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May,27th  2024
David Redhead went the extra mile like noone before him. After having enjoyed his shiny and very accurate Bullitt tribute for decades, he decided he needed to finally turn his attention to the dents and dings on the movie car like they were done by Lee Brown back then.

So he chose the proper tools to restore them on his car, which means to bang the bumper and create the scratch on the left fender. No one was willing to do that in the past 30 years.

David showed his artwork at the 2014 UK car show at Santa Pod and received mostly good comments from Bullitt insiders.
More on Davids tribute car here

At least he had again a new "touchpoint" to start narrations about his efforts. And then his movie car rental enterprise certainly is a good explanation anyway.
May, 15th  2024/June 30th.
Craig from Scotland joins our maniac club on Ponysite with his 1967 302 powered Bullitt Mustang tribute.
The Mustang was dressed in several shades of green, which Craig changed  in his restoration to a much better solution with an european brand paint.

It was imported to the UK in 2016 and Craig added since he bought it in 2018 the 15" Torq Thrust rims, pimped the 302 engine (from 1969), added headers and a stainless steel dual exhaust and changed the suspension to QA1 front and rear.

Just to be able to enjoy the car like Steve in West Scotland - occasionally full throttle.
Read more on the related site here.
February 2024

All Bullitt enthusiasts seem to wait for a new mystery story around the original 1968 Bullitt Mustang.

Well, we've just been notified about one that relates to the Cotati Raceway.

A developping story for  the 60th Anniversay. 

December 2023
Discover the origins of the Della Robbia wreath program, initiated by Boys Republic founder Margaret B. Fowler as a unique work experience opportunity for students at the non-profit school.

These exquisite wreaths draw inspiration from a centuries-old ceramic design crafted by the renowned Della Robbia family of Italy. In 1923, a mere handful of Della Robbia wreaths were crafted and sold door-to-door in Pasadena for just $2.50. Fast forward to 2016, where Boys Republic proudly marked the creation of their three-millionth Della Robbia wreath!
Get an insider's look at the massive scale of the Della Robbia wreath program, with Boys Republic ambitiously producing approximately 30,000 wreaths annually. Production kicks off right after Thanksgiving, ensuring you receive a freshly made wreath delivered straight to your doorstep for the festive season.
Get an insider's look at the massive scale of the Della Robbia wreath program, with Boys Republic ambitiously producing approximately 30,000 wreaths annually. Production kicks off right after Thanksgiving, ensuring you receive a freshly made wreath delivered straight to your doorstep for the festive season.

Follow the link behind the picture and see the movie on youtube.
November 2023
Occasionally one gets a real surprise on the road.
This Steve McQueen truck trailer was in a traffic jam on the Autobahn in Germany. Spotted by a friend.

With the LE Mans script on the side, it may have been en route to any racetrack, certainly carrying a real goody inside.

If you spotted it elswhere, we would like to have a look inside.

Sept. 1st, 2023
After a long time of no contributions Gregory H. from Beverly Hills joined our group of Bullitt replica and tribute owners.

 Gregory wanted to ride like McQueen in modern days and spent his car a number of performance upgrades.

His son already appreciates the car and for sure becomes the following owner.

Check it out here.
July 3rd, 2023

Anthony mentioned another highlight of the last Steve McQueen car show.

The evening dinnner started with a street naming  - Steve McQueen Drive at the Boys Republic campus.

Attending the ceremony  was the McQueen family looking on this special day.


June 22nd, 2023

The Friends of Steve McQueen car show was a huge success this year.  The event (June 4) raised 505.000 $ to support the Boys Republic, where Steve McQueen was their most famous student to turn his life around. More than 10.000 visitors turned up.

Matt Stone wrote an excellent

review for  Performance Ford and - with special permission from him - for Click here for the full report. 

Another CBS TV report can be seen here on Youtube. Click here for the video.

As a nice add-on we include a link to an onsite artwork action that deserves attention. Click here for Steve McQueen artwork creation in a time lapse video.

November 18th, 2022
Molly Mcqueen will be part of the new "Bullitt" sequel production though the title nor relation has been fixed yet. Bradley Cooper was chosen to be the character of Frank Bullitt. reports: "Josh Singer is writing the screenplay for the film, which is currently in development at Warner Bros.
Though plot details haven’t been revealed, the forthcoming production is expected to follow Bullitt on an entirely different exploit than the McQueen original’s."
(original source Deadline Hollywood)
Update October 16th
Since there aren't too many newsbits around the original Bullitt Mustang, how about diving in the other Bullitt movie cars.

Let's start with this 1967 Custom 4 door, that was used for a taxi drive of Steve. A Sunshine Taxi labelled cab obviously.

How many were there - rented or bought, modified or not, how many were damaged and the main which barn is it today, if it survived?

Let's dive into this one first, the blue 67 390 Full Size later and then into the green VW bug traces.

Update July 5th
Visist a detailed video report on the McQueen Show here

April 3rd, 2022
More details about the 2022  McQueen car show at the Boys republic can be found on the right side.
Click the link.
2022, Feb. 26th,
"Variety reports that none other than Steven Spielberg is working on a new movie based on Steve McQueen's iconic cop character Frank Bullitt. Thankfully, it will NOT be a remake, but a completely different story. Still in the early stages, so it'll be some time before it hits the screen" (Dave Kunz)

2010 David Redhead already thought about a sequel and around that time WB challenged some writers to think about it. We had been in touch with one of them. Unfortunately with the Authors Guild Strike the project was put back in the drawer. Now they make a second approach.
Let's hope it get's an exiciting script. Not an easy job to make it stand out.

Review David Redheads script meanwhile here at
More details from the 2022 Steve McQueen Rallye, April 22nd to 24th

48 cars only permitted, each entry requires 2500 Dollar. Hurry up to get your place in the starting grid.

For more details or to register visit the website at:

More details from the 2022 Steve McQueen Car Show
See this link
A nice change from the pandemic situation is ahead on Sunday, June 5th, 2022 with the Steve McQueen Show and the Rallye at the Boys Replublic Campus, Chino Hills/CA.

