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Picture courtesy Select Motors Picture courtesy Select Motors

1 of maybe 100 ARI Mustang Promo Fastbacks - owner Select Motors, now Simmons Auto offers this car from a customer

As of 2009 owned by Simmons Auto and again in 2011 on sale

Select Motors contacted us in early March 2002

"Calypso Coral is the factory color of the 1970 Ford Mustang Mach1 which I recently purchased. With the vehicle I received a shipping invoice which indicated that my car was indeed a Calypso Coral, Competition Orange or Vermilion from factory. What’s really interesting is that the car was equipped with a 351 Cleveland, two barrel and a shaker hood scoop. The “sold to box” on the invoice shows Jim Bassett Ford Sales, in Giddings, Texas ordered the car. The “ship to (if other than above)” box shows the car was delivered to the Texas International Speedway in College Station Texas.
Yes the options do match the options on the sales invoice. For being 30+ years old, it's amazingly still pieced together. The car was on sale"
Report: Simon H.

More information via this link:

Update 2011:
The car as of 2009 and 2011 again on sale for about 35.000 Dollar by Simmons Auto

More information here

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