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The Peruvian Mustangs 

© The Hobbs from Down under, Wolfgang Kohrn - 20th. January 2008


One of the Peru Mustangs rarely seen tags

See our International VIN Decoder for those VINS of Mustangs assembled around the world, which was the first one on the web.
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More info coming soon. I always run out of time.

Dave Hammar runs some background info on his South of the Border Mustang Webpage as well.

A batch of 5 Rare finds 
The Hobbs from Down under went to Peru and just bought 10 Mustangs, 5 of them being the ultrarare Peru assembled variety with 7ATO7_____ VINs.  Here are 4 of them pictured. 

Out of the green from Peru into the light of - a black 67 with the VIN 7ATO7GY21603 followed by a red one.

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