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1967 Shelby Notchback #25 revisit
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March 22nd, 2015
Just when you think, that Ponysite.de has gone to sleep, we are back up with another rare find. After years of tracing this car, we finally got decent pictures of it in color.

The one and only Shelby Europa GT250 that was ever created by Claude Dubois based on a 1971 Maverick.

These came from the son of one of the previous owners in the 70ies.

Looking for his father car, unfortunately we had to disappoint him, that the car was parted out later, but these pictures are a real historic treasure find.
More color shots soon, when we get permission.

The Shelby GT250  built by Claude Dubois
March 17th, 2015
The Bond Mustang Mach 1 is getting more attention these days, but there are some out there that have dreamt of owning one for a longer time.
Ian L. from UK is one of those. He will let us join his replica creation on this 1971 Mach1 until its finished.
Soon in our Bond section of this site.
February 27th, 2015
More Rare Finds coming soon

Another 2 rare samples are on our Ponysite list. A 1972 Mexican and another 1967 peruvian car. Fortunately both are documented very well, so we can start to publish more details of them very soon. Most guys regret that Dave Hammars South of the border registry has disappeared.

Fortunately I saved a bigger part of it and will try to get permission from Dave or his stuff current caretaker to rebuild a portion of it. We had worked together in the beginning especially in contributing our international VIN decoder that is still on our FMCOG clubsite and elsewhere copied.

With this one, we could also decode these samples here, yet we got a decoding sheet of the tag information, that will help other in the near future. Stay tuned.

7ATO7GE21XXX for the 67 (now in Italy) and AFO1MA31XXX for the 1972 Hardtop are the VINs of these 2 cars. More soon.
Get hooked on Ponysite:-)

February 21st, 2015
If you know the more famous movie cars, this VIN may tell you something.

1F05M160938 is the stunt "alley" car that was used for the 2-wheel-stunt driving in the movie Diamonds are Forever* with James Bond in Las Vegas. A few years ago it went from the Cars of the Stars collection in the UK to the Dezer Collection in North Miami.
Displayed as a part of the fantastic private Dezer Bond collection with many, if not most of the Bond cars.

I was allowed to take more detailed pics in and outside of the car and we will explain a few features soon in the DAF BOND subpage of this website.

Here is a short video of the Dezer Bond collection. Stroll with me through the aisles.

"Diamonds are Forever "and James Bond are protected by eon productions and the ianfleming.org. Names are used here for reference purposes only.

February 3rd, 2015
Most of you have probably never heard of a Pontiac Style Shelby G.T.350.
That is why you visit ponysite.de once and then? You are right to do so.
Tom Fournier from Tasca owned this one and built it out of a once wrecked real GT350 with the VIN no. 6S056.
Now most people that know about this cars history think it is lost as it was registered as wrecked and cut up again hacksawed and dumped).
This is where some news were thrown in the mill that bad mouth had given wrong information.
Well turns out there are still 2 positions on the remainders, the official from SAAC and the non-official from the seller. We will keep you updated, what comes out, but there is a car with this "name" on sale at Hemmings and Amelia soon.

Frankly I would have restored it in the look as it was built by Tom Fournier once, but there are certainly other opinions, which I can share as well.
January 23rd, 2015
A new exciting Project car is on its way for the Shelby GT 350 anniversary at Willow Springs, February 14th, 2015.
Peter Brock, Jim Marietta and Ted Sutton and his son Eric joined forces and brainwork with more LA SAAC enthusiasts and came up with the idea to finish the initial idea of an IRS Mustang testbed for rear suspension evaluation. Jims own K-code Fastback and an original IRS unit preserved by Duane Carling are parts of the job.
The IRS project was put on the bench in 1964, when the Ford management had to decide on the benefits versa costs involved. Though the price tag would have been a mere 200 Dollar for interested racers, it was considered as to labour-intensive and too expensive with not enough benefit.
The IRS was developped by Klaus Arning already in 1958 and initially realized in the Mustang I, later GT40. 3 rear end units were built during the further development and tested on a Falcon and a Mustang Fastback.
Given to Shelby it turned out that it did not perform much better than the other Klaus Arning driven spindle drop and stabilizer thickness changes and UK based rallye experience feedback from Alan Mann and Holman Moody plus others.
Thus the first test at Willows Springs ended the serial production for the IRS. Serial means for competition use only back in the days.
It will be interesting to see new suspension tests going on at Willow springs 2015 with two HiPo engine equipped cars on hand.

Thanks to LASAAC groups Randy Richardson for the pictures provided on his Facebook page.
January 19th, 2015
Klaus Fritzinger passed away on the 9th of January. RIP.
Klaus was a well-known Mustanger in Europe back in the 60ies/70ies. Though he entered his Mustang Fastback as a Shelby in several races (those were the times of pretention in racing) he was a very well respected racer. He is also known for giving 5R107 a tough time.

His car was later exported to the US and ended up in Roger Cortanis hands.
Not knowing the detailed history at that time, he turned it into a Shelby R-replica for continued racing.
He later found the original Ford VIN tag of this genuine K-code under the Shelby tag.
Unfortunately Klaus never responded to Roger himself for exchange of history bits about this car.

Aside from the Mustang he raced a GT40, a Capri RS 2600 and later Toyota and Datsun touring cars. He participated in the Himalaya rallye with Stefanie Tücking and many more events through the 8oies and 9oies. I met him at the Techno Classica at least two times at the Toyota booth. Klaus died one day after his 78th. birthday.

January 18th, 2015
The Jack Brabham Mustang

We are still wondering, where the Jack Brabham Mustang came from. There are several stories and narrations around it.
1. It was more than once written in UK motorsports magazines that before Crystal Palace Alan Brown imported this car directly from the US. "It was set up rock hard" and softened before the Crystal Palace race.

2. Another story says that is was bought by Alan Brown from Alan Mann. Which is not really likely as Alan Mann later protested the car in favour of Roy Pierpoints championship. Yet he knew that the valvetrain was not legal at the time.
3. It could be also one of those HM prepared Mustangs that Alan Mann and his mechanics denied to have received from the first batch or second sent by Ford . We have some in the Passino papers that have not yet been traced down like Herb Nobb.

We know that this car later went to Ronny Lion and then to a dutch racer. It is no more around. We are interested in where it started. Lee Holman remembers that he had one "TDF" car in his shop once and that it went to Shelby and was driven by a guy. That story just turned out be actually a red 66 Shelby T/A #6 car, so a dead end. 

