ARI Mustang Pace & Promo Cars

An attempt to register all of them
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One of about 100 
ARI Mustang Promo 351/4V Fastbacks  

Previous owners Jerry Phillips(1997-2002)
Tom Gobbie(2003-2004)
Craig Clark (2004)
Kyle Crawford(2004-2007)
Craig Clark (since 2007)

Chris Lenihan from Melbourne/Australia (since Sep. 2011)

Current owner

Steve Boresow (since March 2016)

Jerry Phillips told us in 2002, how he got the car back then ...

"Hello, my name is Jerry Phillips and I am the proud owner (1997) of a Texas International Speedway promo car. I've owned it for 5 years. I had no idea it was one of the cars until I ordered the invoice from Lois Eminger. My invoice states that it was sold to Russell and Smith Ford in Houston Texas, but delivered to Texas International Speedway.

My VIN # is 0F05H132476. Yes, mine is originally a 2 barrell car and also originally came with the 351 Windsor. The VIN # is also on the block, so I know it's original and the VIN was confirmed by the report from Kevin Marti of Marti Autoworks
It just came out of the paint shop, but will be soon finished, well let us say, as soon as possible."
It went different as usual....
Tom Gobbie bought the car in August 2003:
I bought the car from Jerry. When I bought it, it looked just like it did in the first picture that Jerry posted on your web site. No decals, no interior. The car had a 351 Windsor built  in at the time I bought it but it also came with the original engine.
I listed the car on ebay some time around October 10th, 2003. Before I handed it to the new owner I agreed to rebuild and  put the original motor back in the car. Minus a few parts to get it running. 
The pictures down here are the pictures when I had the car on ebay. The engine pic is the hopped up 351,  not the original 351 W that was in it when I sold it.  

Pictures on left and below:
The car in its condition during Toms ownership and restoration


April 2004:
Craig Clark contacted us and informed us that he was the new owner.
He started a meticulous restoration. 
August 2004:  
The ARI promo car changed hands again to Kyle Crawford. 

 "I bought the car from my buddy Craig. During his ownership, I saw the drive train out with both engines next to each other and all the work that had to take place, both in the interior and exterior, engine compartment, undercarriage etc.
I know the tremendous amount of work Craig did to it and to achieve the condition it is in now. I have been having a ball at car shows and driving it.  So far its taken multiple awards and has had tremendous response from the crowds usually gathered around it. It runs like a dream."
What options?
The Invoice shows following charged options:
(Click on Invoice for a detailed look - just 59KB)
  1. Calypso Coral
  2. Rear Deck Spoiler
  3. Select-Shift Cruise-o-matic
  4. /5/ E70 x 14 wide oval BLTD WSW
  5. Shaker Hood Scoop
  6. Sport Slats
  7. Sport Deck Rear Seat
  8. Power Steering
  9. Power Front Disk Brakes
  10. Air Conditioner - Selectaire
  11. AM Radio
  12. Tinted Glass - Complete
  13. Argent Styled Steel Wheels (no cost option)
  14. Tachometer and Trip Odometer



June 2009
When Kyle decided it was time for 1967 Pontiac GTO, his friend Craig Clark bought it back and finished his restoration work on it. As of 2009 we got new pictures that show the current status. 
If a good offer comes Craigs way, he might decide to part with it again.



New owner is Chris Lenihan from Melbourne/Australia since September 2011.




In June 2013 he sent us these nice shots from a racetrack Down Under  near Melbourne as an update. Thanks Chris.

In March 2016 the car went back to the state of Georgia in the USA.
Steve Boresow bought it from Chris Lenihan.
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