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I met Allen at the 45th in Alabama and we chatted about the car. As of 2009 the car is still in the garage, waiting for its restoration. Not for sale. 

The Atlanta ARI 428 Fastback 
Current Owner Allen Ackelson

Allen got in touch with John Bakke in the first days of January 2009 through one of the previous owners of the car. We are proud to be able to present new information on this long hidden car here on this site.

It's the Atlanta Fastback, VIN # 0T05R121907, Grabber Blue, and originally had white stripes as seen in the photo of the five original cars on Ford's grounds. 

It's located in Woodbridge, Virginia and requires a complete restoration, although 99% of the car is still there".

What options are on this ARI Pace car Fastback 428 Cobra Jet?

Courtesy of Kevin Marti/Terry Fritts here is the invoice of 0T05R121907

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