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An attempt to register all of them
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1 of maybe 100 ARI Mustang Promo Fastbacks - owner Adam Schweizer

As of late 2010 on sale by and registered with us by Adam Schweizer 

Adam contacted us in late December 2010

Hello, I have just came across your site while researching my ARI 1970 Mach I. 
Thanks for getting back to me and the contact to John. The car is on sale (early 2011) on ebay.
It is VIN 0F05M131747, built in Nov. 1970, calypso corral and was originally delivered to Ford Baytown Inc. in Baytown/Texas as the Marti report indicates. It has a FMX automatic.

Adam Schweizer

More pictures from the auction:

The car reached last time I checked about 50.500 Dollar (19th. Jan. 2011)

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