Was this another Holman Moody prepared car or the former DPK7B Skip Scott car, repaired at HM for Brabham? It looks to good to have been altered between February and June 65 from the former Daytona raced modified body of Skip Scotts #71 car. The front fenders show the Alan Mann style, but keep in mind that both used the same shops in Byfleet, so it is no surprise.

A DPK7B licence plate appeared on a dutch racer car (Akersloot/Frami racing acc. to a racehistory.nl record.) If it was just exported with the remaining registration, we don't know yet, but will find out soon with dutch mechanic Jan, who wrenched on the van der Ende Mustang, ex Ronny Lion/ex Brabham car or...altered real DPK7B.

January 10th, 2015
Ever seen a Dandelion Yellow 1968 Mustang? This is a probably unique Special Paint Mustang that turned up in the Netherland. The colour code deciphers as WT6018, a Ford number that indicates, it came from the Rainbow of Colors program. Reiny, the TMCN president, tells in a video about this car that 132 were made in this color in total. This one is for sale now for 39500,-- Euro.

One other was found in the UK some time ago from Luke.
January 1st, 2015
A Happy New Year. Let important topics enrich your daily automotive life this year and visit www.ponysite.de more often.

Back then in 1964 George Merwin, then Fords Rallye Competition Manager made some important calls from the UK to the US.
George is often characterized as an administrator within Ford, but he moved things definitely, first here at Alan Manns garage, later with Shelby American.
George made the homologation of the Mustang possible with the FIA, so any Mustang racer today should write his name down more often and keep him in good memory.
George had close connections with Jaques Passino, Fran Hernandez and all the relevant people that brought TOTAL PERFORMANCE to life.

Here is some recently unearthed material about him from 1963 to 1966 - never seen and never published elsewhere.
Click here
December 27th, 2014
worldwide largest Mustang scale model collection.
Adelbert Engler from Belgium is featured in a Ford video with his model car collection that has exceeded 5500 items. He started collecting Mustangs in the age of 8 and now runs the Mustang Garage in Belgium, one of the biggest Mustang dealers there.
Adelbert organised as well the AUTOWORLD special 50th  exhibition with 62 Mustangs together with Ford in Bruxelles.
I guess we can say that this guy is a true Mustang maniac. Click here to see the video.
Update: Adelbert got lots of calls and mails from Mustangers around the world, some of them having collections in the range of 2000-2500, but not many more. If you have more pass us a few lines and a picture.
December 18th, 2014
Diamonds are Forever Mach 1 revisited

Latest blueray screen bits were investigated by In Search of Mustangs Bo Durban and Mustang enthusiast Kurt Kaminer from Florida on ISOMs website.

If you have followed our own Bond Diamonds are Forever website for the past 15 years, you may be interested in some more analysis of the individual cars based on the Blue ray movie and examining the former "Cars of the Star", now Dezer collection stunt car survivor 1F05M160938.

Bo and Kurt share their findings about individualities of stickers, parts and other things as well as dents and stripes and remaining questions here on  IOSM.

This is the Stunt car that was on display for a long time in Keswick/UK by Peter Nelson in his Cars of the Stars Bond car collection. It is as of today displayed in the Dezer Collection in North Miami.
The picture above from Damian Ward shows it from the Keswick days.
We will soon update our pages with latest information from the past 3 years, as my focus was a bit on different items in that period.
Just finished - our latest club mag with 56 pages plus cover.
So, sorry for no news, but X-mas time will be exciting for further news. Stay tuned.
The Motorshow in Essen/Germany is similar to the SEMA in LV, though of course different for european taste. It typically draws more than 360.000 visitors. 80 years Jaguar, design studies, Hot Rods and Custom car including a 1000HP Ford T with 2 engines from a New Zealander are the highlights aside from a special section of "Tuning Experiences".
Nevertheless the new Mustang 2015 was launched  with Ford support on the Ford Reintges booth. The first launch at an official car show in Germany after our club event launch in June.

The european edition features a number of upgrades vs. the US-version. Bigger oil cooler, integrated front screen antenna, 2 types of 19" wheels (black and silver), V6 lower grille with V8 upper grille for bigger cooler, suspension mods and set-up, interior "haptic" upgrades.

Furthermore changes of the side marker visibility, rear white lenses with red and amber lighting for brake/turn indicators. Different sound system (Pioneer). Prices will be 34.500 for the 4cyl Ecoboost and 39.800 Euro for the V8. 7500 are planned for the first year (plus the 500 Champions League preorders), similar numbers for the second and third year, before the new emission guidelines must be fulfilled, which will require more effort from Ford.
Nov. 12th, 2014
Two outstanding replicas at the Gran Turismo magazine promo tour in Sweden
Mikael Zingmarks R-model replica and an export notchback that carries the famous #184 door number from the movie Une Homme et une Femme from Claude Lelouch.
Nov. 2nd., 2014
Ever wanted to wrench on your own 1967 Shelby GT500.

Now you can do so in subscribing to a publication "Construct your own Shelby" in Spain, France or Brasil and get a part every week. It takes however 100 issues to finish the car and as far as I understood it, it takes you 9.95 Euro per issue. Makes 995 Euro or roughly 1300 Dollar.
You'll end up with a 69cm (28") large metal body in 1:8 size. Not bad for your Mustang room.
Hurry up, because about 20 issues have been already prepared and maybe distributed by now, you can see the first 6 assembly vids on the Internet (Altaya).
October 31st, 2014
Is this it? The famous 1966 Monte Carlo rallye Mustang, that Henri Chemin and the young Trintignant raced back then?

Last Saturday I stumbled over this one in Belgium at the Autoworld Expo.
I knew there used to be a replica around, of which we have no actual trace, but it is still in France.
I asked the museum receptionist.and he said, it is the real deal.
With more eyes looking over it - it became quickly (:-) apparent, this is a 1965 model based on the typical appearance fake side scoop ornaments, the missing HiPo and GT badge etc. We wonder why a museum puts a replica on display without clarifying the status. Anyway a nice display, but misleading.
Oct, 30th- Nov. 2nd, Bruxelles
The best 50th Anniversary Indoor Mustang Show this year?

There were a few highlights only this year, that we call a top ranking party. The rare cars tent at Charlotte, a Shelby insider event, but when it comes to a real 50th Anniversary Indoor show, I would call this a really outstanding event. Belgium has ever been a secret tip for Motorsport and collectors, with this Mustang Special show in the Autoworld Expo and Museum, they have made another milestone of a quality oriented presentation.

