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Picture Mustang Illustrated

Picture courtesy Mustang Illustrated 10/99

Text of 1995 Mustang calendar

  ARI Promo Mustang Fastback-
Owner Armando Martinez

originally published in Mustang Illustrated, October 1999

Armando told us himself, how he got the car...

"Hi guys,
I am the proud owner of one of the ARI Mustang Promo Fastbacks!
I have owned the car since 1985. The car took me 7 years to restore, but the thing about that is I had just completed the paint job on the car and a few weeks later received the invoice. It stated that it is one of the TEXAS CARS, but it was too late to turn back because the car was almost complete. I plan on going back original with it at a later date but I am having too much fun driving and showing the car." the MI article mentioned above it is stated that Armando bought his ARI Promo Mustang Fastback in 1985 for only 800 bucks as his second car. 
After driving it for 3 years he decided it should get some major repairs. 18.000 dollars and 6 1/2 years later he had done all the major things including some nice modifications.

It was then that he send for an invoice from Lois Eminger to learn it was a true Texas ARI Speedway sent Mustang. Bad luck. Still he enjoys the power of his heavily modified engine and occasionally races it at local Texas events.


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