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April 2nd,2014
Bullitt replica on sale

From time to time we get inquiries for Bullitt replicas on sale.
This is one for 69500 Euro which was on display a te recent Techno Classica in Essen/Germany. Onlookers told us, it was in a very good shape and most probably worth the money. Well done. on request. Not sure if it is already sold.
March 28th, 2014
David Trap did this nice piece of artwork.

And it is not a trap, in fact Cars by Trap is the place to look for, if you like it.
March 10th, 2014
Looking for a BULLITT REPLICA in New York for a special 50th. Anniversary Mustang Car show at the Saratoga Automobile Museum.

Will last a period from June 15th into November 2014, so you'll have to let it stay there.

Contact us for more information.
March 1st, 2014
Andrew Abbey presents his new Bullitt replica

They are still doing final work on the car, but here you see a teaser.
The car was red originally, so it went through quite some transformation.
Well done and we'll wait for it.

We know of 2 other Bullitt replicas, which will be finished soon. Stay tuned.
February 2014
The McQueen Bullitt Feinstein picture show
A decade ago or more, I searched for Mel Traxel, who was on site during the Making of our favourite movie. Not knowing that he died around 2000, these days he gets his fame again.
How could we have missed this one? Pointed to it through our friend Guillaume Vesnat from Heritage Mustangs, we found out about a recent photographic show of the outstanding pictures of Mel Traxel/Barry Feinstein, who were friends of McQueen and took pictures of him during the late 60ies.

More important for us, they preserved unsee pictures of the Making of the Bullitt chase scenes in April 1968. Contact sheets of Mel Traxels pictures are available at RAP for quite some amount.  The more interesting ones are gone by now, but the pics itself will certainly pop up more often now.

On right we see Steve McQueen and most probably Bill Hickman behind him with the final stunt scene Mustang at the Guadeloupe Canyon Way.
More pictures that have never been published in the new book available on amazon or from

Video of the London Soho show in January 2014

Robert Ellis displayed his both cars at the Custom Factory display on the upper level of a parking house in Soho/London. The best shots of Barry Feinsteins new McQueen Unseen book were on display there.
February 20th, 2014
When filming a car in action in a movie, brake lights or continously flashing turn indicators can be a pain to the production team. Especially in a stunt drive like in BULLITT, these things would kill an otherwise good looking  sequence. Typically they remove simply the bulbs. When a car is driven on public roads however, the bulbs may have to be activated. Such a device was obviously used in the BULLITT Mustang(s).
The Blueray version revealed this set-up at the left side of the steering column.
Glen Kalmack came to the conclusion that he had to reproduce this device for his replica. See the resemblance of both devices back in 1968 and now in Glens car.
January 18th, 2014
Movie Screen Heroe BULLITT leads the 50th Anniversary Parade

The Pacecar of the first european 50th Anniversary Car Show - what better Mustang could it be than a 1968 original S-Code from Belgium.
This one was the center piece of a Mustang Big Screen Heroes Special Display arranged by the Belgium Mustang and Cougar Club and Adelbert from THE MUSTANG GARAGE. Almost every bypassing visitor at the Interclassics in Maastricht knew this Mustang was once driven by Steve McQueen. The recognition of this icon is very high amongst classic car enthusiasts.
The Interclassics drew last year 22.000 visitors and is expecting to grow  even more.

See more pics in our Bullitt replica collection.

See a short video I took while a local WDR TV team was there to report about the 5 Movie Screen Heroes from BULLITT, THUNDERBALL, GISS 1972 and 2000 plus DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and not to forget the white convertible from GOLDFINGER. This was a great starter for the many 50th Anniversaries to come. Thanks to Adelbert and the BMCC team members. (Sorry for the missing tone.)
Jan 17th, 2014
Our enthusiasts club member Scott Allnut notified us that at yesterdays Bonhams auction in Scottsdale the Gateway Classic Mustang built Bullitt replica of Chad McQueen fetched 88.000 Dollar plus buyers fees. There are interesting pics of the 1968 reproduction Manufacturer tags on the Bonhams site.
His 2008 Bullit #0001 fetched 49.500 plus fees.  Seems the other 2 lots (jacket and screenplay) were not sold.
Jan 14th, 2014
The Grandfather/Grandson thing

Robert bought this very nice 1968 in 2009 and restored it with his grandson until the end of 2013. Austin was so thankful enough to write us, that it should meet its fellows here now.