Go for it and reserve your place now at one of the more exciting car and bike shows this year.

December 11th, 2021

The Steve McQueen car show 2021/22
gets editorial attention. Thanks to Anthony Bolognas connection we are sharing Matt Stones article here:


The show committee has already cast plans to move the event back to its previously established early June time windows, with next year’s show weekend already set for June 5, 2022. 

Stay up to speed at

November 7th, 2021
Note the dates in your calendar already!
The Steve McQueen Friends rally 2022 takes place the April, 22nd to 24th.
Registration is already open since October 1st, 2021 at
October 28th, 2021
Anthony pointed to an interesting source of Bullitt history.
In June 1969 San Francisco Mayor Joseph L. Alioto presented a nice Award to Bullitt producer Philip d'Antoni for picking San Francisco and  the Golden Gate Bridge for the key scenes of our famous car chase movie. The Award obviously is a cable car desktop memorabilia item.
With the back to the camera is Jack Podesta, new president of the news bureau.
(Source: Philipp d'Antoni)
August 13th, 2021 - update Sept 11th, 2021.
Another mysterious memorabilia is going to the auction block today at the Russo and Steele auction.
Claimed to be the original steering wheel out of one fo the two Bullitt Mustangs, how much will it fetch?
I'd buy it for 500 unseen, some probably for 2500 to 5000, but the guesses reached already out to 6-digit figures. In my view the display could have been made much better with some vintage barn pieces as a background like seen at a Bruxelles car artshow years ago with a 68 fender.
As we heard, Sean Kiernan said, it's legit.
BTW. Lee Brown himself did not mention that he owned it back then in his interview with Dave Kunz, so where is it really coming from?
Update: The display fetched 29.770 Dollar, not bad, now who was the buyer? Please tell us, who knows.
July 17th, 2021
Another McQueen Mystery car on the auction block?
If it comes to Steve McQueen we are used to mystery cars. I've got some time ago notice of another, which is 9R02M104817.
A nice story was told around it and like many of those cool stories it got into a local newspaper section and from there distributed by a lot of medias instantly without further research, even including the german DPA agency....
An interested buyer contacted us a month or so prior to this incidence and let us in on some of the story bits that are claimed by the offering dealer. This peculiar dealer typically never sells cars by himself, just places them in his showroom on behalf of clients or in this case "a friend".

This intially called "Blue Lady" (meanwhile changed to "Lady Luck") was offered as a previous Steve McQueen car...or rather as driven by his wife Barbara Minty. The real ladys name remained a bit in the dark with changing story lines and changing dates early on. And dit not really match... if compared with facts looking into McQueens biographys with more exact history lines.

We are sitting on the fence here where the story may end.
Check carefully the title (from 2015) and the owners name different typo in it.
We googled and found a Steve McQueen actually in Madras/Oregon, looked on googleEarth for that adress.. a nice house, but that being a McQueen house?
Well if it is the McQueen from Madras/Oregon, why not. We are not saying it is not, but collecting bit by bit for making this story more interesting. Anybody out there who has heard earlier of this "McQueen car" from Oregon? We did not find anyone amongst McQueen connaisseurs. Strange enough.

If you have already heard of this blue Mach 1 in the last years, let us know. Obviously it came to Germany between 2015 and 2020, probably in 2020 already.
The car has a nice patina and the storyfits the style of this car. That is why even a local TV station (WDR aktuell online till August 31st) jumped on it. It makes me think that research of facts has gone obsolete. Fake News are state of the art.
Meanwhile Chad McQueen had called Mecum and asked for proofs - with the result that Mecum had to pull the name Steve McQueen from the auction itself.

We were still on the fence if the car would  turn up at the 2021 Mecum Las Vegas auction.
We wondered how it would be presented life and then this below pic suddenly appeared as a "proof" by the BILD online editing team.The photochopper had been identified meanwhile as well, a guy, who has edited the article for BILD online, a creative photographer and obvious friend of the dealer.

Update: October 2021 - What happened next..of course the car did not appear at the Mecum auction, it was still in Germany. Rumours were spread, that the time wasn't right, the proofs would be still there, a corrective article appeared in Autobild Klassik, how a dealer and a photographer may have fooled all the audience (including them) with fake proofs and the car disappeared from the public.
Wondering where it will come up next.

The "evaluation" of the car certified it to be worth 20,000 Euro, the first buyer was asked for 60.000 and then they claimed, they havd offers for 1.000.000 million?
Update: January 2022
Actually the magazines of Oldtimerpraxis, American Classics and Oldtimer Markt meanwhile brought articles about the fake news, they initially reported.
Special cars really need special proof, not a simple photoshop.

May 27th, updated June 18th, 2021
Triumph puts another Scrambler on the road in a Steve McQueen edition.
Very appealing shape, if I would be in the market for a new motorbike, I'd seriously consider it. The green vintage style gas tank meets modern display technology and a lot of interesting features.

Hmm...maybe one day in the far future I regret it.

The Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition will be auctioned off by Mecum August 12-14 at the Monterey 2021 with proceeds going to benefit the Boys Republic in Chino California.

Update August 30th, 2021C
Anthony wrote an article on the auctioning of LotS115 at Monterey 2021.

Click to see the larger picture to be able to read it.
May 9th, 2021
McQueen Assets for sale
"Steve McQueen would be proud of it" they said back in 2018 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Steeda McQueen Edition 2019-001 - owned by Chad McQueen - is now on auction from Russo and Steele. Have a look if you want to make a good deal.

Furthermore Steve McQueens former Malibu beach home is on the market for 12.200.000 Dollar here

Sounds low compared with the sale of 1 of 6 former original Monaco Heuer wrist watches that were around on the set of the Le Mans movie. It sold recently for 2.200.000 million dollars.

So make sure you get McQueen owned stuff in time, not 50 years later.


March 3rd, 2021
Review 1968

Let's have a look at the period pictures. If you want to share any memorabilia of the time, pls send in.

Anthony started the series with this picture of a billboard from the movie Bullitt located somewhere in Southern California.
Solar Production publicity department sure made it stand out from the rest of the movies coming out in 1968.

