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1969 T-5 "EL TORRO"
Hardtops immediately gain in respect, once you put a racing number sticker on the door. Ford did it in 1964 in the european rallies and it works still today. This one has additional value anyway, since it is one of the few T-5 export cars, today well preserved by Eduardo Torre in Spain.
Being a member of the Mustang Club of Spain he entered his rare car in a rallye. 
We do like Mustangs in Motion, so enjoy the scenery Mustangs are made for.
The Peruvian Mustangs
A batch of 5 Rare finds - only on Ponysite.de
The Hobbs from Down under went to Peru and just bought 10 Mustangs, 5 of them being the ultrarare Peru assembled variety with 7ATO7_____ VINs.  Click here for more pictures 

Out of the green from Peru into the light of Ponysite.de - a black 67 with the VIN 7ATO7GY21603 followed by a red one.
Gen V Twister # 001 
handed by Jeff Yergowich from R&A Motorsports
 to Terry Fritts (Mr. Twister) himself.
"I brought my Boss home" said Rony to his lady 
and she wasn't as excited first, until she went out with him and recognized it wasn't her guys boss, but a true 1970 Boss.
Once and then it's a good thing that we europeans Mustang maniacs are out of the mainstream, so we do still have a good chance of finding our Rare Finds over here. Rony in Austria had all the luck.
Our club memberdigged a bit around and brought this nice Boss 302 home recently. With the Marti report in hand, Rony is looking for an engine now and he's got a few traces where to dig.
Another Ponysite prediction
The next Shelby Supercar - A GT750 and GT750R?
With all the money SAI will earn with the GT500KR and the future GT350, what's next. Shelby has been famous in the 60ies for doing some backyard projects like the GT2000 (well for Toyota) and others. These toys are the thrill of further creation of some more milestones along with a GR1 limited number supercar. Whispers are around that  the Team has send out its negotiators to Europe as well for finding the proper partner with experience in road racing and stability for high-speed runs. It will have to run anyway at the Nardo High-Speed track, so here is the knowledge. There are several companies that have built 600 or 700 HP Ford GTs already, so the knowledge is around.

The probably only question that remains unanswered on the Team Shelby forum in "Questions to the President" section is wether the Shelby-Logo will appear on other Ford Products aside from the intended Shelby Performance parts business. Again count 1 and 1 for the niche market that SAI will cover on behalf of Ford.

(Picture shows Matelec-Concept GT/Switzerland, another possible partner is Geiger Performance with its modified Ford GT)
The Barrett-Jackson auction is ON, a few highlights are announced and we are proud to have followed the Thunderbird Italien restoration for a while (without letting you sneak in, so we also can shut our mouth if needed). Well here is a pic of our friend Mark Gustavson, who visited the project befor the resto started. Tom Maruska owns the car today. Next to Mark on the left you see the late Don Chambers from Mustang Country., who unfortunately could not see his "Baby" that he stored for so long - in finished condition. Steve Roullier and Bob Wick helped with Mark in the research of the car. Actually the car was painted in various colours from candy-red to burgundy by Dearborn Steel Tubing back then for the Ford Custom Car Caravan. You'll be blended by its colour scheme when it appears on stage at the BJ auction (Lot 1306). 
This is a true highlight for the custom car world. 

It went for 600.000 Dollar and now has a new home in the Blackhawk Collection.
The first 2008 GT500KR fetched 550.000 and went to Ron Pratt, a collector.What is the better deal for a real enthusiast? You are the judge. At least we can still admire the Thunderbird Italien.
Let's  welcome Steven Locher in our typical Enthusiast scheme with his unique

1967 427 Sideoiler 
Tunnelport Mustang GT.

Check out more information about his outstanding car here
July 1970 in Germany, Hockenheim  
A Boss from the Shamrock Racing Team and a few other Mustangs plus 2 Camaros
Picture Dr. Eymann collection

Looking for Jim Doherty/Shamrock Racing Team. Anybody who knows him?
Mike Farrell and David Kunz replicas at the

Bud Ekins Memorial last Sunday 
Click above for a full report

Picture Mike Farrell
A genuine picture and proof that the Sidewinder exists. Paul Christian bought this car and obtained a number of original photos of the car.

See other Sidewinders here on Ponysite thanks to David Charlier.
Others do write ups in their latest Special Edition books, here you see the originals out of the photoboxes, before they appear elsewhere. 
It took Bill Brentzell from Down Under to kick me and show us, what we understand as 
Fun in our segment of the Mustangworld.

Not the 700plus HP donuts of a supercharger on a GT500 KR, but a 65 flying high on a simple racetrack or road..
Let's get back to what we are known for  and let's simply ignore the hectic and frustrating dilettante "Bold Moves" and "Life needs more" action as long as we may be able. 

"I race a 1965 Shelby GT350 ( replica ) in tarmac rallies here in Australia We recently came third in the Aeromil Pacific Classic Adelaide Rally".

A new Down Under hot project
Craig McGregor from Australia has a new project coming soon. His B429 and Stinger Mach1 are quite famous in the areay and nationwide.
Denise likes convertibles, so Craig is going to make his wife happy throwing in a 427 alloy by Robert Pond, 19" Boze wheels and RRS suspension all around.
The car will be definitely be a hit at the car shows.
It follows a basic idea from reenmachine.com, but with a little extra effort.
He has already got the correct licence plate, so there are only a few jobs remaining to finish this job.
A brighter future  
for FORD Performance Vehicles in Europe
With Jost Capito being selected for the new and strengthened line of Ford Performance Vehicles in Europe we've got a brighter future in Europe.
I respectfully remember driving with him on the backseat around the Nuerburgring in a Fiesta ST chasing even the tuned Porsches and winning against his teammates with the first prototype of the Focus RS. Driving the Ford GT was one of my highlights at that time.

This man is one of the few within Ford with true Enthusiast blood.

Iosis concept - A glimpse of the new Capri world car?

Although he will first focus on what Ford now calls the Mainstream Fords like a Mondeo ST and a possible S-Max ST, the recent Focus ST500 and a possible CAPRI ST or ST500 will offer a worldwide competition amongst US, Australian and European SVT and ST Ford products. As we heard at the Motor Show in Essen end 2007, the next project is the Focus RS, which has been anounced meanwhile.

Still wondering why J. Mays is located in London/UK?

Picture: Peter Nelson, Stars of the Cars Collection
The Diamond (Mach1) Mustang GenV SE
As it's widely known meanwhile they are looking for the original Diamond Mach1. We've heard about it mid of October. Some may say, just for a good write up for a new communication newsletter or their Movie site after the speech at the Actors Guild, some may say for the next SE of the Mustang line. 
What do you think? It's plausible to bridge the time from March to autum 2008 with another SE.

A few pieces only needed to revive the Lifestyle Mustang of the early 70ies and create an affordable sportscar SE like the BULLITT 2008.
A new SVT grille, a new hood and maybe a new engine (or a FRP package:).

I took the time to remember another supporter of Ponysite efforts - Mike Alameda. And update his section on this site dating back to 2001.

In a series we cover the How-To: Diamond your Mach1 with Dennis Dierkings restoration of a 71 Mach1 former school class project car, the first Ford press car, famous actors and singers red Mach1 and continue the background info on the real Diamond Mach1s from the movie. 



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