1967 Shelby G.T.350 by Claude Dubois
© Wolfgang Kohrn- February 3rd, 2003, last updated on March 2018


Still waiting for final restoration in the garage

The special speedo disk shows only 2 digit numbers with a x10km/h ration - a very unique item in a Mustang. Note the original Ford part-no. that the owner took from the back of the disk.

Chrome yellow stripes on dark green make an agressive appearance

All pictures courtesy Gordon

The original owner preferred an aggressive colour scheme

A Rare Garage Find

Gordon W.I. McMillan from Scotland was reading my Shelby Europe stuff on this site and remembered the special Claude Dubois tag on his car. So he sent in these nice pics of his treasure. Let's hear what he has to report on his special G.T.350:

"The car is in dry storage right at the back of my garage so good images are impossible. The car is 67200F5AXXXX and still has the correct Ford VIN on the underside of the gearbox. I have the original door kick plates with 'Claude Dubois' on them, but the car was of course made in LA and probably one of the last '67s made at the airport facility before production was switched. When I bought it, the original Dark Moss green had been oversprayed metallic and I drove it for years until I retired it and had it restored, then stored it.

Compared with a standard car, it had:
  • Dubois plates on the doors,
  • Speedometer converter on the firewall to gear up the speedo drive for the 280 KMPH speedometer,
  • floor mounted fire extinguisher
  • Detroit locker rear end

I think it was delivered to Dubois so late that they decided to make it look like a '68 for sales purposes, so the leading edge of the hood had SHELBY lettering. The small block Hi-Po engine is not numbered so has been swapped out, but it is a Hi-Po and as received had 2" exhaust valves. In fact the exhaust and inlet valve ports overlapped. When I had the engine rebuilt I got the rebuilder to fit a pair of similar heads with marginally smaller exhaust valves as the originals had marked the top of the pistons when fully open.

I don't know all the history of it - it originally had several Belgian stickers on the screen (which I removed) and came into the UKaround 1972 and passed through the hands of John S. It still has the 1972 London registration. Currenly it is back pretty much to original, with an MPH speedometer and the original colour, but with chrome yellow stripes and a green carpeted interior. The outside was tidied up a little by deleting some of the badges and painting parts like the back up light housings and bumpers to match the bodywork.

Unfortunately the original speedo disk has disappeared, but Gordon had taken pictures of it.
"When I got the car the speedometer did not work. The speedo drive cable came to a Kienzle gearbox on the firewall, and a shorter cable took it into the main speedo, which was marked in KPH up to 280. I tried and tried to get replacement cable and adapters but eventually had to paint over the numbers on the speedo face and re-letter it to match the actual road speeds. I was never happy with that and I think the speedo went back to the US as part exchange for an ordinary speedo which is fitted now.

However, before I painted over it I photocopied the face, and wrote the part number in the small section for the milometer, and I have attached a rather poor scan of the photocopy. I had occasion to send that to SAAC when they wanted to find the highest road speed indicated on a standard Shelby too and they published it. You can see from the part number that it is a standard 67 Ford part although it's liable to be a very small quantity production.


Update March 2018:
The car is obviously #1655 and was sold in 2003 to Glasgow, then sold via WI to  new owner B. S. in Manitoba/Canada in 2005.
Currently undergoing a restoration at L&L Muscle Cars in Toronto

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