Over 50 Mustangs (showcar, replica moviecars, racecars and an excellent set-up of a "Pebble survivor" proof that the organizers CCDA together with the Mustang Garage, Ford Belgium and other involved parties have put together one of the best indoor Mustang shows this year. Respect.
The show got a thumbs up by all those that went there. Shelbys, Boss 302, Boss 429, specific special editions for almost any model year - a great show.
October 28th, 2014
How to build out of a 1972 Green Monster a Shelby Europa replica?

Chris M. introduced his latest restoration to us and the strange thing about this car is that it already had a number of Shelby Over-the-Counter items from back then installed.
The manifold that added 95HP to the performance sheet, a staggered rear shock set-up and many more good ideas.
The former livery was something like grabber green, but this was a no-go for Chris family.
So Chris decided to make it outstanding in a different way and keeping some stuff and spirit that the original owner had in mind, when ordering this car and dressing it out.
We will tease you more, but this car turned out so nice, that we first feature it in our own club mag.
Rare Find of the Year?
A 1970 Cobra Jet is a good find already, a 1970 T-5 Export Cobra Jet Mach 1 is already one of 86 T-5 Sportsroofs in that year anyway. Considering that probably less than 10 were delivered with the 428 Cobra Jet, this one is a true Rare Find, if it really has matching tags to verify the Marti report.

And when you hear what the current owner paid for it, you will be quite envious
3100 Dollar for this car is a dirt cheap price. Still the deal is made with a sad background. The former owner was a club member from 1992-2008, then died. His parents kept the car in memory of him for a period of 6 years locked up.
But we take from this after all that you can make a good deal still today as a hunter. The new owner is doing a full rotisserie restoration now and rest assured the car will be tidy expensive afterwards.
October 20th, 2014
Mustang Survivors from Serbia

You may think that Ford Mustang, as one of the biggest symbols of US automobile industry and capitalist car culture, had nothing to do with East European communist countries during the Cold War.

And you’ be wrong. In fact, there is one ex-communist country that had Mustangs from their very beginning. That country is Yugoslavia, or ex-Yugoslavia, since it was dissolved into independent states in the early nineties.
is report comes from Serbia today thanks to Vukasin Herbez.

But Yugoslavia wasn’t your typical communist country with strict rules and governmant opression. Thanks to Josip Broz Tito and his close ties to US and Western European countries, Yugoslav people enjoyed capitalist consumer goods like movies, rock music, blue jeans and cars. And among those cars, Ford Mustang was one of the favorites.

Mostly notchbacks were imported, the bigger share were also 6-cylinder cars, yet others were pictured and found. Most disappeared in the 80ies and 90ies, so you'd be fortunate to find one today like this 67 white notchback.
Full report in our next club mag first.
October 20th,
A black Jade 1969 T-5 with a Nugget Gold interior and the Int. Decor Option Package is a Rare Find indeed.

This one is even for sale. We stumbled over it with our T-5 registry and the texan dealer might be willing to part with it for a price offer above 20 Grand.
If you want to own a properly documented car and put your magic hands on it to make it shiny again for the show, don't miss this opportunity. I have a bit photoshopped the brightness, so you can see much better some spots in the paint. Dash has a crack, the mirror some rust around the base, dings and dents from usage and otherwise unmolested ....says the current owner.

October 11th - 20th
A rare Canadian 1968 Mustang GTS Find?
We are looking at a strange March 28th built 1968 Mustang with GTS emblems and a very special hood scoop. It also features a rear spoiler decklid and Shelby upper and lower side scoops.

First we thought that this could be one of 5 special Export (I2) Fastbacks delivered to Ford of Canada? Actually it was not.

Update Oct. 15th: With the Marti report it turns out to be a Lime Gold GT S-code delivered to Central Canada, which is not so special to be a rare find yet. But it could be still a dealer appearance or display car or anything beyond our current knowledge.

Ever heard about the central canadian Comanche package on the Firebirds? There seems to have been some interest in such special packages at least in that area.

If you can point us to special show cars or have another clue about 1968 GTS from the B1 code area, let us know. Actually Mainway Ford or Elgin Ford are B1 dealers obviously.

Update October 25th: Until the owner gets the factory invoice from Kevin Marti....we just assume - this is indeed another 1968 Mainway Ford Special promo car similar to the 1967 Stallion from Edward F.?
The GTS could mean anything from GT Stallion to GT Special something. The scoop on this car looks very similar to the Stallion hood, however it was mounted a bit further back on the hood. We meanwhile found another GTS convertible and linked both owners to trigger memories. Stay tuned.
Let us know what you think this is. More here on a special site now
October 9th, 2014
The first Ponycar is now one hundred and 64 years old? Mystery or a sign?

The term Ponycar as we know it was rather coined by Car Life magazine editor Dennis Shattuck, when the Mustang appeared under the medias eyes in 1964, yet it dates back to 1958 for cars of that sort according to wikipedia.
But what about earlier Ponycars. First traces of "linked" foot-driven Pony vehicles are found as early as 1850.
In 1937 a US manufacterer build a Pony Express vehicle.
We have yet to date this nice Ponycar that I stumbled over last weekend at a autumn car show.

Let'see your eldest Pony vehicle you can find.
October 7th, 2014
Some post the questions, Ponysite.de has the answers:-)
Shelby uncovered in France was the recent web headline. The published  pictures on leboncoin.fr showed a number of abandoned classic cars that were stored in an old rural building in the north of France. Amongst them an Alfa Montreal and this 1966 Shelby. Quite some old pics -  as it turned out - upon further investigation from 2007.

Actually we were able to put our torch on this due to a french mate in the area. He received more pictures and it turned out to be 6S948, listed as "whereabouts not known" in the last 65-67 SAAC registry.

This car seems to have the original goodies in the engine bay and is reported to have just about 19.000 or 22.000km on the odometer. It was sold to Intersport/Paris originally via FAV. We will keep you updated on the buying process, if there ever will be one, as the owner seems to be hesitant in showing the car to interested parties.
Three times a year, I have to steer away from this site to write our club magazine  with clubmate Felix and a number of contributors.
We managed to get together 64 pages with all the 50th. reports from our own club meeting with 1000 Mustangs, both parties in Charlotte and Las Vegas and the Ponydrives from east and west.
A few more hilights like the Fast and Furious Mustang, I met in Charlotte, the Borning movie star from Norway, a rare 78 T5 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary (we are a classic Mustang club only), the obvious 1964 1/2 club members car, an unrestored survivor, further event and travel reports, readers cars and resto hints...we have put together a quite remarkable magazine again.

