ARI Mustang Pace & Promo Cars

An attempt to register all of them
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The First Registry of worldwide known American Raceway Inc. (ARI) Mustangs

A. ARI Pace Car Mustang convertibles:

  1. #0F03R120300
    The Eastern (yellow) Pace car convertible had been found in Texas and is acc. to its owner in storage since 1992 and has 56.000 miles on it. A restoration started in 2021 and the owner is in touch with other ARI pace car owners to get it correct and finished. Photos are promised for the time, when the car is painted and assembled again.
    As of June 2021 it was delivered to Anghel Restorations. The best place for such a project.
    Note: An earlier report from 2000 has been replaced with this latest owner information as of 2021.
  2. #0F03R120301
    Mr. Gary Pietraniec owned the Grabber green Michigan car (Story in Mustang Monthly Feb 1996, Muscelecar Review Dec 1992).
    The Michigan car was up for sale in Nov 1992 with an asking price of $42500 and was probably owned by R. Sandie/MI acc. to the Mustang Production Guide by Jim Smart/Jim Haskell. Bought from George Waydoo (Kar Mustang Parts) by a new owner.  In 1999 it was spotted at SEMO Classic Mustangs for a resto job. Sold in Jan 2022  at BJ and again sold in Sept. 22 at BJ . Now in 2023 on sale on Bring a Trailer.
  3. #0F03R120302
    Mr. Bruce Weiss, FL owned the Grabber blue Atlanta car (Story in Mustang & Ford Sep 1993, Mustang Monthly Feb 1993) for a long time. In 2009 he sold it to the new owner Rick Munson. Rick sold it mid 2009 to another owner who kept both the Atlanta and the Michigan car until 2016. Sold this one to Dale Katechis. Sold at BJ Jan. 2022 to a new owner.
  4. #0F03R120303
    John Bakke/Norway owns the Pastel Blue Riverside Int. Raceway Pace car. Restoration started after the 50th Anniversary.
  5. #0F03R120304
    Calypso corral Texas International Speedway car registered from Mustang Production Guide by Jim Smart/Jim Haskell in Louisiana/USA. It is still there as of 2010.

B. ARI 428 Mach 1 Fastbacks

Five ARI 428 Mach1 Fastbacks (code 05) were built. The VINs of all 5 are known since the Kevin Marti research from 2002.


  1. #0F05R120299 - The Riverside Fastback  
  2. #0F05R121214 - The Eastern International Fastback - 
  3. #0F05R121215 - The Texas International Fastback - Steve Boresaw owned this one in 2016.
  4. #0T05R121907 The Atlanta Car - Owner Mr. Allen Ackelson/Virginia
  5. #0T05R121908 The Michigan Car went through the hands of Gary Pietraniec and Steven Magee.
    Update: Well at least we thought so for more than a decade, but in fact it was another car that Gary Pietraniec owned.
    Garys car was #190031 delivered to Henderson Ford.

In addition to that 10 or 36  'normal' H or M-code Promo Sportsroofs acc. to various sources were built. 
Kevin Marti  says, probably about 100 of promo cars were built and delivered to dealers near the  Texas Int. Speedway over a certain period. 


C. ARI 351 Mach 1 Texas Speedway Promo Fastbacks

Most Promo car have confirmed 351 engines, both Cleveland and Windsors so far. These promo cars were apparently not built in a sequence and ordered by different dealers, who supported the American Raceways Inc., that underwent serious cash flow problems at that time.

  1. 0F05M135033 ARI 351 Promo Fastback owned by Bill (William) and Kim Jester in the Mustang & Fords Jan. 1994 issue, restored to Trailered Thoroughbred class. 
  2. 0F05M131235 - Texas International Speedway promo car, originally sold to Jack Burden Ford in Tomball, today owned by Ben. E. Kozlovsky sen.
  3. 0F05H132476 - Texas International Speedway promo car, originally sold to Russell and Smith Ford, Houston/Texas, once owned by Jerry Phillips with a 351 Windsor 2V engine, today owned by Marty Mieras
  4. 0F05M132485 - Texas International Speedway promo car, originally sold to Luke Johnson Ford in Houston/TX, currently owned by Marco Kallela
  5. 0F05..... Texas International Speedway promo car, originally sold to a Texas dealer, in 1995 owned by Daniel Wilder
  6. 0FO5H131270 Texas International Speedway promo car, originally sold to Draeger Motor Co. Inc. in Austin Georgetown/Texas, today owned by Marc Memmer
  7. 0F05H133882 Texas International Speedway promo car, originally sold to Jim Basset Ford, in Giddings/Texas, in May 2002 for sale (35.000$ OBO) by Selectmotors, in June 2007 for sale by JW Brokers/Simmons Autos 
  8. 0FO5M131747 on sale by OnlineAuctions/Adam Schweizer as of Jan. 2011

    We have some other VINs on file researched by Lois Eminger. If you think you have an ARI Pace car, please contact us with your VIN. 
    According to Terry Fritts the VIN range runs from 0F05H130111 thru 0F05M137750 only for the Texas Promotion Cars.

D. ARI 351 Mach 1 Riverside Speedway Promo Fastbacks
As we have shown in the news somewhere, there was also a batch of special ARI promo cars at the Riverside raceway. We have at least confirmed one meanwhile (2007)



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