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The car was pictured in a "memorable Mustang calendar" in 1995, mentioning owner Mike Hale.

originally published in Mustang Monthly Feb. 1996

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The Michigan Int. Speedway ARI Pace car Mustang Convertible

The Michigan car in its ex-factory condition end of 1969 - picture courtesy Bruce Weiss/John Bakke

Owner History 
Gary Pietraniec (1990-1995) 
Mike Hale (1995-1996) 

published in Mustang Monthly Feb. 1996

How they got the car... the MM article mentioned above it is stated that Gary bought his ARI Mustang 428CJ as the Michigan International Speedway car on December 28th, 1990 after it sat for some years under a tarp behind a garage. 

Gary knew about the convertible much earlier, but he had no place to store it, and so that a.m. garage, that worked on Garys Fastback at the same time, bought it and stored it behind their shop. 
In 1990 it was for sale and Gary jumped on it.
Gary spent 1 year and much money on the restoration in the shop, but initIally dropped the idea of putting the big MIS decals back on the car due to personal preferences. After some advice from his friends, he finally put them back on and it worked out quite nice and drew much attention.

In 1999 our friend Iso Schwager from Switzerland spotted the ARI Pace car convertible at SEMO Classic Mustang. Here is a picture of the car while resting in the SEMO shop. Unfortunately Semo could not tell us the last owners name due to privacy. Might be their own project though.

If you have actual information on the whereabouts of this car, please let us know.

What options are on this ARI Pace car convertible 
with a 428 Cobra Jet?

The article states
  • Grabber green paint
  • Oil cooler
  • 150-pound Stewart-Warner oil pressure gauge
  • 8 qt oil pan
  • altered front coil springs (one coil removed)
  • Shaker Hood Scoop
  • 2" roll bar
  • Michigan Int. Speedway decals
  • Automatic
  • White interior
  • Electric Clock
  • Dog dish hup caps
  • 428 Cobra Jet engine

Pictures courtesy Bruce Weiss/John Bakke

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