Ex-John Ruth's Group 2 Independent A/S Mustang
© John Ruth, Wolfgang Kohrn - Sept, 2002, last updated on December 18t, 2011


Picture courtesy John Ruth
Picture courtesy John Ruth

Picture courtesy John Ruth
Picture courtesy John Ruth

Picture courtesy John Ruth
Picture courtesy John Ruth

Racing in VSCDCA 2004

The fuel filler set-up

Sold to a new owner April 2010

1966 Mustang Notchback  Dark blue/aqua metallic / competition orange front valance
Raced 1966 1973 in Mexico ( various classes from Mexican Sedan class to Sedan Libre )
Period correct specification
289 full race engine ( 430 hp on dyno)
3 diameter Stainless Steel exhaust pipes, exit per T/A spec
Alloy Radiator
Centerforce clutch
Top Loader close ratio gearbox with Hurst shift mechanism incorporating factory Mustang shift lever
Koni Single Adjustable Shocks ( F&R )
Correct early disc brake system with dual T/A master cylinder and Shelby 10X2.5 drums, w/original rear cooling ducts
Front suspension lowered per T/A spec + modified upper and lower A Arms/Control arms to remove ball joint bind  - no aftermarket pieces are used, proper suspension parts throughout.
Heavy Duty spindles fit in period, in great condition all suspension parts magnafluxed
289 Hi-Po 9 rear axle housing with heavy duty axle shafts, over-rider traction bars & panhard rod
Period exterior paint, very good condition. Cockpit Interior and monoque in excellent condition
Several spares available. Additional details can be provided .
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History of Ex - John Ruth's Mexico Racer Mustang

John's race car as of 2004 (VSCDA)

"I currently race my 1966 Mustang in Historic competition SCCA Class A/S = A Sedan, this is a Group 2 FIA homolagated class. This Mustang was an independent racer in Mexico - and has only the history of having raced in the 60's - no championship car. I find the car to be great fun and in the US at the tracks I run at - we run open pipes, so lots of noise! I have been racing in Historic racing for 10 years now with Mustangs - 1st a mustang fastback and now the A/S Notchback.

As you can see it is a 1966 Mustang notchback, originally white from FORD, then changed to green in 1967, then dark Blue - then green again. The Mustang is restored to the 1966 Specification for SCCA , Sports Car Club of America - Class A Sedan, similar to Trans Am.
The car was originally shipped FORD to Tennessee - then went to Mexico - where the car did amateur road races. It was always raced in Mexico (no US history) from late 1966 - 1970 actively - then sporadically from 71-74.
The car raced out of Tuluca Mexico and was owned by a racing company owned by a Mr. Ramirez and Mr. Rojas. They also owned a construction company and used the car as a form of promotion - they used drivers mostly from the local of the race event to save costs.
The car raced at Tuluca Road races, Leon Guanajuato races, Valle de Bravo Chaves, Acapulco, Magdalena Mixhuca Circuit de Mexico and Guadalajara - and local races as well. It ran then in FIA Mexican Road race Series, similar to the SCCA Trans Am Series in the late 60's early 70's and in the Mexican Libre class 70 on up using a 302 Boss and 351 W engine. The Coupe retained its original specification most of its race career - though at times sported a large hood scoop to clear the 351W, while it raced in Libre. The car is returned to its early race configuration with a 289 and close ratio top loader.

The car returned to the USA - eventually to Dearborn, Michigan where I bought and restored the car. As of now the car is restored 100%, except for the exterior paint which is the original paint. I think it gives the car a patina - please understand that the paint is in very good shape - otherwise it would have been re-painted.
I am trying to obtain the original front brake set-up used in 1967 - the braking system is from the 1965 Ford Thunderbird - This system improves stopping considerably - and was approved by SCCA in 1967 for all 1965 - 66-67 Mustangs.

John Ruth

Picture courtesy John Ruth
Picture courtesy John Ruth

Update 2004:
We just finished the historic race season and I am in process of the preparing for next season. The Notchback has come a long way since it was raced in Mexico!
The S/A for A Sedan decal is now removed, as this was applied upon the cars restoration, but now that we know that this Notchback was only raced in Mexico from late 1966 to 1973/74, the car should be without the A Sedan designation that was used in the US under SCCA. 

I have obtained an original Shelby de Mexico decal, though had to have this duplicated, due to the fragile nature of the original, and the Notchback has the decals displayed. In addition to the 3 exterior Shelby de Mexico decals there is another on the underside of the hood.

I have finally fit the Lincoln front brake setup used in late 1967 to the Notchback, and I am going through some dialing in on the new setup. Trying to get the car to its original livery, and I plan to return the car to one of its race colours, a metallic medium blue - lighter then Guardsman Blue, with metallic gold center stripe and matt gold rims, a very 1960's looking scheme no doubt!

Update April  2010 - Sold to a new owner in western USA

Update July 2010 - On sale at RM Auctions 12th August 2010

Update December 2011
New owner is Greg White from Sidney/Australia. 

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