December 28th, 2020
On this date we'd do a review of 2020, but let's skip it in Steves manner and review 2019, which was more exciting.

Anthony searched his files and came up with the article package from Alex Catton, who privided it to international media. With Alex permission, we are able to republish it here and use a few pics of Morgan Segal. Anthony was the scout during the visit of Sean Kiernan with #559 and of course enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed the original filming in 1968, when he met Steve McQueen himself. Who else has ever seen one of the most important movie cars at the same spots after 50 years. Anthony is the one of one here. Congratulations for his lifetime achievement.
October, 11th, 2020
The Friends of Steve McQueen already planned ahead their 2021 show with the Chino Boys Republic.
2021 will be the 50th Anniversary of the LE MANS movie, so be prepared for a decent show and the Le Mans dinner Saturday
Thanks to Anthony Bologna for the heads up.

Update: Postponed to October 2021!
Sad News.
On October 3rd, 2020
Frank Marranca died.

Most Bullitt enthusiast will know him as the second owner of one of the two original Bullitt movie Mustangs. He bought the car from Robert Ross, the first owner.

RIP, Frank.

His son Justin informed some friends. We hope his name will be preserved with the car forever. Thanks to Mike Farrell for the note.
September 19th, 2020
Declan O'Dwyer from Ireland revisited us to share his latest magazine feature pics.
It is good to hear that many are still revisiting after decades even though we all enjoy or regret to be around on other Internet platforms.
Thanks to those friends that still contribute News and Updates to the site. I'll be around as long as I can:-)
And we will update his replica subpage here as soon as possible.

Declans Bullitt replica got a number of updates and was recently featured in the Retro Classics magazine of Ireland.
Visit for more information.
September 6th, 2020
This 1952 Chevrolet 3800 is a one-ton stepside pickup that is equipped with a custom camper and was formerly owned by film icon Steve McQueen.
Finished in Forest Green, the truck is powered by a 235ci straight-six backed by a floor-shifted, four-speed manual transmission. The camper was built in 1952 by Northern Sheet Metal of Yreka, California, and is equipped with a double-size bed, drawers, shelves, a roof platform, and a diamond-plated rear bumper. McQueen is said to have purchased the truck in the late 1970s, and after his passing it was sold at the 1984 Steve McQueen Estate Auction in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was acquired by the selling dealer in 2016 and is accompanied by a modified 1972 Husqvarna CR250 inspired by the film On Any Sunday. This Chevrolet 3800 is now offered in Ontario, Canada, with California registration documents in Steve McQueen’s name, a McQueen certificate of authenticity, and Ontario registration.
(Sent in by Anthony Bologna)

Editors note: Not sure if that linen was McQueens taste, but the car looks very interesting.

August, 2nd, 2020
The 1968 Ford Mustang fastback built for Steve McQueen’s son Chad by Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas
was sold at Auction for $90,000.
The build was featured in an episode of Fast N’ Loud that replicated the chase scene from the original movie through the same streets of San Francisco.
The car is finished in Highland Green with black vinyl interior. Powered by a modified 390ci V8 with a four-speed manual transmission. Additional equipment includes Edelbrock cylinder heads, twin Holley four-barrel carburetors, 15″ American Racing Torq Thrust D wheels, dual exhaust system with MagnaFlow mufflers, Shelby GT500-style steering wheel, and Classic Instruments gauges.
August, 1st, 2020
The original jacket, that Steve McQueen had in BULLITT.

For a long time it was in the Warner Bros. museum, since a few years at "home" with the McQueen family. The news appeared recently on the McQueen racing website.

“I made my dad pull this from storage and bring it home! It was in the Warner brothers museum up until a few years ago“
Matt Stone did it again and publlished a new book in time on the topic of Bullitt.
Car Tech publishes this book, which will be a very good narrative for Bullitt gearheads. Join and support Matts smile on his face with a pre-order. It is currently available already from Amazon worldwide.

June 17th, 2020
A first preview is available of Tony Alonsos Book for the 2001, 2008-09 and 2019-2020 Bullitt.

Check out the publishers website here
Update June 17th, 2020
With the continued changes and information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic the
Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show Committee and Boys Republic have decided to cancel the car show for 2020 and movie at this time to ensure the safety of all involved.  
Make sure to follow the developments  regarding the rescheduling of the event for 2021. Updates will be posted to the website
.  Thank you for your continued support of the Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show and Boys Republic

February 20th, 2020
The Documentary 4-part-series "Little pieces" about the history of the Bullitt Mustang #559 is coming soon.
Read Anthonys report about the Making of here
January 9th, 2020
Anthony Bologna was one of the first arriving at the site for the Bullitt #559 auction at Kissimmee/Florida.

Sean Kiernan staged the car already. Anthony was "staged" as well for interviews for the oncoming Bullitt documentation obviously, so expect a lot of media hype going on today and in the next weeks and month. Auction is starting this evening 19.30 CET for europeans.

Sold for 3,4 million Dollar plus fees.

The car goes to Florida, I expect it to be on display in the moving Dezer Collection, which will be reorganised and get a new home in Orlando, it used to be north of Miami and closed down there early 2020. Would be the perfect place with hundredthousands of visitors seeing it.

Read also John Clors article on


Ásking 3,500.000, but sold for 3,400.000 plus fees.

December 12th, 2019
Hannah Elliott wrote an interesting article about the reasons for the choice of Mecum at Kissimmee for the auction of the Bullitt Mustang #559 on Jan. 10th, 2020.

Read either on Autonews here or on the website of Bloombergs source set, but be sure to check the choice of cookies from Autonews/Bloomberg before accepting.

You have only 3 free articles for reading, make sure you do not end up in a subscription!

Picture source: Mecum Auctions, Article snapshot Bloomberg.
November 19th, 2019
Mecum auction getting closer.

Latest pics and videos about #559 launched here at

The rumour mill started with strange news about the second #558 Mustang, but we won't publish anything here before final mute witness confirmation.

