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The first VIN assigned Mustang on the road again

..taking its Museum director to the Ford family reunion

....heading for the Ford family reunion on the occasion of Ford's 100th Birthday
5F08F10001, the first Mustang that was assigned with a VIN, saw road duty again after a pause of almost 30 years now. Just briefly displayed in 1974 for the 10th. Mustang Anniversary and hidden for a long time in the Henry Ford museum its tires hit the road again for this event.

See more exclusive pictures thanks to David S. Turnbull here here

Probably the most obscure one

..of the Mustang designs and it was even offered!

The composite Alfa Mustang - FNM Onca
Named after a variety of the Mato Grosso tiger, the Onca was built in 1966 by FNM, a well known brasilian Alfa 2,0 liter car builder. Inspired by the booming Mustang the company went to create their dream of an italien design inspired Mustang. Using molded fibre glass body parts and the chassis of the brasilian JK 2000 with an 4-cylinder Alfa engine, Alfa front fascia and rear body elements, the Onca sported 131HP and was good for 110mp/h. The driver could at least benefit from a fully synchronised 5-gear manual transmission. We've just to learn, how many of those were built. The Hardtop was the only version offered and probably only 11 units were built by Rino Malzoni.

Pictures courtesy Brother Heinrich
What happened to it - You might an idea here this site

First pics of our 2003 club meet

Good vibrations and rare cars came in

Fun is where Mustangers meet

Close to 150 cars cruised in
Lots of sunshine with ample shadow by the surrounding tree, perfect catering and nice Mustangers made our day already on Saturday with 108 mostly classic Mustangs cruising in. Members from the dutch club, the Wild Ponies of Hanau, the Mustang Owners club, from Luxembourg and Switzerland and the cyberworld joined us at the nice meeting area at the Willy-Brandt-Gymnasium in Oer-Erkenschwick.
Sunday saw 35 new participants adding to a total of close to 150 Mustangs at the schoolground. Nice weather in the morning, but heavy rainshowers and lightnings caused some fear among the owners. But everything went well. Unfortunately Elton Al. Eckstrand "The Lawman" did not pop up. Still we had a lot of fun enjoying ourselves.....

More pictures of the meeting here

One of maybe a dozen or a few more...

Picture courtesy Marco R.

Black Magic T-5 with a bench seat
..About 600 T-5s were exported in 1966, keeping in mind that only some 21000 Hardtops were built for the 1966 model year with the rare bench seat, this one falls certainly under the "Dozen" category of Mustangs.
Marco was fortunate to get one of these with a properly documented history and original documentation.

Check out this subpage for a closer look at all the original T-5

New Shelby 1966 G.T. 350 convertibles logbook under construction

Picture courtesy MM July 1993

Still working on it..
..and collecting new stuff that has not been written elsewhere. Well sometimes these jobs take a bit more time. You might get a sneak preview here, but don't flame me for missing links and stuff. It will be finished in the next month to come. Follow along, if you are bored from the forums.

Our club.. the biggest european vintage car fair
The Techno Classica is the biggest european vintage car fair. More than 600 bigger exhibitors welcomed in 3 days more than 100.000 visitors in Essen. Our 150mē booth was a true highlight thanks to the big wall airbrusch performed by our fellow brother Heinrich (who has not even a Mustang, but his brother). The painting took him 2 weeks in his garage. It will end up in our presidents new home. The club booth was a spot that many Mustangers from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, UK and other countries visited. Advice on hard-to-find parts, sources, technical issues or questions of beginners was given by our volunteers from the board of directors or participating knowledgable members.
Club members Juergen Simkas restored pony body served as a nice sample for explanations of the weak and strong items on a Mustang.

Composite pictures

...of the most attractive things in the world
Sharp dressed women and Mustangs might get even more attraction, but it is for sure a ride on the knifes edge for the proper taste. Send in your high-end tasty composite pictures for a nice gallery, but remember - sharp and dressed! .. nothing else.

featuring Paulina P. and a BOSS 514cui

My colleagues at have some decent wallpapers. Check out their site, if you like.

