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Picture showing Mustang Monthly 2/96 article

1 of about 100 ARI Promo Mustang Fastbacks - owner Bill Jester

originally published in Mustang & Fords, January 1994,
Author: Jerry Pitt and Mustang Monthly Feb. 1996, Author: Steve Statham

Hopefully Bill soon tells us, how he got the car...

Bill and Kim Jester presented their ARI Mustang 351 for the first time in the 'Mustang & Fords' issue of January 1994. Bill purchased his Mach 1 from the second owner for 1550$ in November 1986 according to this article. Bill did not know what he had until he send for an original invoice copy his fee to Lois C. Eminger, Box 220, Dearborn, MI 48121-0220.

When he received the invoice, he was surprised to learn that this was delivered to Texas International Speedway as part of the ARI (American Raceways Inc.) programm. All the original parts except for the stickers were in place. Initially Bill planned to have a weekend racer, but after all these facts came up, he was advised and convinced to prepare this ultrarare car for Trailered Thoroughbred class. Bill did most of the work himself and even worked 1 year at a paint shop to learn skills and by an hand-shake agreement the paint shop owner cooperated with him to get the most excellent paint job done on this now meticulous example.

Bill spent 30.000 bucks in the restoration process including lots of professional tools, not including his own labour. It took him six years to finish the restoration.

MCA Gold Card judge Ed Hockaday and MCA Certified Judge David Talley together with a lot of other friends helped Bill in the assembly to do everything right. Bill was supported by Bruce Weiss, who owns one of the ARI 428CJ convertibles and delivered the reproduced Texas International Speedway decal.
We hope to have Bill soon with personal content on this website. If you have any further information, contact me

What options?

  • Calypso Coral
  • Rear Deck Spoiler
  • FMX Transmission
  • /5/ E70 x 14 Goodyear Polyglas White Sidewall
  • Shaker Hood Scoop
  • Sport Slats
  • 3A black knitted vynil interior
  • Electric Clobk
  • Rim Blow Steering Wheel
  • 14 x6" steel wheels with mag-style wheel covers
  • 351 Cleveland
  • ..

The info from his Body Buck tag:
VIN 0F05M135033


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