November 14th, 2019

13th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show
Sunday, June 7th, 2020 -  8:00am-3:00pm (cancelled!)





For further information, visit


November 7th, 2019
"Buckle up as we re-trace the chase in San Francisco..."
Matt Stone wrote a decent article on the adventure of trying to catch the spirit of McQueen driving in Bullitt, renting out a 2019 Bullitt Mustang  #MP016 from Fords PR fleet for a nice ride on the memory tour through SFO.

We've got Matt's permission to add it here, check out the link for now to read it first hand at the Ford Performance newsroom.
November 5th, 2019
Mecum and the licencing departments around are looking for additional money with collector items for their auction in early January 2020.

Whatever will be the sales result of the 1968 Mustang #559 from Sean Kiernan, obviously there is a PR plan to make more out of it. A brochure has been made available as well as Greenlight produces a "unrestored" scale model of the camera car. Note that the brochure shows the stunt car, which is not for auction, but the camera car, of which only very few pictures exist.

The Greenlight 1:18 scale model sells for 64,99 Dollar plus shipment as an auction collector car.
August 13th, 2019
Mecum announces the auction of the original #559 Bullitt car.

Sean Kiernan is going to separate their familys  home and the Bullitt #559 in Kissimmee 2020 at the Mecum auction at NO RESERVE.

Yet Mecum does not want to sell it outside of America. How wil they prevent that? "Rest assured there are groups of Americans who can prevent that".

Ideally it will be sold to someone who leaves it as what it is.
See the Mecum announcement live
August 7th, 2019
Something looks wrong to me, but o.k. to each his own personalised variety of Mustangs, since none of the millions is equal to the next one anyway. This personal dream car of Chuck Heath and his wife had been a 2008 Bullitt Mustang and was converted into a Retrobuilt 1968 dress with molded on earlier parts and panels.
More in a Driveline article.
July 11th, 2019
Matt Stone visited the Chinoboys 2019 show this year
and wrote a great report on the Steve McQueen Show. This year the movie Towering Inferno was featured and naturally a few firetrucks were on site with the many 68 Bullitt Mustang replicas and 2001, 2008 and 2019 Bulllitts.
The new Steeda McQueen Edition was on hand as well and Chad McQueen supoorted the event as usuall honoring his father relation to the Boys Replublic School.
Everybody enjoyed the atmosphere and had a lot of fun including our Anthony Bologna.
Read the full report from Matt here at the Ford Performance website.

This is not 1968, this is 2019. Taken on site again by Anthony Bologna, who was there in 1968 and now again in 2019 as an eye witness of the closed area.

UPDATED July 8th: Read Anthonys report on this subpage here.
UPDATED July 12th: Final edited Remake of the Chase here.
June 21st, 2019
Fast n`loud did a season opener commercial, which is aired July 8th
. They built a Bullitt replica and performed a chase scene in San Francisco with a modern black Challenger this time, since they wanted a 2 door car instead of a 4 door sedan.

The replica got airborn several times. The set-up was as close to reality as it could be, so expect some exciting scenes. Chad McQueen joined the group to inspire the gang with the appropriate spirit to get it done right.

Watch the teaser now.
Another teaser here
The full episode here
(you need an IP changer in Europe, on the page scroll down for the streaming and empty your cache, if you have some problems in reviewing it)

Chad McQueen entering the game in a Steeda McQueen Edition 2019 Bullitt. Officer Frank Harrell pulls him over on the same Taylor Street, where his dad Steve McQueen made his mark coming down in the 68 Mustang.

May 14th., 2019
Another eye witness speaks out:
Joe Faccenda

Written by Anthony Bologna:

Here is another day in the life of Steve McQueen filming "Bullitt" in our San Francisco neighborhood of NorthBeach. Joe Faccenda takes us back to 1968 were there was very little to no security around the streets used to film the greatest chase is his story.
I was working at a gas station on Filbert and Columbus and I noticed a camera crew on the building across the street pointing a camera up Filbert Street.
There weren't any police blocking off streets or stopping traffic. Knowing that there was a movie being filmed with Steve McQueen, I got curious and walked to Filbert Street to see what was going on.
As I gotcloser, I saw the black Charger go by and when I did go into the street the green Mustang with Steve McQueen behind the wheel had to go around me.
A couple of minutes later, a guy that looked upset walked toward me with a walkie talkie and told me that I "f@#ked up the take.

 They had sent him down to make sure I didn't do it again. I told him that I was working at the gas station and needed to move cars around so I could change the oil on one of them. He let me go on with my business and then I moved my grey Chevelle SS to the first parking spot on the sidewalk on Filbert Street. After I did that, I saw the Charger and the Mustang coming towards me again.

My friend and neighbor Joe Faccenda (right) wearing a leather jacket looking on as Steve McQueen is going over the next scene with crew.

At that point, the guy they had sent to watch me so I didn't mess up any more takes started yelling at me and told me to get back over to where he was standing. I started walking towards him slowly and stopped to lean on a car. He wasn't very happy about that but they didn't want to have to do another take. If you look quickly in that scene, you can see me and myChevelle That's the only picture I have of that car. I also witnessed two other scenes. I was standing behind the camera man when they shot the scene where he missed the turn and burned rubber in reverse. That wasn't planned and Steve McQueen was upset that he missed the turn. I was also at the bottom of the Taylor Street hills when the cars were flying down and made the turn to go up Filbert Street.  Between takes, Steve McQueen would put on a show for us doing wheelies up Taylor Street on his Triumph motorcycle and taking photos and signing autographs.

2nd March 2019 -  Press Release:
12th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show in Chino

 Towering Inferno” Movie Screening Thursday: May 30, 2019
Commemorative Dinner: Friday May 31, 2019
Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show: Saturday, June 1, 2019
Kickback Dinner: Saturday evening after car show

  Chino Hills, CA:  You are there on the 135th floor, no way down, no way out” – other than to bask in the fiery excitement of the 12th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show, hosted at Boys Republic, 1907 Boys Republic Drive, Chino Hills, CA. This year’s event will revolve around the blazingly suspenseful film, “Towering Inferno”, starring Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and a brigade of Hollywood’s biggest stars.  

