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One of the rarest breed of Mustangs - The American Raceway Inc. Pace and Track cars
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American Raceway Inc. (ARI) Mustang Selection
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John Bakke - Riverside conv.  
Bruce Weiss/R. M. - Atlanta conv.  
G.Pietraniec/Hale - Michigan conv.  

Allen Ackelson - Atlanta 428 Fastback
S. Magee - Michigan 428 Fastback

Adam Schweizer
Michael Delleree - Texas  
Steve Boresow -Atlanta  
Bill Jester - Texas  
Daniel Wilder - Texas
Armando Martinez - Texas
Simon Hyatt/Selectmotors
Mark Memmer's - Texas
Marko Kallela - Finland

Registry by VIN  
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Five 428 CJ convertibles were built as well as five 428 CJ Fastbacks 
and a bigger number of 351 cui  powered Texas International Speedway Promo cars.
This is an attempt to register them all based on research of John Bakke and Bruce Weiss.

Read on and scroll down this page for the history

The story of the ARI Mustangs: 
John Bakke

ARI ordered the cars for use at 5 racetracks around the US. One of the racetracks was not finished yet. They ordered 5 428 CJ convertibles and 5 428CJ fastbacks. Those 5 convertibles were intended as the real pacecars and were geared for 240km/h (about 155mph).

Those other fastbacks were meant to be used as cars for the staff and other bigshots. The pacecar convertibles have VIN's from 120300-120304, but the fastbacks were taken from the ordinary lot,  Kevin Marti has the VIN's. Obviously they all were 428 Cobra Jet powered cars. 
In 2005/2006 Kevin Marti did some research and informed about the VINs.

The ARI promo fastbacks are mostly in the 13___ VIN range and sold to various dealers in Texas.

Twister Mustang by the way are all in the 0F05_118 range. One example is VIN 0F05M118879 having been at an auction in the year 2000. And as the Twisters are made in consecutive numbers this clarifies they are made prior to the ARI cars. 

We have rumours that some of the ARI cars were sent to the same dealer as the Twisters. We have also heard that dealers removed those ARI graphics and sold those cars as ordinary mustangs. 

I also know that there were 100 Twister cars ordered and they were ordered as 428 cars. But Ford was short of 428 engines, so they put 351 in 48 of them, but all of them had 428 engine compartments. And the final delivery was shortened to 96 cars.

The Twister Registry (Terry Fritts, 7520 N.W. Rochester, Topeka, KS 66617) has more information on those Twisters and is online since a few years at 



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