Subscriptions possible in Europe for 50 Euro, worldwide 90 Euro. There is just one issue, you should be able to read german.

The 02/2014 cover shot was taken at Ford Cologne during the works visit that we could do before our Mustang convention.

September 22nd, 2014
We had reported on the 1970 Ford Rallye Team recently and are glad now that Mrs. Crocket found our site, now Carol Thornton after Eds death in 2006, speaking out about some more facettes of the story and a few corrections.

Stay tuned for more.
September 15th, 2014
Back on the road after a 10 years restoration is finally 6S240.

Alan Faulkner-Stevens from Dragon Wheels UK, one of the leading experts in Shelby restorations over here brought it back to its former glory.

Congratulations to the owner. I saw this car in Alans workshop years ago and seeing it now it is just the result of pure and hard workmanship from an expert.

September 13th, 2014
Nicky Faulkner in his Falcon won the Shelby cup at the Goodwood Revival against the many other Mustangs.
Though a (replica)  Alan Mann RDH Mustang at some time chased the Falcons up closely, a Falcon driven by Nicky Faulkner won the race.
Henry Mann crossed the line second in another 65 Notchback, a well deserved tribute to his father Alan Mann at the Shelby Cup. A.Nannerup with his genuine G.Felton 65 notchback was there as well.
See the coverage from Goodwood Racing
online here
September 11th, 2014
Ready to race this weekend?

Seeing this beautifully restored genuine racecar in this cosy atmosphere you would never picture that the owner ever would spend a second to think about  racing this weekend in a fender-banging dangerous 25 Mustang head-to-head race.
Well, he does.

This car here is actually Gene Feltons genuine race car in its replicated livery, the race will be the Shelby Cup at the Goodwood Revival next Saturday and the owner is no other than Anders Nannerup, who was the former Mustang Club of Denmark president and who is still active in vintage racing with a number of Ford powered race cars. His FR500S at track days and this 65 Ford backed up racer. Plus a new project of a 67 Trans-Am replica - however with latest race-prooven add-ons. Watch out for a Black Jade with Gold Stripe 1967 notchback in the near future. A way cool combination in my view.

It was relaxing and interesting to page through Gene Feltons original race scrap book with telegrams from Lew Spencer with racetrack set-ups and many more tidbits of Shelby American Racing history in those red leather seats after a hard days work. We could fill a few gaps with those informations on the 66 notchback race Mustangs. Thanks, Anders.
September 5th, 2014
Sometimes it takes about 15 years or more to get an update on a rare specific car. Good that Ponysite.de is still round to continue the story, even though it is harder today to find real news or report on Rare Finds.
The owner of this
1971 Shelby Europe in the Netherland finally contacted us to update us on the cars story. He is ready for some restoration work and for sure the rest of the group of the owners are already linked up to him by today to give proper advice.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Read more on 1F02M202548 and the others as we had it so far. Still need to update the page after our last years thorough database research with Kevin Marti and SAACs Rick Kopec.
August 16th. 2014
Mustang Memories

What a cool Megaevent from the MOCSEM

Holly Clark had one of her best days at this Mustang Memories event from the Mustang Owners Club of South East Michigan.
Phil Clark was named a Mustang Hero and his daughter Holly received this certificate.
Look at her smile and you know why she goes through all the efforts and her pain to get the word out, that Phil Clark played a major role in the Mustang history. Until 15 years ago Phil was almost not existent in any Mustang book, but the word has spread through her engagement with journalists, lobbyists and the right people in the scene plus with help from ponysite.de and the NZMustang site. It seems that by now her efforts pay off in events like these. Congratulations, Holly.

Certificate presented to Holly during the Mustang Heroes Banquet last weekend.

Representative cars from Roush on display.

This Bullitt chart caused some confusion. Of course we all know that Derrick Kuzak was a major player in the launch of the 2008 Bullitt, seeing him dressed like McQueen with a 2015 ....well, Derrick retired in 2012 from Ford in his age of 60. If he had a hand in the 2015 Design, you ask?
Yes, he was one of those that choose one of the 3 attributes the Mustang VI should carry. Bullitt-Coolness came from Derrick.
We will see how cool the car really is in our own hands. I would say another model year choice of colours should do the job.

The display outside of the For Development and Engineering Center.

All pictures Holly Clark.
August 10th, 2014
For those that have a deeper interest in the 1964 Tour de France and what became of the cars from the Alan Mann Mustang Racing Team, the news in the recent Mustang Monthly magazine must have been some news, but hold on!
 There were so many mistakes in the news, that we would like to sort it out for you and comment.

First of all french racer Eric Charles has definitely not "found" this car. Actually it was quite a long time on sale from an UK based dealer, who bought it from Alain Goupy, Motorsports director from the Le Mans circuit. Alain had contacted us more than a decade ago and we could thus follow the car for a long time including its restoration or let's say second racing preparation in line with actual FIA regulations.

Second this is not the Mustang that was the first racing Mustang ever. There were many more before the TDF in 1964, though it is true that Alan Mann was the one who finally got the FIA approval in July 1964 for Ford (after their first attempt failed) and that the TDF was with its series the most important first Mustang race probably in history. Yet there were Mustangs racing appearances starting in May 1964 already at certain rallyes and SCCA sanctioned races such as Waterford Hills with Bob Acton.

Third Eric Charles car is not the known 4B car, but the DPK5B car...well if it is. The 4B was a spare parts car and later sold to Switzerland.
We have offered the past 3 owners to have the car verified by an ex Alan Mann Racing team mechanic, but all of them did not accept the offer for any reason. We do have pictures of the various restorations and reports, so can pretty much sort out some facts and fallacies or derivations from its original set-up.

Again we still offer the current owner to have the car checked out before the mechanics of Alan Mann are gone.
Until then a doubt mark can be still sticked on this car or what really has survived from the original #109 car due to a gap in its history in Belgium. I wish MM had taken some more time on getting a few more opinions before publishing the note, but it seems editorial research has come by now to an end.