The action begins Thursday evening, May 30th, with a screening of “Towering Inferno” held at 6:00pm in the Boys Republic Gymnasium, seating is limited and the movie is complementary with donations accepted at the door, refreshments served at intermission, visit our website to reserve your seat now.  The Commemorative dinner follows on Friday evening, May 31st. The evening will include a silent auction and wine tasting, followed by a movie themed dinner program and live auction. The meal will be planned, prepared and served by culinary students of Boys Republic.

 The car and motorcycle show will take place on Saturday, June 1st. Discounted pre-registration on the website through May 15, 2019 affords you to request placement with your club, group, and friends. Registration after May 15th we will not be able to accommodate requested placements.

 After the show, guests can enjoy the 2nd annual Kickback Dinner including a cocktail hour, dinner and camaraderie to wrap up this year’s event. You can purchase your tickets when you register online.

 There is another opportunity for enthusiasts wishing to head out on patrol by signing up for the 4th Annual Steve McQueen Rally, sponsored by Russo and Steele, McKenna Automotive & Marine Air, Inc, taking place on May 4th and 5th, 2019. Participants will begin their two-day journey with a private tour at the Petersen Museum in LA, with an overnight stay in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, ending with a luncheon at the newly constructed Bistro at Boys Republic. Limited registration for the rally which includes all previously mentioned car show activities.  More information will be available on the Friends of Steve McQueen website.

The Boys Republic was established in 1907, as a private, non-profit community for at-risk boys and girls, ages 13-17. McQueen attended as a student from 1947-49. The actor credited the school with turning his life around and pointing him on the path to success. He never forgot that connection, and remained involved with the school even after he became a Hollywood star and legend. The McQueen family continues that involvement today.

 Over the past eleven years, the car and motorcycle show has raised more than $2.5 million, with all proceeds donated to Boys Republic.  

For pre-registration and further information, visit


James Gregor from Down Under finished his 1968 project  some time ago and joins it with his new 2019 Bullitt. They are both waiting here for a friends 68 Charger for another group shot. We will keep you posted.

January 4th, 2019 (updated Feb/25th 2019)
Jean-Pierre GaGick
was  back in  San Francisco after filming a Bullitt documentary a few years ago for his TV show in France called AutoMoto.
This time around he showed up with a 2019 Highland Green Bullitt Mustang.

Filming took place on many of the same street and hills from the movie "Bullitt" on the streets of San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.

The final photo shoot took place below the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge at the decommission Fort Baker Army Base.
< There,  I was interviewed on what it was like growing up in the 60s experiencing the greatest chase ever filmed. 
Anthony Bologna
You can view the result here
January 2019
Bullitt Artwork is IN

Once and then Bullitt maniacs like me stumble over noteworthy decoratin for their mans cave and this poster certainly belongs in there.

Available for 10 to 65 pound Sterling depending on the size A3, A2, A1, Martin Buckham did a great job in my view.

BTW - is it only me or are you getting tired of the real Bullitt be shown around. I think it is time to let it vanish again.
I assume this was the purpose of the tour... to feed people until they don't ask anymore for it. Sean Kiernan deserves that break and end of curiosity for sure after having responded to so many questions around the globe, all putting up the same questions.

Time for a new mystery in my view. Ponysite works on it, rest assured.


Both cars had some nice display signboards.

Bob Abrams sent us pictures taken by relatives at the 61st Annual San Francisco car show at the Moscone Center, where Rob Kiernans original Bullitt car is displayed. Together with a local Charger and a 2019 Bullitt Mustang it drew a lot of attention.

The San Francisco Chronicle is an official sponsor, everybody knows the famous pic where Steve McQueen pulls that newspaper from the box.

Bill Shepherd in the UK builts nice new modernized 68 restored Bullitt Mustang with a Coyote 5.0 delivering 420 to 620HP depending on the options you choose. Looks like a HiPo driving machine. Would like to try it.

The original Bullitt Stunt car #558 will appear at the 2019 55th Mustang Anniversary
Ralph Garcia reports of the restoration status, which according to the news is meanwhile also involving Kevin Marti.

See the video of Ralph telling about the progress made so far.

(Report from Mustang Owners Museum)
2019 Bullitt rides the famous Mountain road on the Isle of Man.
As a part of a series of "road movies" driving legendary roads in Ford vehicles, Steven Sutcliffe took the road #9 with a 2019 RHD Bullitt Mustang and a final score of 56 out of 60 points.
The public course - famous for the annual TT motorbike trophy - has no speed limit and is called an "insane" or "outrageous" experience by those that had the fortune of driving there.
See the spectacular winding road, which "suits the Bullitt Mustang like no other".
FB users - Click on the picture!

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November 1st, 2018
The 2019 Bullitt McQueen Edition by McQueen Racing in cooperation with Galpin and Steeda made its appearance at the SEMA 2018.
The supercharger delivering the boost for the 775HP (0-60 in 3,4sec) was not yet installed under the hood nor the correct wheels, as former BM engine guru Edd Stevens reported,but they will be shown at the LA Autoshow.
November 1st, 2018
James Gregor from Down Under joined our Bullitt replica group, which grows since 1992.

He enjoys very soon TRIPLE FUN.

Aside from his original S-code Mustang in Dark Highland Green he has ordered a 2019 Bullitt Mustang and - what a surprise - has a friend with a black 1968 Charger.

What else do you need to enjoy car life?

More about his treasure.
October 18th., 2018
On the 50th Anniversary of the Bullitt movie premiere, Fathom Events did a great favour to all McQueen maniacs. The McQueen family had teamed up with them to publish a remastered version that included additional material about the unveiling of the 2019 Bullitt at Detroit earlier this year, plus interviews with Neillie, Chad, Molly and others of the family.
The public showing in 50 cinemas was a great success. Matt Stone wrote a nice report here. Dave Kunz tribute car was on site with a 2019 and we got permission from Matt to re-publish his article here. Will do soon. Enjoy the link for the moment.
September 27th, 2018
David and Chris from UK (featured on our site more often) displayed their Bullitt movie car pair at the Goodwood Revival 2018.
The scenario was very well set-up and received by spectators.

