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8R02S1125559 was still hidden as of 2017, but finally appeared January 14th, 2018 in Detroit
Mystery materialized in Detroit as predicted in our video in November 2017

© 1992 - 2018 by Dave Kunz, Wolfgang Kohrn

Aside from having the Kentucky barn pictures since 1997, knowing in which status the car was, we had got some rumours in 2003 of a nephew who claimed to have driven the car before it went into the barn and who told us, the Mustang is now planned for a subtle restoration as a father/son project. It sounded logical as for the main reasons of Robert Kiernan. (The name known since Jan. 14th, 2018)

Author Brad Bowling mentioned in a readers letter response in Mustang Monthly (March 2005 issue) that - if the current owner decides so, he "considers" to let it go to a Mustang museum, if Ford is backing it up.
Mustang Enthusiast published a Brad Bowling authored article in April 2010 about the second owner Frank Maranca. You could view it online on the Amos Publishing website for a while, but it has vanished some time in 2015 or so. The fortunate ones have a scan of it like us.

Early 2010  I have been contacted by a family friend, who has seen the car and the documentation in person at the current owners home. However he said he was not aware of any nephew or relative, , still he had good facts on hand that confirmed our known facts. The name was given to me, though David and Anthony knew it for much longer.

The owner obviously died in 2014 after they had taken the car apart and the son Sean Kiernan had had little time in the period before. Now he had a task to get the car back on its tires. The engine had been rebuilt, but most other parts not been touched.

It is proven to be the camera car as the camera bracketry is still welded to the car like in the below backscene picture.  Since 1997 we held the pictures taken in the Mustang barn out of sight as promised. Now we can finally publish them.

As of October/November 2017 we heard first news about #559 being on hand most probably for a 2018 Bullitt launch, which had leaked earlier amongst insiders.

At the NAIAS Detroit Auto Show o the 14th. January 2018 the car was finally shown together with the now 2019 Bullitt Mustang.

Earlier in  2017 -
the other Bullitt Mustang (8R02S1125558), which was the chase car and towing the Charger into the gas station at the end, appeared on the Internet.

It  was previously thought to have been wrecked. Suddenly itappeard in Mexicali/Mexico early March after it has been "patched up" from a rotten skeleton as found in a backyard in Los Cabos/Baja California, where it resided at least 10, if not 20 years.

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