Before Mustang Monthly ..Holman Moody was also approached as we heard from Lee, but they can little contribute to a verification. It would be so easy to give the car a proper credit and verification, so do your own judgement on what is presented, if you are really into this cars heritage.
Ask the ones that did them.
August 6th, 2014
Geoffrey from the Mustangdrivers.be contributed a nice article on his last visit to the Silverstone 2014 event.
I wish I had time to go there as well, but there are too many events going on this year.
Geoffrey reports with very nice pictures about the highlights from a Mustangers perspective, amongst them the appearance of the Mustang VI, the rare finds, Henry Mann driving the gold/red RHD (replica) Alan Mann Racing Team notchback, David Redhead and his mates Bullitt pair, the MOCGB parade lap and the Shelbys and Bosses that popped up in th field of Mustangs.
Enjoy his photos
August 1st, 2014
Ford Media lists this Mustang Pegasus again as a car that just made it into a clay model ..ignoring its appearance at the Ford Custom Car Caravan.
Though we all appreciate their huge archive, the media "taggers" seem to be always of another generation who do not know the Ford history.
Let's put them straight again that this car is still around and will appear very soon back on the show circuit like the DST 2 seater a while back.
Owner Ramon had the car painted meanwhile and we hope the assembly process is going faster than the dissassemble. Anyway this new pic is quite a treasure in any research.

Follow the restoration and its coming out exclusively on www.ponysite.de/pegasus.htm
July 27th, 2014
You might have already heard about the Zombie 222 from the Bloodshed garage. Some may cringe about an electric drive in a Mustang, but at least this seems to fit the topic of a "Muscle Car" with an acceleration of around 3 seconds.
The guys need some help in making it happen for a first small series.
Although I hate to have another run of Fastbacks beeing molested for such kind of projects, the idea may need some support and pls. steer them towards the Dynacorn spare bodies for their exercises with some money out of your investors pocket. Thanks in advance
More about the perk
July 20th 2014
RIP James Garner
James Garner died at the age of 86.
He got worldwide famous with his roles in Grand Prix and with the Rockford files.

Revisit with us our special on him just for keeping him in good memories.

July 13th 2014
Bruce Thompson bought this nice 1968 T/A replica that once belonged to Russell Rosalez.
It is now in New Zealand and joining the racetrack events with Dale Mathers from Coastline Automotive.

Bruce ran the white famous Titus Godsall Firebird so far, but this outstanding Mustang  may rather become his commuter...well not really, he shows it off at local street machine events and maybe at future historic events.
July 7th 2014
LE MANS CLASSIC 4.-6th July 2014

Ford France loaned a 65 Shelby 5S452 and prepared it for 3 journalistes under the banner of the Ecurie Ford France to celebrate 50 years Mustang at the famous french race track soutwest of Paris.

A huge Mustang parade was done with enthusiasts, the Mustang 2015 brought to Le Mans. Actually it went around the track with the Shelby 5S452, driven by Luc Depailler.
There were also a lot of Fiesta ST and the new Focus ST for a track circle racing experience.
Lots of thngs to enjoy for us Mustangers.
Sorry, I wasn't there, but you can see some videos here
July 6th, 2014
Whenever a Mustang business is going out of business, a new one starts.

This is your opportunity to turn your work into a passion.
Mustang Corrall in Illinois advertises its running operation for sale.
Obvious many parts cars are around and the supply for sure never ending as long as Mustang parts wholesalers are around.

Give Sarah Hampton a call, if you want to change your job into an entrepreneur.
June 28th, 2014
The Classic Days at Schloss Dyck are always a highlight in the Event calendar..

This year they take place August 1st to 3rd.

Have a look at their teaser video.
June 20th, 2014
RIP Warren Veurink

With deep sorrow we have gotten notice of the death of this genuine Ford Concept car builder and customizer.

On June 7th, Warren died in his age of 83. Until last December he had been in touch with Ramon to help him on the restoration of the famous Mustang Pegasus which was a part of the Ford Custom Car Caravan in 1965.

His son will continue to share information with Ramon, now that we linked both again.
We will soon add updated pictures of the Mustang Pegasus in its current status. The car has been prepared for paint and the interior restoration is finished.

For more informaton on the Pegasus see
this subpage
June 20th, 2014
A thrilling new roadmovie
has been realized last August and September in fantastic landscape sceneries of Norway with our mates up there. Most european Mustangers will recognize the yellow Fastback from norwegian main Mustang parts dealer Pony Parts although the one shown actually here on right is not their actual drag race car, but it is visible in the trailer.

The movie is done in typical Fast and Furious manner and will hit the cinemas on August 13th, 2014, hopefully in several languages.
Watch the trailer on youtube.

We will try to get an interview with the owners that played a vital role. Ah, and the movie name is Børning!
June 15th, 2014
A very nice reward for the big effort our club made to gather 1000 Mustangs on Colonian ground at the Airport Butzweilerhof on June 6th through 8th.
Plus offering Ford Germany the opportunity to launch the new Mustang here after it disappeared in the mid 8oies from the official sales channels.
Each of our club board members got a nice artwork piece designed by Kemal Curic.

It will soon cover one of my free walls.
June 15th, 2014
You may wonder where this 50th Anniversary took place, right?

My friend from the Mustang Club of Iran sent me the pic recently.
It is from their 50th Mustang anniversary meeting on 17th April 2014 in Teheran.
We will share soon more pics from him here. Stay tuned.
June 14th, 2014
Finally a private owned Alan Mann Mustang replica reenters the circle track in Sweden this weekend.
Though in 1964 Alan Mann cars never raced with a golden hardtop, the red-gold livery is linked to the Alan Mann Racing Team in most minds.
Anders Weiter finished his project for his customer Mr Christer Andreassen in Stockholm.
"He has slightly modified the color of the car to make it look like a famous Alan Mann Mustang. Mr. Andreassen will race it first time this weekend in Sweden. "
Our swedish colleagues up north may now enjoy it on the track.
Though we would still like to see a real Alan Mann car returning.
June 9th, 2014
The 33th. European Mustang Convention of the First Mustang Club of Germany 1964-1973 e.V. was a blast. With over 760 Mustangs on Saturday and in total 902 registered plus special show cars and closeby parking for safety reasons rejected Mustangs we hit the mark of 1000  Mustangs. A first in Europe. 

The share of classic Mustangs, which is our main domain was certainly another record.
Ford Germany cooperated in presenting its 2015 model with a red Ecoboost powered Fastback and a mineral grey Convertible. Both cars were presented by journalist and moderator Peter Kessler and Ford execs like Joerg Beyer (Design Director) and Wolfgang Gotschke (SVT Design Mgr.) including Event Team Leader Hubert von Zehmen and club representative Helga Mueller. We would like to thank them for the support including a factory tour for 150 participants. The new red Mustang FB was available there for individual photoshoots as well. Stay tuned for oncoming news. The FMCOG Board of Directors was awarded with 5 autographed designs by Kemal Curic of the new Mustang for its effort to make this show happen. President Ralf Wurm and Titus Dittmann presented the 6th Generation Mustang in detail.

