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Wolfgang Kohrn 1992-2019

Australia/South Oct. 31st. 2018, updated February 6th, 2019
James Gregor
1968 BULLITT Replica

Triple Fun

"I have always liked the Mustang and when I  was in a position to afford one I started looking around.
I have a friend living in Sydney who specialises in Vintage cars who put me onto this car and told me about the popularity.

So I bought it and my love for this car has grown ever since. So much so I have bought the new 2019 Bullitt Mustang which arrives in January.
I also have a friend who has a 68 Dodge Charger (Triple Black).

"I live in South Australia and have owned the car for 8 years. The car is a matching numbers 1968 S code Mustang (8F02S18695X).

Some slight modifications are a performance intake manifold and
ceramic coated headers.

 I have also put on 15 Inch Torque Thrust D wheels painted black.

More actual pics coming with my friends Charger.
Below my just delivered 2019 Bullitt Mustang (Feb. 2019)

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