the car for the first time Sun. Got the decals on last night. It is starting to look real good. First race for this car was Daytona, Feb. 69 with Jones driving. This is the first Boss 302 raced by Ford. This car is also listed as the number 5 Shelby team car in the Shelby registry. It was used by them in some paper work I have at Lime Rock and Mid Ohio. Check out a couple of pics as of Dec. 19th 2002. Notice the front fender is cut around the door. This is the only T/A car like this. This car was built for Daytona first and later on they had to put a section back in the front radiator support and side panels to bring the front end up 2 inches because it was to low for Trans Am race specs. Car is restored in the Daytona trim and also has the left side fuel fill. "

Exclusive on this site:
Pictures as of 19th. December 2002 thanks to Don Hodges

On sale 14th. of  August 2004 at the Monterey Historics.
Sold for 430.000 $ plus 43.000 auction fees.

As of 2009 the car is in the collection of Len Perham. Featured in Muscle Car Review September 2009.

As of May/June 2010 the car is on sale at R/M auctions.
Click here for further information

Sold again late 2012 by Chad Raynal

Sold to Bill Ockerlund (2013)

It appeared at the Lime Rock Park in August 2013 and at the Watkins Glen T/A reunion early September 2013

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