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A better idea
dMost Bullitt replica owners strive for the original Dark Highland Green. Looking at it, most later will admit that it is a tick too light in certain environments.  Movie actor Lou H looked at many a 1968 DHG car and always thought something was wrong, so he went the extra mile to think in McQueens ideology of a matching color. Standing out and truely unique - making his Bullitt replica special. I think he had that better idea and the result is very much convincing. Watch it coming with us and we will tell you more about Lous affiliation with the movie itself.
Rumours about a 2018 BULLITT SE spread quickly, after a design was spotted in a Ford commercial backscene video with Dwayne Johnson.
For sure there will be a new Mustang in the Bullitt dress for the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 movie.
The car would be an easy seller and generate profit for sure. Anyway it is a must for Ford to get this one out.

03.01. 2017
Exclusive on Ponysite:
The third Steve McQueens "LE MANS" Racing Suit unearthed plus helmet.

You may have followed the auctions of Steve McQueens first and second "Delaney" racing suits back then in 2011 or in 2015. The first one catched roughly 750.000 Dollar, the second still 425.000 or so.
Ever since it was known that 3 were on the set, but no one was able to follow the trace in over 45 years. Thanks to our club member Frank Wrobel, who is a good friend of genuine Le Mans Porsche race driver and Le Mans movie stuntdriver Juergen Barth  and is researching all things Le Mans since he can think, we've heard about the third race suit with the famous movie name Michael Delaney.

The first suit was in the hands of an italian former movie production employee, the second was raffled off in a UK magazine competition and handed over by Richard Attwood back then. 
This third racesuit actually was raffled off in a german magazine competition and kept for over 45 years within one families ownership, for most of his life in the attic.
Through Frank and Juergen only the widow and son  learned what the value of their hidden and well kept treasure is worth today or could be worth, if auctioned. They have not yet made up their mind, but we are sure it will hit the auction scene soon through an attorney selected.
Remember you read it here first.

Congratulations to Frank Wrobel and Juergen Barth who shared their research adventure with our First Mustang Club of Germany 1964-1973 e.V. in the last club magazine.

Frank could also retrieve the helmet and gloves of Johann Ritter (Fred Haltinger) and add them to his collection.
David Redhead sent us again a nice X-mas card.
Enjoy your Bullitt in a safe way and keep an eye on those Chargers in your rearview mirror.

A Happy New Year 2017.
November 11, 2016

RIP Robert Vaughn
Sad news came in this morning from several contributors.

Robert Vaughn, counterpart of Steve McQueen in our famous movie Bullitt died at the age of 83.

Robert has been an actor in movies and on stage for most of his life and remained even to those that know him only from Bullitt and Solo for U.N.C.L.E as a real character in their minds.
A movie actor that deserved and got a lot of respect from the public and the producers for his talent and performance.
We are with his wife and daughters in these days.

More information

(Picture Frank Panacci, taken during the filming of Bullitt, photoshopped)
November 1st, 2016
Glen Kalmack has finished his Bullitt replica, he says. Can we really trust in that?

I am not so sure, since we know Glen, always on the hunt for that extra detail.

But to our suprise he now took a bit of liberty in adding a 5-speed stick obviously and an LED illuminated dashboard.
And I must admit, it has something seeing all the instruments one time much clearer. I think I will go for that upgrade as well.

I think we will hear more from Glen.
Enjoy the pics for the moment.


Publishers choise pictured above, still I think this picture on right taken during the Making off should have been selected.
November 1st, 2016
The 2017 calendar project from last year finally became reality. Frank Panacchi Jr. can now enjoy the result of the photoshooting, at least for a month in 2017, which is May.
Not sure if he can wait until then. "My car is different since we did this photoshooting at the Golden Gate bridge." he said.
Well it is famous like Lt. Bullitt's was back then.

October 25th
reported by C. Meyer

40 Movie cars were displayed last week in hall 8 at the L'Automobile de Mondial Show in Paris.

Along with a Bullitt replica featured in our european gallery, they had many more replicas and originals on hand. Of course the Bullitt was shown in the chase scene area.

Here is just a short listing of further movie cars on display.

Fast and Furious
General Lee
Le Gendarme

Columbo TV series
Various Bond movie cars (Renault, 2CV, AM DB9, DB10)
Ghost Busters

The show "Moteur! L' automobile fait son cinéma" featured also a special Steve McQueen show and had the Porsche #48 on display from owner Mr. Deutsch.

View on youtube this TV report or this Review

September 18th, 2016
Review from Anthony Bologna

The Friends of Steve McQueen 2016 held their “The Getaway” themed car and motorcycle charity benefit on Saturday, June 4 at the Boys Republic in Chino Hills, California. The 9th annual event, which is co-chaired by Chad McQueen and Ron Harris, is held in support of the Boys Republic and in memory of Chad's dad, Steve McQueen 

I had a chance to experience the behind the scenes, of what it take to put together such a successful Friday night dinner, auction and a car show on Saturday.

I flew in on Wednesday morning from San Francisco to Chino California to volunteer my services  two days before the Friday night dinner and car show on Saturday. With their crew of dedicated volunteers, including boys that are part of the "Boy Republic", Peter, Dunkel and Ron Harris they created a magical experience for all.

What is becoming the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show brings thousands of spectators, with hundreds of cars and motorcycles displayed throughout the campus — from American muscle and classics to rare European sports and race cars. This year the event has raised over $750,000.

The “911 BR” project car was also displayed during this year’s show. The fully restored, 1980, air-cooled 911, was developed and financed by supporters of the Boys Republic through a Kickstarter project. The build was handled by Bisimoto Engineering. Support throughout the build was provided by the Boys Republic, the McQueen Family, McKenna Porsche, Brad Boyle Motorsports and The Dunkel Bros.

The “911 BR” btw was auctioned through Mecum this year August in Monterey with all proceeds going to the Boys Republic.

This years show included a couple of events to go along with the Commemorative Dinner on the evening of June 3rd and the Car Show on the 4th. May, 14th and 15th, the Friends of Steve McQueen had their inaugural Steve McQueen Rally from Malibu to Santa Barbara as mentioned further down.

All proceeds from the 2016 Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show benefit the Boys Republic.
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