See a short video of the 6.pm Ford presentation

Plus a scrap video of the outside area

Here is an official Ford video

Bathory Airbrush artwork

May 25th, 2014
A new german Mustang Book has been just launched. Street's Finest is actually the 4th American Car book of a series from the Streets Finest Publisher.
It contains several  Mustangs of course  and features a special about the First Mustang Club of Germany.
We will have a bigger number on sale at our oncoming 50th Anniversary Mustang Show in Cologne next weekend June 7/8th June at the Butzweilerhof.
There will be the biggest turnup of already registered Mustangs that we ever had in history and probably one of the biggest gatherings of classic Mustangs in Europe.

It will be on sale for 39,80 Euro.
Make sure you get one of the first ones next week on site or order online at Street's Fines website soon (not yet on there).

April 20th, 2014
50th Anniversary - 50 stories at least from the big event in Charlotte

Meeting so many friends in Charlotte was a real big pleasure. My greetings go out to Holly, Gary, John and his group, Kevin, David, Greg, the many other Johns, Brian, Sven, Ed, the Steve's, Bill, Gale you name them and sorry, if I forgot anyone and ot the ones that I missed at the spots like Barry, Chris...again you name it, too many for such a short time. Great were the moments to run about Edsel on the parking lot, who got an "135" R-code owner speechless, when saying "Well, didn't know we built 'em".

One of my highlights was as well to drive over to Lee Holman and get a special tour through his race car shop and browsing the archive, seeing the many and only GT40 and 289 HiPo blueprints plus much more insider stuff. It was like going back in time. Discussing the Alan Mann connection, the surviving cars and TDF stuff was another good dialogue for further research.
Picture on left shows the winning TDF car, while in Skip Scotts hands.

Check out those 50 stories (25 published by now) here
April 11th - update 20th.
When was the last time you saw this Mustang I twice?
Now its time again..
Back in 1962 actually 3 were made. The clay model, a show car and a running Mustang 1 concept car. All three carried the very first Mustang emblem from Phil Clark. Hand made and leaving no doubt, where the Mustang name and Pony came from despite all those narrations we still get presented. The badges of the Mustang I tell the true story. Look at them the next time you see it.
Which bring us to our newsbit. We all know there is one survivor - the car that was saved by the designers, which was at the 45th and now will be a star again at the 50th. But this one is completely new!

We don't know how it is actually displayed yet...and we had to learn ... changing strategy or just minds within Ford shortly before the event can make it a no-show. Do they read ponysite.de?
Thus was the case with the RETRO. We will keep you updated on those obscure and mysterious things in the background soon.

Watch out in the near future (summer 2014) for the MUSTANG I Retro.
In memoriam of Phil Clark, the MAN who designed and handmade the FIRST EVER MUSTANG emblem and he put it on this car. The FIRST MUSTANG to bear that name was definitely the 1962 Mustang, whatever you read elsewhere.
April 11th
50 years Mustang Memories.
Some things change.

Some things never end.

The famous gasstation Aurora near Andermatt in Switzerlandwill close down on April 23rd.
James Bond dropped Tilly Masterson off there in the movie Goldfinger. We remember that she later drove the white Mustang convertible that has never been located, though some traces indicate its whereabouts.
The owners of the Aurora gasstation would have to renew the gas tanks that were built in in the 60ies and the amount that would have to be spent is way too high.
Sorry - make sure you drive up there with your white convertibles until the 23rd to show your sympathy.
Picture Keystone
Goldfinger Aurora gasstation
Our friend Reto Wigger brought this newsbit to our attention. A longtime Mustang enthusiast, whose 70 Shelby I photographed while being on holidays in the 80ies by coincidence, and whom I met in the late 90ies after some research to hand over the pictures and which initated a long time friendship.
Note - wherever you find a Shelby or Mustang,don't pass by, it could be another friend for the future. In contrary to Bond -we don't drop friends, we pick them up at gasstations and along our life road! Reto founded the swiss FNC with a mate in 1979.
April 11th
50 Years Mustang
Man & Machine. Mustang. Adi.
Man comes first. Adi is the Man. The man of our First Mustang club of Germany.
Adi lives Mustang. I guess there is none in our club who did not have a chat with him about restoration details or his collection in the past 25 plus years, where he is a member. But Adi saw them comong already in 1964 and was hooked..
Adi worked hard his whole life and saved whatever he could for his passion. Along the way he had dozens and dozens of Mustangs, yet he kept to his first one as well. The collection today sees 8 cars including 2 Shelbys. Adi has another project ON - a 68 convertible, not his last one for sure.

Let's celebrate the MAN first. The owners and family members are the ones that made the Mustang an icon.
April 10th
50 Years Mustang
Man & Machine. Mustang. Powered by Emotions.

Our new club magazine benefits again from our worldwide connections.

Featuring never published Concept Mustangs of all kind, background stories on one of the Fast and Furious survivor, exclusive sneak pics from the next month Playboy Mustang 2015 photo shooting, "backlash" Boss 302 restoration, Mustang journeys to Poland and visits of worldwide Mustangers in Germany and not to forget about the topic of Man & Machine. Live with the Mustang.

We classic Mustang drivers don't need SyncR, BluetoothR or USB-hubs.
We are already synchronised with our good old family members and one such is the Mustang for most of us.

A few early days Mustang maniacs are featured in our club mag.

Sorry, in german only.

Cover picture: "Michael Goermann for Playboy"
April 2nd 2014
Ford Club Services displayed 4 of our FMCOG club cars at their booth at the recent Techno Classica.

In a special 50th Mustang anniversary display 3 original T-5s from Kaethe Lowe, Hans Laschet and Andreas Dressen were shown plus one 1968 Convertible.
The 1971 Mach 1 belonged once to famous singer Howard Carpendale, the white Fastback is still a one-owner car since 1965.
Our own booth drew a lot of new members and a combined Ford Club dinner with the management of Ford and club officials turned out very interesting news for all parties involved.