September 5th, 2018
Not sure if TOP GEAR got that really right, but they state in their latest issue that a script of a new Bullitt movie is out and Molly McQueen would play as actress in that movie.
On the other hand they claim again in facts about the movie that 3 1968 were used.
We all know that was not the case, so bad research or just picked rumours with little time given to verify?

Well, anyway, I'd certainly watch a new Bullitt 2018/2019 movie for sure:-)

And this issue of Top Gear is worth to read, simply for all the other movie cars covered, the driving experience with the 2019 Bullitt and the Goodwood Speed event report.
Make sure you get it on your collectors shelf .
September 5th, 2018
Alex Trustman, screenwriter of "BULLITT" back then is now in his late 8oies, he wants to have a Bullitt Mustang ride from Ford.

They offered it to him for 2 weeks, but he refused, asked for a longer period, until he is 90ies.
What do you think. Deserved or not?
This fall, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bullitt,
Fathom Events and Warner Bros. are revving up the classic cop thriller and bringing it back to movie theaters.

nationwide for two days only, on October 7 and 9, 2018.
Make sure you drive by with all your Bullitt friends.
July 30th, 2018

Sean Kiernan must have had the best hairrising experience of his whole BULLITT Tour this year - even after Goodwood - when driving the original route in the original car of Steve McQueen 50 years after the movie was made.

Picture that..... taking the real Bullitt time machine and going back in history to relive the thrill of the most famous car chase movie.

Anthony Bologna was on site in SFO - here at the house where McQueen resides in the movie - during the photoshoot yesterday.

Expect a report with more pics in the next days. Well, life came in the way for Anthony. Stay tuned a few more days.
July 28th -FOR SALE in October at
MECUM Houston
July 26th, 2018
Yes, I think
Andre Brooks did excellent ..his tone of voice and his acting is very likely.
Finally we can have a better look at the Festival contribution of CHASING BULLITT.

Approved I would say and WB, pls. offer him the role for the sequel.

Check out a reel clip here

Plus another clip here

The plot: January 1971— Hollywood legend Steve McQueen makes a reluctant deal with his agent. He’ll choose his next acting gig on one condition: his agent has to help him locate the iconic Ford Mustang GT 390 from his seminal film BULLITT. On his journey across the desert and back to Los Angeles, Steve ruminates on his triumphs and losses. Through his memories, a picture of the man’s reality is slowly revealed: a crumbling marriage, therapy, financial troubles, a waning career. As Steve ultimately discovers the location of the car, he is faced with embracing something far more meaningful. Life can go on. With or without the GT 390.


 Anthony Bologna July 25th, 2o18

 It is with a heavy heart ....the unexpected loss of Don Ray Ciucci on July 21,2018. 

Don was one of the original 3 Compari (italian for old friend)....with Anthony Bologna and Frank Panacci  making the yearly trip to Chino Calif to participate in the "Boys Republic"  Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show....a private ,non profit, school and treatment center for troubled teens. Don was instrumental in the design and success of the t-shirt sales with Frank Panacci.  The art work design showed  the 68  Charger and Bullitt Mustang catapulting over Taylor Street in San Francisco, our neighborhood of NorthBeach. 

A San Francisco native, where he graduated from Lowell High School in 1965; attended the City College of San Francisco and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he earned a BS in City and Regional Planning.

 It was then that Don decided to pursue a career with the Daly City Fire Department.

While promoting through the ranks, Don found his true calling in the training division where he was the 1995 Ed Bent Instructor of the Year award recipient and the 2003 California Firefighter's Association "Training Officer of the Year.

In 2005 Don retired from the fire service as a Deputy Fire Chief, having left a lasting impression on the hundreds of firefighters he trained throughout San Mateo County.

Sean Kiernan on site at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Didn't we predict it back then in late 2017?
The 1968 meets the 2018 on the Higland Green Road, and it even came close to the area where we back then filmed our movie with the help of Hendy Ford, David Redhead and Chris Hows Charger. Now look at this pic and then again at our parting shot of the 1968 Bullitt driving along the UK roads. Prediction fulfilled ...sounds like  knowledge :-)
June 24th, 2018, update July 15th
1968 meets 2018
The original Bullitt movie hero visited Europe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed/UK

German Bullitt enthusiasts can have the fun of seeing Arnold Welchs former so called "survivor" and a Bullitt Mustang replica owned by Chrome Cars with a similar patina like the original at the Castle Dyck show soon.

A documentary on 50years Bullitt has just been finished by the SWR TV and another 1o pages article been printed in Autobild Classic. Again Chrome Cars from Jena provided the couple.
Another showing of the '19 Bullitt will be at the german Bensberg Supercars show mid July.
June 10th, 2018
The 2019 Bullitt made its appearance at the Speedfest at Brands Hatch this weekend, as we predicted. David Redhead was there with his 68 Bullitt replica  and his McQueen dummy in it as well as a few MMA movie cars. And of course the Charger 50th parade was very impressive this Sunday morning. We will show you more pics soon.

June, 9th. 2018, updated July 20th
With all the hype around the surfaced original Bullitt Mustangs, we won't forget our roots, the worldwide Bullitt maniacs, that build outstanding replicas every other day.

David Molnar and his Bullitt Mustang tribute is our latest addition.
His 1968 GT 390 will be featured soon on this site and continue our 25 years history line.
Here is the link to his car, #35 of the US Bullitt replicas gathered by us over the past 25 years.

Link to a video from the show.

"A special announcement of a limited run of “Steve McQueen Edition” 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt models – these to be designed, built and distributed by Ford mega-dealer Galpin Motors along with Steeda Autosports.
All of course will be Highland Green Metallic and offer special and highly subtle design cues, including a custom wheel design based on the original ’68’s American Torq Thrust D wheels, plus rear side-window slats resembling those in the sail panels of the ’68.
There will be naturally aspirated versions, running the stock 480-horsepower 5.0-Liter V-8, plus a supercharged versions cranking out more than 800 rampant ponies. Each car will be numbered and serialized as you might expect, and the project is licensed by the McQueen family, Galpin, and by  Ford.

