The 1968 BULLITT Movie Mustang #559 Hero Car

Revealed on the 14th. of January 2018 in Detroit (NAIAS)
Owner: The Kiernan Family

Pictures by Ponysite contributor on site (Name withheld on request)

Detroit, January 14th, 2018
As predicted in November 2017 by the only, the original 1968 Bullitt Movie Mustang met the 2018 Bullitt Mustang in Detroit.

A mystery materialized on stage during the press conference.

See our video that we called a predictive commercial as of November 2017 titled

The Mystery Chase
VIN 8R02S125559

The story is widely described by now on the Historic Vehicles page (January 16th, 2018).

But for 25 years this website was one of the few online resources that had in-depth information about the surviving Bullitt Mustang. Back in 1993, there was actually only one Bullitt webpage, which had disappeared a few years later. It described the route that the most famous movie car chase followed on that day in 1968.

Only half a dozen people had seen the Kentucky barn pictures which were sent to one of the founders of in 1997. Could be they were taken a year or so earlier.

Just a few selected people have been invited into the Design studios in 2017/early 2018 to inspect the survivor before the reveal in Detroit. Amongst them Kevin Marti and Brad Bowling. A number of others had been informed in that period as well.

We are showing you below the details of the Bullitt Mustang #559 on stage. See also our other page with the Kentucky barn shots from 1997, that we have kept out of sight as promised to the photographer and later on to the family.

Actually they were offered to some more at a certain time years ago, yet all involved parties did not take advantage of it for some reason to maintain the mystery and not cause trouble to the Kiernan family.

Most think that the mystery about the rear panel black vs. green paint has been solved now, do not forget that this panel has been resprayed at least once, if not twice, careful removal of the layers of paint only could answer your question about the true color of the rear. While we here at Ponysite are still convinved that also under the covering layers of paint there is no black underneath.


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