Independent John Hall T/A Mustang
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Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab
John Hall driving #82 at Mission Bell 200, Riverside/CA on 4th. Oct. 1970 (race no.11), turn 6
Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab

Picture courtesy Gus Tarrab
John Hall driving #82 at Riverside 1970
Photos of the car at Riverside in 1970 were provided by Gus Tarrab.  See page 99 of John Crafts book "Mustang Race Cars"  for an image of this Boss 302 on pace lap at the 1970 Kent Trans Am.

*Race results from SCCA statistics

For the ex-John Hall T/A 68 notchback view the 1967/68 Mustang notchback independent racer page.

The History of John Hall's BOSS 302

Driven by John Hall from 1970-72 this Boss 302 was originally sponsored by Ford of Canada and Fogg Motors LTD in British Columbia. Original color was Grabber Blue, first raced as the "Fogg Motors Special" and later changed to white and "BOSS GTX 302" livery.

First raced during the KENT 200 at the Seattle International Raceway on 20th. September 1970, but did not finish after 44 laps (Position 23)*.

One photo of the car with Hall's crew hanging out the right window with a checkered flag, so it won a race in BC Columbia.
Gerald Gamache identified the racetrack for us:
"If you notice the guy facing back to the picture he is looking up the track. The track is going down right, the car is just off the corner going up hill. This gives me the corner and track location. Westwood race track Coquitlam British Columbia Canada. It was going from the back straight going up.. out of the hairpin. My favorite corner at the track during the 80s watching and driving the track with motorcycles. Fogg motorís home track.

Next owner/driver was Hank Boseham who raced the car in A/S from 1973-75 as car # 738 with a color change to yellow & turquoise and Cherry Motors LTD sponsorship. Sadly in 1975 this car took a heavy hit to the left front which landed it well off the race circuit and into woods.  

Pete Hallford is current owner of this built BOSS GTX 302 Mustang. It was once at Legendary Motor Cars in Canada and sold in 2003 to Pete Hallford, a Canadian living in the UK. It's still today ( 2005-2013) vintage raced by Pete.

 Pete wrote us in Oct. 2005:
" I raced it 4 times in 2004 at Road America, Mid Ohio, Watkins Glen in SVRA events and at the VARAC Vintage Meeting at Mosport, where it won both the sprint race and Enduro. The car is now being kept in Pennsylvania and just competed at Road Atlanta with the SVRA on Oct. 22/23, 2005. Congratulations on an interesting website." Pete Hallford
Picture courtesy LMC

Update April 2013:
In October 2012 the car was shipped to the UK with the intention of racing it in the UK and Europe. Before this could be done, several changes to the car were needed to pass scrutineering. The differential and gearbox cooler was removed to make room for a full length silenced exhaust system, external fire and kill cables installed, windscreen wipers and headlights added, new FIA driver's seat and seat belts and rain light added.
It just completed it's first race at Thruxton Circuit in the UK March 30/31st 2013.

The Boss GTX 302 reappared at the Spa 6 hours in 2013. Our reporter Hans Laschet caught it on site. Thanks for the pictures.


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