They will be exported as well.

"I just returned from attending the “Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show” which is held each year at the “Boys Republic” in Chino Hills California. The event started Thursday night with the screening of the movie "Bullitt". Friday night dinner had a San Francisco theme, which was sold  out to over 800 guest with a live auction . The 1968 Charger, 1968 Bullitt and 2019 Bullitt Mustang were on display on stage like trophies on a shelf for the enjoyment of all to view."

"Steve McQueen's son, Chad, started the show eleven years ago to help raise funds for the school.   The show continues to grow with each passing year. This year’s show was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the movie “Bullitt”. Over 550 entries which included 68 Bullitt Mustangs, motorcycle, race cars, movie cars, and  airplanes all lined up, as well as many of the newer “Bullitt” Mustangs that were in attendance.    Frank Panacci's was the only Black ’68 Charger on display next to the 2019 “Bullitt” Mustangs." 

Report by Anthony Bologna.  June 5th, 2018    

June 3rd, 2018 - updated June 9th, 2018
McQueen racing announced the 2019/2020 Steve McQueen Edition of the Mustang.
It will be delivered with either 500 hp or supercharged 800 hp. Custom designed wheels with HRE. Over 53 new parts. Only 300 per model year.

Planned to be exported to Europe as well via Steeda UK. The package is roughly estimated at 21.000 Dollar on top.
June 2nd, 2018
Living Legend Tour on the Route 66

Our friend - photographer Richard Truesdell rode a while with the Bullitt gang on the old Route 66 and took awesome pictures. Check his posted pictures out on Facebook, if you can. 2 new 2019 Bullitts (PPT-Versions) joined the tour of 1968 replicas, 2001 and 2008 Bullitt Mustangs.

May 20th, 2018
Brands Hatch Speedfest
  on the 9th/10th of June is celebrating 50 years of the Charger Gen 2.

In addition to the MMA display, a replica of the Charger from the famous Bullitt car chase, courtesy of Motion Picture Motors, will appear in the movie car displays, half a century on from the Steve McQueen motion picture’s release.
We wish our mates a cool show. Don't forget the 2019 Bullitt Mustang there.
Ford UKs PR department has confirmed its appearance at the show.
Orders can be taken by now for the new Bullitt at Ford dealers. The pricelist was distributed June 2nd. Almost 45.000 Pound incl. VAT retail sale, road ready licenced 47.145 pound.

Our prediction more than 1/2 a year ago has been 100% fulfilled. 1968 meets 2019 on the Highland Green road...even in Horseham/UK and now at Brands Hatch Speedfest.
May 2018
The movie - produced under the worktitle GT390 - starring Andre Brooks has been officially renamed into Chasing Bullitt.

The movie will be shown at the historic Graumanns Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, Friday June 8th., 9.30 pm. (TLC Chinese 6)
Featured in the Dances with Films festival.

It is a biography of Steves time with his wife Neilly.

Make sure you drive up at the Chinese Theatre that evening with your Bullitt replica.
April 12th
April 17th - April 24th sees the Bullitt Hero car #559 at the capital in Washington/DC.
Following the national Mustang Day 54 years after its press apearance in the US, it will be on display in a glass container.
We have word that it comes over after that to Europe/UK and it will be most probably on display in London.
Looking forward to it.
A number of TV productions are made these days on the topic in Europe.
April 5th, 2018
The Chino Boys Republic event is coming soon.
Here is an invitational video, we got permission by Mark Perleberg for publishing.

April 27, 28th and 29th  Santa Barbara - Paso Dobles rallye. Watch out on the road to see exciting action.

March 8th, 2018
The Geneva launch is meanwhile history,
but what I really like, is this Bullitt promo box, they handed out to enthusiasts.

My friend Rico got this one. Would like to have one myself. Maybe there is another opportunity in Europe this year.

The 1967 ! Bullitt replica they had on stage is to my best knowledge a rental car from the UK.

More Bullitt show appearances coming on in Europe. Next one maybe at the Techno Classica in Essen in March? We'll report on that one.
March 6th, 2018
Ford Germany launches commercial for the european version of the Bullitt Mustang 2019 and will show it at the Geneva Auto Show.

Watch this video on FB, text says, preseries-model (VP006), emission and other technical data to follow for the european launch.
Note the licence plate, not a valid one. The rear lights are continued in white.
Another commercial was done with the GQ Magazine. Watch here on Facebook

More official pics
March 1st, 2018
The Classic Auto Show welcomes Dave Kunz' replica happening this Friday-Sunday at the L.A. Los Angeles Convention Center .

Looks interesting. One car does it anyway.
February 9th/24th, 2018
The Bullitt Hero car to appear at the Amelia Island Concours, March 9.-11, 2018 and in DC, April 17.-23.2018 "HVA show Cars at the Capital"
Sean keeps us all updated on the World Tour.
Summer may foresee most probably a date in Europe.
We bet on the Le Mans Classic in July and a second display at Hagerty Classics in the UK.

February 4th, 2018
Let's not forget the many Bullitt Enthusiasts that keep this website running for the past 25 years.
Debra Roy from Canada saw the movie in the late 60ies and was hooked. One day her husband Terry spotted an ad in a newspaper, he called the seller and learned that it sat for the past 26 years in a garage, was green and had AR Torque Thrusts more words needed.

They asked for a reservation, jumped in the car and drove 4 hours to check it out.
More details on this car here.

The one thing to go soon - says Terry - are the white C-Stripes typical for a GT and a few cosmetic things, but the couple has fulfilled its dreams with this outstanding car and preserved another DHG Mustang for the future. Thank you.
January 29th, 2018
The original Bullitt movie hero car appears at the Hagerty HQ in Michigan, Traverse City.

It will stay there for 2 weeks until February 14th.

Please join them for a Special Surprise Screening: 'McQueen’s Chase – a 50th Anniversary Celebration' at the State Theater in Traverse City, MI. This is a free screening. All are welcome.