"We bought the car off of Craigslist. It started out as a mostly complete car with the original paint being Highland Green. It has gone through a complete nut and bolt restoration and has the ford racing 306 cubic inch block backed by a TKO 5 speed tranny and a locker diff with 3.91 gears.  You guys seem to have a great club with true enthusiasts of Bullitt Mustangs and we would love to have our car on the website."
Well, done, Austin. Thank you. It will be hooked up soon in the related US section.
Jan 4th, 2014
When it comes to Bullitt artwork, of course individual taste is different, but for some reason it used to be somewhat focussed on the car and McQueen only, which is certainly "pure" enough in Steves opinion.

But this new one from Wolfgang D'Autriche caught my eye.
It looks rather "fresh" and has a message of "must-have".

It is eben better in reality than this small picture give credit and with 140cm x 100cm quite big and very decorative.

Maybe soon on my wall.

Wolfgang D'Autriche does other excellent McQueen artwork in Germany. If you want a lead, send me a mail.
December 28th, 2013
The Movie Mustangs will play a special role at the 50th Anniversary worldwide in 2014.

The first Special show will take place on January 17th-19th, 2014 in Maastricht/Netherlands in Europe.
There will be many more coming on with a Special at the Las Vegas Show.

The INTERCLASSICS in Maastricht will feature a special pavillon with a DHG 68 Bullitt and a red Diamond 71 Mustang  plus a blue 1965 Thunderball Mustang aside from the typical Eleanor.

Picture courtesy Interclassics/NL
December 25th, 2013
Perhaps no other piece of clothing was more important than the wool three-button jacket with suede elbow patches, which was a creation of Academy Award-winning costume designer Theadora van Runkle.

The tweed jacket, worn by McQueen throughout the chase
is again at an auction!
This piece has been in the hands of the McQueen family for fortysix years, so the sale at a June 2013 event was what?

Visit the Bonhams Scottsdale auction on January 16th, 2014

Though we wonder that it is again at an auction after the June event 2013, where it fetched reportedly 720.000 Dollar

Not Sold this time. 120.000 was the high bid.
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014

...says David Redhead from UK and so do we all from the Bulllitt Enthusiast network worldwide.

"Talk to you soon with more exciting news.2
December 15th, 2013

David Redhead
- the Bullitt enthusiast with the sequel we freatured here - sent us this nice shot of their Bullitt pair car chase in the UK.
Seems the Mustang can indeed hold up to the speed of a Charger, but let's not start a discussion about that:-)

December 12th. 2013

What a fantastic year 2013!

Proclamation in the City and County of San Francisco

Anthony would like to send a big thank you to all the Bullitt enthusiasts that helped in the Bullitt related proclamation in Brisbane, where the most famous movie car chase ended.
Tony Piazza showed a never published 8mm film of the 68 Charger crashing that might need further examination.
Read Anthonys report here

Bullitt Proclamation
L/R Officer Dan Cunningham, brother Seargent Neil Cunningham, Chad McQueen, Frank Panacci (jr), Anthony Bologna in the Brisbane mayors office for the proclamation of the Steve McQueen Day.
Dec. 5th, 2013
David Kunz reported us about the 2015 Mustang unveiling at the Grauman Chinese Theatre in L.A.
He was there for his TV station KABC and introduced the Mustang on the Hollywood Blvd to his audience.
Scott Killeen took this shot on the right,
Dave the one below.

Dec. 3rd 2013
The next Bullitt SE in 2016-2018?

2 days before the official launch we got the first teaser and had time to play with it before the embargo ended.
The DHG makes a good color combination for this car, though it won't be available in the first run..certainly reserved for things to com.

Watch out in L.A. today !!!!

Nov. 28th, 2013
Herve Attia did an outstanding job in synchronizing a todays Bullitt tour through San Francisco and its outskirts with the original movie sequences. Sort of "Then and Now" scene by scene.

Hundreds, if not thousands of hours must have went it getting all sequences done in the right timing (or rather proper preparation), so Herve deserves a Best of 2013 movie award for his tremendous job.

Have a look at all the detailed locations, he found and catched in a split-screen format.
Click here

Nov. 12th, 2013
A new Bullitt toy in Munich

This one got my attention. Bought at a US auction, the  latest owner decided to part with it again due to health issues.

Now on sale for 89.000 Euro roughly.
The Toystore has a number of very decent auction cars in their showroom. This certainly belongs there or in the hands of a careful new owner.
It has a 390 cui engine. More in our replica section soon.
Note: If you recognize your previous car, send us a mail.
November 2nd, 2013 and updated 4th. 2013
At this years SEMA 2013, Hotchkis will present a new pro-touring suspension for the 1964-1970 Mustang.
A DHG Bullitt replica and a black Charger will be on hand to demonstrate the purpose of these suspension kits and new adjustable shocks. The shocks feature a seven-post shaker rig.

Here is an actual picture
(Picture Hot Rod Blog)
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