Featuring 6S611 and James Garner

James had a good dose of fun in the Hertz Shelby (well, maybe not)
picture courtesy Prisma online GRAND PRIX filmed in 1966
James Garner was living next door to Steve McQueen back then in the late 60ies, but no way they could have been friends. Steve was known for playing dirty tricks on his competitive racer colleague, because he felt quite uncomfortable with other wanna-bees. Grand Prix however was the "Coup" of James overtaking Steve in his project LE MANS, where he had hassled around with the idea and script way too long. GRAND PRIX in fact brought Steve into a problem to steer from his original idea of a Formula 1 movie to the LE MANS theme. But what is more interesting is the fact that James Garner drove a real Hertz Shelby in the movie that took him to the individual races. Read more on my site here at here

Proudly presenting...

copyright Bernard Boivin

..the Diorama international prize winner B.B.
Bernard Boivin has already international reputation for classic Mustanging, indeed he is one of the few worldwide Maniacs in a positive meaning. His collection of die cast Mustangs, plastic kits and other scale models of any size was about 1100 units. Furthermore he won several 1st prizes in international model kit contests for his extra dioramas. See more details of this perfect setup here

Another 67 Shelby Rare Find

The car as it was found in the yard. Picture courtesy Iso Schwager/B.M.

A 67 Shelby owned by famous racer Herbert Mueller
These days 67 Shelbys have become very popular so club members around the world walk the exta mile to unearth them. This one is a true Rare Find indeed. A swiss Mustang club fellow told us via our friend Iso that while he had some wood work to do in a house, he happened to spot some kind of Fastback in the garden. The lady of the house told him that she had kept the car in memory of her father, who died and no, she did not want to sell it. Since 1978 it did not see the road due to a cam failure.
Well, it took another half a year and repeated calling and finally the deal was done on this Shelby G.T.350.

Read more about this true Rare FIND.

A 280km/h 67 Shelby in Scotland

Picture courtesy Gordon from Scotland

1 of only 20 67 Shelby sold by Claude Dubois in Europe
Claude Dubois, the famous belgium racer and Shelby dealer sold about 20 67 Shelbys back then as he recalled recently in an interview. Those 20 included a Paxton supercharged one that is still around in Belgium with the owner of SFM5R539.
This one pictured here on the left is as well one of the 20 that Claude sold to european enthusiasts, maybe not that spectacular as the supercharged version, but it has a very unique speedo that makes it stand out from the rest of the 67 Shelby herd and it's an interesting garage find anyway.

Read more here about Gordon's rare find on this sub-page

The 2005 Shelby Hertz

Picture courtesy V-Man

Much more than a rumour.
Hertz wouldn't pass up on this opportunity to repeat history as well. Word has it that the deal is going to happen. Let's cross fingers. Photochopped version created by our "V-Man" Vyto. P.

Picture courtesy V-Man
See more of Vytos ideas here

Blue and striking..

One of these few Group 2 A/S Mustangs

John Ruth has the extra passion for Mustangs that you need to enter the vintage racing sport scene. And he was fortunate enough as well, when he found this true vintage early Group 2 racer that was raced back then in Mexico. He has not yet all the logbook details, but maybe one of our visitors may be of help for John as well. Have a closer look here at my latest webpage addition

A Rare Garage find in Europe

A 71 BOSS 351 back on the roads after 20 years

Eric was not yet aware of things to come, when a parts seller contacted him after an ad and offered him some Mustang parts. After some chat he just asked the other guy, wether he has still some Mustangs around with his parts. Yeah, a BOSS standing around under a pile of cartons and other stuff in his garage. That rang not only one bell in Erics head. Carefully asking about the car and the requested parts, he made a date for seeing the specific parts and maybe have a glimpse on the BOSS. The date was finally agreed and Eric got to see a 71 BOSS 351 in a Swiss garage, probably one of only a dozen that went into the small country. 7 are still known today to exist in one of the major Mustang export countries. Read morehere . Update 5th. of January: It has been sold meanwhile to Finland.

Limited run of 2003 T/A Boss 302?

Trans Am spirit revived

Officially it's called a Griffin for obvious reasons. A more or less father and son project that went beyond imagination, but soon adapted the same professional attitude and approach like back then for maximized performance. Check out the details of this limited run on my new TransAm News pagehere
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