Source: Sean Kiernan/Hagerty Classics.
January 26th, 2018
Wow, a hairrising article from Larry Webster follows the reveal of the Hero car from the Bullitt Movie.

Rob Kiernan lets Larry and the photographer Jeremy Cliff and Casey Maxon into the family garage, where the car was stored since the mid 90ies after being moved from the Kentucky barn.
You'll find the full article with permission from Hagerty/Lauren Gusler to Anthony Bologna here on this site.

Click here
January 23rd, 2018
The Kiernans Bullitt Mustang #559 will do a world tour for one year.

First station is Washington. "For one year, Sean Kiernan will travel the world with his car and work on a documentary film scheduled for release in late 2018." reports Phoebe Wall Howard.
At least one event in Europe is on their agenda. We guess the choice is either Goodwood or Le Mans, but hope for the Techno Classica.

Sean Kiernans aim is to display it later at the Henry Ford museum.
January 19th, 2018
Today the first Bullitt Mustang 2019  VIN #...001 was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale around 7.30 pm. (3.30 a.m GMT)

100% of the hammer price went to the Boys Republic, a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian school and treatment community for troubled youngsters.

Read the description here

The car sold for 300.000 Dollar.

Chad McQueen drove it on the block and presented it to the crowd.

After-Detroit-show-notes: See this to understand the dilemma of sending a young journalist with little clue of Steve McQueens life and Bullitt and then doing an interview with Mollie about 1968 and her grandfather.

January 15th, 2018
The Show must go on.
We've got new spyshots photos from the Day after the Big BULLITT press show in Detroit and decided that we move on with Beyond the Basics fact in the future.

See exclusive Detroit pictures of the 1968 Bullitt Mustang #559 here.
They were taken when the PR hype was over thanks to one of our longtime contributors.

There is still enough to tell aside from all the published material about the #559 Bullitt 1968 Hero car, so stay tuned to this website.

For the time being read this:
January 15th, 2018

See the former Kentucky barn shots here.

We have kept them since 1997 out of sight, since it was promised. Only a few insiders had them and kept their promise for more than 2 decased.
January 13/14th, 2018
We knew it was coming.
Time to get back to our earlier statement that the Mystery will materialize in Detroit . 1968 meets 2018 as mentioned in our video adventure at the Ford dealership in Horsham/UK. What a coincidence that a background of a Highland Green Road was nearby to take a photoshoot. 
What we figured out from the puzzle pieces was,
Ford has got #559, the original Bullitt movie hero car.
The story of FINDING THE BULLITT was sold earlier to well-known parties like Brad Bowling, Hagerty and the Leno show, so of course I had to face a lot of deaf ears and tight lips. The network mates were not allowed to talk and went silent. But it was a no brainer to put together the puzzlework.

The question was  - when is the best moment to show it. Is it Detroit, BJ, Chino?

Update  15.01.2018
David Kunz now published the barn pictures from 1997. We will feature them here soon.
For more details visit the Brad Bowling or Hagerty website.
More background stories and a major website update soon.
Though this car is a public historic car now, we will continue our successfull replica car section and try to maintain the enthusiasm with replica owners and Bullitt feeldings when driving your 68 Mustang fastback like before. Stay tuned.

2019 Bullitt and 1968 original car #559 with Molly McQueen on stage

Ford Media: "Sean Kiernan, owner of the hero vehicle, inherited the car in 2014 from his late father, Robert, who had purchased the vehicle in 1974. To fulfill his family’s lifelong dream, Sean contacted Ford and the two parties worked together to reveal his movie star car alongside the all-new 2019 Mustang Bullitt at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Sean says:
“You know, it was never our intention to keep this car a secret from everybody,” Sean said. “It just kind of happened with life. I’m just completely buzzing to join with Ford and the new Bullitt and show this car to the world on one of the biggest stages there is.
January 8th, 2018
Mustangs Owner Museum plans a special Bullitt show after their Mustang National Day (100 yards away from the construction site)  June 8th-10th with a special Display.

Connect with them and enter your name for email updates. They are also reporting updates about the mexican #558 car soon on their site. Shown on left is the repro plate they are now using on the jump movie car.

The owners are still looking for date-correct parts. Its certainly ready  to show then at their 50th Anniversary of Bullitt. Ralph Garcia speaks on Saturday, June 9th.
January 5th, 2018
Ford is going to auction of at BJ in Scotsdale on the 19th a special new Mustang. It is a Charity vehicle and the money goes to the Chino boys Republic school. (Update 8th: retracted, since the committee here was not yet informed - probably an error by a BJ or Ford guy)

For some reason the pictured 68 car has a hoodscoop, which reminds of the 1965 Cammer from Ford racing.
Should this say something to us? Is there an idea behind a GT390 engine or a special package available from Ford Racing soon after on the occasion of the 5oth Anniversary?
January 4th, 2018
The original Bullitt licence plate with the 10 shots of the original Bullitt car at the wash station that was auctioned quite some time ago in the UK.. is on the market again.

It was assumed  by many that it would end up on the mexican car #558. The deal was in fact not finished with the current owner and the story narrated in the spreaded video from Greg Laurie/Ralph Garcia was a bit misleading as to a done deal. No committment from the owner so far to pay for it.

We would like to see it soon end up on the Bullitt Mustang #559 soon after its presentation. Or in the Mustang museum. 31000 US Dollar is the price as paid at the british auction house. No profit intended from the current owner.

If you are interested pass us a line - serious requests only - we will send it further. Seller decides himself, whom he will contact. We will not have any part in this.
Package comes with a COA of the auction house. The story of this orignial movie licence plate can be researched on the Internet and here on our page somewhere further down in the archive.

And then 10 Days to go for  a historic Mustang moment.
Unless Ford retracts for a better moment or other priorities of course. Politics can change if the time is not right. But we bet on it still based on multiple bits of insider information from our resources behind the curtains.

To relate our recent news: The motion platform we mentioned below is just a platform for a heavy vehicle, either the Ranger or the Shelby Super Snake F150 or much less dramatic - the new Diesel F150.
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