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Latest TransAm news: 
Tope Racing #82 Mid-Ohio 1974
Latest BULLITT News:
GT390 - The new Movie coming in 2018
A Steve McQueen actor drives up at a Ford dealer in late September 2017 to order his new Ford. What car? C'mon, that's easy.
The 50th Anniversary of the movie Bullitt is near and the 2018 Bullitt is the one Steve would drive away with, what else?

A thrilling commercial filmed in the UK and yours truely was on site and could take a lot of behind the scenes shots.

Soon linked up here.

Thanks to Chris How and David Redhead and Hendy Fords (Horsham/West Sussex) collaboration.
October 2017
Quite some time ago, we predicted the new Holman Moody S550, after a test car was spotted at a char show. The car is now in full swing. Make sure you check this out.
It comes with several performance options offering an order range of 460, 640 or 740 HP.
September 2017
427 SOHC engines
are quite scarce and of extreme value today. There are a number around in Europe. This one turned up in Sweden in the early 80ies bought by a drag racer directly from Holman-Moody and put into his Hemi-Shelby.
After almost 30 years of storage, it finally changed hands to a friend of him and true  collector, who had already a 427 mediumriser, which he installed into his latest 67 S-code project car and now he is busy on restoring this 427 SOHC engine for his next project. Stay tuned - we will keep you updated, where it goes in, but it may take quite some time, even years.
Á few Shelbys got the custom treatment in the 70ies and 8oies, this registered 1968 GT500 quite early, as it was imported to do hillclimb sessionis and the car needed wider fenders. The past owner mounted some from 65/66 and had a lot of fun. At a later date this car went into the collection of a widely known Mustang/Shelby enthusiast in the south of Germany, who passed away some years ago. One after the other the cars are coming up on the market and we are glad it went into the hands of a skilled by in Luxembourg. With all the help he can get, he will transform it into an ex-factory car, though some may regret that the custom touches may disappear. Every car has its history, this defintely has, yet it will be the better challenge for the current owner to return it to factory glory.
August 2017
Xaver Weber owns this 1973 Q-code T-5 export car, which he bought for under 1300 Dollar at an auction 2 decades ago. Xaver owns a garage in Belgium, so he took his time to do it right.

Once the "Total Surrender" (1of 3) monument - made after the famous photo taken by  Viktor Jorgensen in New York was relocated to his neighbourhood, he drove up there to take this very nice shot.

A rare sight for sure.
July 29th, 2017
One mystery solved: Anthony Walsh kept the early 1964 T-5 emblem in his drawer for 52 years, after his father took it off the car soon after the delivery on the 4th. of January 1965. It has no casting or engineering no on the back.
We could verify it with early press car pictures from Ford Germany and another early August 1964 car. Good to have clear pictures at least by now. Thanks to Anthony for preserving the history and of course the car itself, which is still in his ownership.
July 19th, 2017
A new Mustang book in german language comes out from Dani Heye by October 2017. Little is known yet, but the Klasing publisher dares the Mustang Market with 12o pages of the fastest pony of the world.

It promises testimonials of genuine players, archive material as well as spectacular photoshoots.  We'll see.

Reserve it at Amazon.de.
RIP Eric Broadley (May 29th, 2017)
The Quiet Man

When Ford was looking for the rigth people, chassis and engagement to beat Ferrari, Eric Broadley was the man that got into the game with his Lola GT MK6.

Unfortunately the deal did not brought satisfaction to both parties visions, so Eric dropped out after a year and returned to his core business.

Still he can be considered the most important jumper wire to get Ford into things, when they had no clue of real racing cars in Europe aside from suspension simulaton tools and windtunnels experiments, which actually failed with the appearance of the first inhouse designed GT40 bodies....in Le Mans. Yet Ford did its homework soon after.
June 3rd, 2107
Sorry for little news and your patience, but I was really busy in my job for the past monthes.
This weekend I enjoyed our 36th. annual FMCoG Mustang meeting in Hattingen, an old ironworks place that has been turned into a museum. A very nice location offering hundreds of scenic photo opportunities for all participants and professional photographers.

Felix and his 1965 T-5, Felix was all day looking for the proper hotspots of taking pics for his feature article and for sure cover shots.

Each corner of the building had another set-up that attracted photographers

From the top of the oven (this is just first level) you could take marvellous shots. This is the 1967 50th anniversary area.
187 participants joined the meeting. It was a club internal vintage Mustang (1964-1973) meeting only. Just a few club members younger Mustangs got into the security area.
February 16th, 2017
Jeroen from the Netherland presents us his Boss 429 in our next club mag.
It is just undergoing a lot of detailing and we follow along with some before and afterwards comparisons.
Always a nice change to our "normal" bread and butter Mustangs, but then again the owner behind the car counts.

Stay tuned for more later about KK22XX.

January 19th, 2017
Ever heard of the Ford GT 85?
It was obviously another Ford concept car that clearly features ideas of the De Tomaso Mangusta like the rear engine access doors.
I had to compose two pics in one to get a somewhat clear picture, so excuse some fuzzy parts in the picture.
January 9th, 2017
The 1979 Mustang was the last model that was sold as a T-5 in Germany

Or to be exact, those build prior to the 31st. of December 1978.
Ronnies #79 5.0 even got the rare Cobra package in his combination and we are wondering, if there are any more 1979 T-5 Cobras out there out of the 189 T-5s, we could narrow down the last 78 period exports down to 41, so that would make probably less than a dozen for the Cobra T-5, although they were quite popular back then.

Drop us a line if you know of one around you. We are just now browsing our registry for the past entries, where we may have missed to ask for the Cobra package.
Of course Kevin Marti could tell us and research is triggered.
I am sure we have an answer soon.
News of the past that remain interesting
Imagination Beyond Another Dimension
BULLITT Twilight Zone relived

Plus pics from the chase scene in SFO downtown Pictures courtesy David Kunz

Mustangs around the world
Worth to reread:
The MAKING OF CORNFIELD, the Mustang launch commercial
Mark Myers (Double of McQueen)
David Stewart  (The Farmer)

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Claude DuBois about his 1967 Le Mans adventure, Shelby Europas and more


You've got some hours left to browse the archives or would like to read some more in-depth of unexpected Mustang stuff? 
Expect some true Rare Finds and interesting bits of Mustang history, you've never heard of...  or only seen as write-ups in more recent Mustang specialities books. One source was certainly Ponysite.de. 

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