More soon.
And looking forward to see you in Charlotte,

News of the past that remain interesting
Imagination Beyond Another Dimension
BULLITT Twilight Zone relived

Plus pics from the chase scene in SFO downtown Pictures courtesy David Kunz

Mustangs around the world
Worth to reread:
The MAKING OF CORNFIELD, the Mustang launch commercial
Mark Myers (Double of McQueen)
David Stewart  (The Farmer)

EXCLUSIVE Ponysite interviews:
Allan White and Roger Bohl Ford Rally Team 69/70
Lee Holman
Holman Automotive on HM in Europe  
Donald Farr
Mustang Monthly Editor
Lance Coren Appraiser Cobras and Mustangs/Shelbys (Second interview)
Trevor Legate Cobra andGT40 book writer
Wallace Wyss Shelby and Cobra book writer (Second interview) 
Frank Gardner
Walt Hane  The BOSS 302 homologation May 5th, 1969 and tech inspections
John Grant about Alan Mann Racing history
Alan Mann 2002 (RIP 2012)
Claude DuBois about his 1967 Le Mans adventure, Shelby Europas and more


You've got some hours left to browse the archives or would like to read some more in-depth of unexpected Mustang stuff? 
Expect some true Rare Finds and interesting bits of Mustang history, you've never heard of...  or only seen as write-ups in more recent Mustang specialities books. One source was certainly Ponysite.de. 
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Swedish FIA Racer (A.Weiters)
1968 T-5 w. world bowl
Boss 302 in 4K
D.Farr fired
Bratzo Vicich
W. Buhl Mustang
69 CJ convertible for sale
Jay Leno/B.Fria on TV
Rectangular headlights
Bass 770 in Detroit
TDF Tributes
David Redhead & Bullitt
Scale Models of Mustang I
1968 Radio console knobs
Siena Miller
2015 launch in Europe
RIP Paul Walker
Not my Day Mustang movie
Kaethe Lowe T-5
Gary Hanson T-5
R.P.McCaffrey RIP
HF in Le Mans
Conelec injection
Goldfinger updates
Wonderland of scale models in Hamburg
K.Marti Museum
Ford Rallye Team
Editors choice of a local car show
Goldfinger artwork
GT500KR Barn find
1000 miles in 30 years
AVD OGP 2013
Unidentified Shelby
1973 Q-code
1965 T-5
Castle Dyck 13
Twister revived
ARI Texas
D. Farr Book
Bass 770 Movie - Making
Trevor Legates new book
Costa Rica Mustangs
Wallace Wyss Barnd Finds
1971 460 Specials found
GT 250 traces
Guenter Ohler
FMCOG breaks event record
Shelby de Mexico GT-351
Dean Jeffries-RIP
German 50th Cobra event
Roger Lusty artwork
49th Anniversary
Historic Mustang launch date
Visit or europeans at NY Auto Show 13
French Mustang Racing book
GT350H H for Horror story
NY Auto Show
1970 Autobahn T-5
Ponydrive 2014 plans ahead
Phil Clarks GM XP Designs
NZ John Noble reporting
Dearborn Steel Tubing
Roger Bohl Rallye Mustang
J. C. Kily Shelby
Ford Gyron scale model sale
68 Xcode Sprint
Basque 67 GT500
He and She Country Mustang
Teheran Rallye
FMCoG 2012 Fan Award
1972 T-5 Q-code
Camillo Pardo artwork exhibition
Car and Driver 2015 vision
HM 50th. TDF Anniversary SE
Equus Bass 770 ready to rumble


Darryls Sidewinder
Alan Moffat picked Bullitt rep.
Ponydrive 2013
RIP Titi Greder
20 years Ponysite
Caravan Mustang
65 Ferguson
Egoboost Laguna Seca
Vince Gardner at DST
SEMA 2011
Panamericana crash
Petty/Hallquist replica
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1969 T-5
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5R107 in CH
Shelby Mangusta
Made in Peru
Neerpasch is back in Mustangs
Mustang Club of Italy
Ford Rally Team
GT40 carver
Alan Faulkner revisited
1965 station wagon
5R539 scale model
1965 T-5 Fastback
2014 rendering
2013 Shelby at the Ring and more!
Latest clubmag
Almost 60 Bullitt replicas!
German Shelbyforum.de
New Boss 302 book and D.Farr Interview!
1966 460
In memoriam Terry Fritts
Shelby Biography
Peruvian Shelbys revisited in detail
66 Anniversary Gold Mustang
6S2389 Newsbits
New Shelby movie?
Mid-engined B429
1970 ASC sunroof Mustang
Henry Mann
Ford R&D Aachen
DuBois Shelby with Ferrari susp.
Another ARI car
Motor Show Essen 2010
Alex Campion RIP
Mustangs in India movie
Ford Fan Award
Piers Courage Shelby
Camel & Shelby GT500
Mustang Milano scale model update 
Diamond Mach1 clone finished
Arctic Snakes
Clark inducted in MCA HoF
Grp 2 68 in NL
Mystery Bullitt sequel
Brad Barnett develops MCA site
Clark inducted to HoF Capri club
Shelby Europa for sale
Phil Clark MCA Hall of Fame
Bullitt & The Apes
68 Shelby at tle Mans
Glens Bullitt 
Dragons W.visit
2015 News
Pioneer T/As
DPK6B for sale
67/70/78 T-5s
68 swiss Shelby
68 T/A #2
Don Frey RIP
PTWA coating
Genesis B.Fria
45th GT350
61st Roadster Show
Bob Tasca RIP 
Hurst Mustang
Bob Barker A/S
1972 Sunroof
Peru 7AT VIN
67 Shelby Le Mans
SEMA 2009
J.W. Automotive Shelby
67 Dukes of H.
Spa 2009
2015 preview
AVD 2009
Equus 500 update
Bowdens at Goodwood
427 HM for sale
Rogue Milano
WT7105 Special
Texas Ari pro.
100004 found
45th Anniv.
Techno Classica
J.Sjoelins racer
W.Wyss artwork
Birth of Mustang
Fiesta prod.
First Fastback
Panoz India
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71 HM Mach1
Barris S&C
New GT350
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1st Mustang Hardtop in museum
1969 Mach2C
Jost Capito Head of Perf.  
B429 in Luxembourg
Goldfinger "remake"
Fria 1st. Mustang hardtop
SEMA highlights 09
Evans Shelby book review
Harry Salzman CJ 
69 RHD Australian Mustang
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2 T-5s in Canada
Mustang IV T/A
Bond news
Goldfinger FB news
Review: low mileage B429
AVD GP 2008
Classic Days at castle Dick
Jost Capito
4700 Meccanica Maniero found
Le Mans Classic 08
RIP B.Cahier
Phil Clark Stampede 2008
Lee Holman speaks out
11th Flanders Event
Driven: GT500CV
40 years Cobra Jet
Monterey Historics preview
CV/FB conversion
2 consecutive Export 71 R-codes
10lb brass scale Pony
1963 1:1 size Pony
RIP Lawman
Mondeo 2012 
1966 FB racer
Kcode T-5 CV 
Peru R-Shelbys
72 Sprint Parade
Jim Clark Revival 08
Norwegian collector
Ultimate Ford garage
Thoughts on the Mustang future 
EMR 500
Last mysterys
All-steel Eleanor
Meccanica Maniero
Visit in CZ/2005 supercharged
Bullitt in Germany
Catch the Wave
Avro 720
Amelia Island T/A
A visit in CZ/2005 supercharged
Bullitt in Germany
Marti tag book
Bullitt in Germany
68 custom car DUKE   
1969 T-5 in Spain
5 Peruvian Mustangs 
Gen V Twister
Rare Find 70 Boss 302 in Austria
Shelby GT750?
T-bird Italian auction
1967 427 Sideoiler
1970 Hockenheim revisited 
Valentine08 cruise
Bud Ekins memorial
Sidewinder proof
65 Racer Down under
67 Snakeeye CV project
Capri-Mustang 2012
Diamond Mach1  in UK 
Mustang meets Concord and Tupolev
Jacky Icks Mustang
Mach I history
Ford Built Day NL
Homme et une Femme Mustang again 
Valentine08 cruise
Tasca Shelby mod shop
Gen V Import to Germany
KR428 carb
Wyss automotive art
Marc Terenzi
Classic Days Castle Dyck 
King Cobra Must.II
67 Shelbys made by A.Faulkner
Tasca 505 again
Buck Tags
Bob Aliberto
SAAC-32 Pics 
Shelby Racing in Sweden 07
Phil Clark Stampede 07
Goodwood Speed Festival 07
Tasca 505 unearthed
Alec Campion (A. Mann Racing Team) opens his photobox
New Motor Zealand -Kiwis gone wild  
First Clark Pony emblem - Mustang I
McQueens Steering Wheel replica
Diamond Mach1 replica
427 Mustangs
KS Twister 2008 or not?
Much more...
Pegasus Mustang reunited with its originators
Michelotti 4700GT Mustang 
Alan Faulker Stevens (Shelby expert)
Swiss Mustang & Shelby Museum
SEMA 2006 pics and Galpin Boss
Shelby Racers in Peru (Benito Lores)
Tour de France Retour 2006 
Anaconda GT690Gene Winfield
Ford Performance Day at the Geneva Classics
Reliving the past in Sweden
 Watkins Glen and Lime Rock Park 2006 Gallery 
6S342 - an Ecurie Filipinetti Shelby Mustang returns to the US
The origin of the Mach 1 - 1959 Levi concept car
First european GT500 at Le Mans Classic 2006 and 40th Anniversary of GT40 1-2-3 win
5R107 and 66 Shelby notchback#6 at the SAAC31 plus 3 Shelby 2006 GT-H 
Helsinki X-Treme Festival
The Shelby GT 
Michigan Grabber Orange ARI promo cars
Low mileage Boss 429 found
Rare 66 K-Code convertible 
Atlanta Ari Pace Car convertible for sale
DPK5B Tour de France Mustang 1964 found
Parnelli Jones Special Edition 2006
Mustang Hobo 
Mustang Bandido
Mustangs and Less - odd couples
The 2006 Shelby Hertz- predicted by Ponysite
The Bowdens Paradise
Diamond 2006 GT
Mustang IRS the other way
Largest Mustang Indoor show Europe
Mustang Milano reloaded

BULLITT's police supporters
The final proof for NL assembled stangsl
German 'stangs in Mustang Enthusiast 
67 GTA with a french touch
Mustang Pegasus resto started
Stationwagon scale m.
Boss 302 found in Iran 
67 G.T.500 unearthed in Germany 
1972 Sprint CV Registry Update 
  '64 Tour de France Mustangs updates 
1970 Twister Special  
The Rohm & Haas Mustang 
The Mustang Milano 
The Mustang Zebra 
The Sonny & Cher Mustangs  
  GT meets GT40 trip 
TASCA 505 
427 MR 1968 Fastback 

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2005 Mustang export  cancelled
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The first Mustang in Europe?
  A rare  66 T-5 K-code convertible
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Frencheros Shelby GT250
6S2381 on sale
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Ponydrive II & new Mustang
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Opera Window 
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gas stations  
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Ford Custom Car Caravan 
India Mustang  
71 429 T-5 
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T-5 presskit  
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2005 Hertz   
Triple racer  
Cool Swede 
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'66 Sunroof  
5F08F10001   FNM Mustang   
clubmeet 2003
66 bencht T-5
Shelby CV reg..
Techno Classica 2003
Comp. Mustangs
'Grand Prix'  
Yard  Shelby
280km/h Shelby
2005 Hertz
A/S Mustang 
Sleeping 71 BOSS 351  
2003 T/A   
Scale pickup
Mustang vs Charger
2005 Convertible
Turkish Mustanging
2005 Shelby
Iran yard  
68 racer  
Rare T-5  
5R539 comeback
2002 Anvers meeting
2006 Capri
Alan Mann & Pilot Plant Mustang  
Promo 'stang?   Photochopped  
Must. Bandido   ZZtangs
Roger Hayman
Mustangs Plus backyard   
Shelby GT 350 Zagato   
CJ Pony  
BOSS 514
Lawman SCJ M1
The Stallion    
20incher   Sidewinder   
1:5 scale 'stang   Stationwagon   Test Mach 1?  
Hot Mustero   Two of two Shelby Europe !
Shelby Mangusta?   
T-5 dash emblem   
Lowrider   Radical 68   Little Elvis   
ARI Fastback  
302 Engine trivia  
'67 K GTA  

M. Cobra II     
Boss 544    Smokey's T/A   Interv.'Lawman'  
'69 T5 SCJ !
2001 club meet  
BULLITT remake
Racer project   '67 Shelby TA HT
Swiss wr. yard     
BOND  429CJ  
Ranchero again   
T5 w. ANO-VIN  
Shelby Europe   
65  Pegasus  
Lanecollectible   Lawman's Super BOSS   
Peters special BOSS302  
French Mustang Day  
ARI Mustang Registry
Mustang bottle
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Norsk Meeting


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