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The Bullitt Expert - 
David Kunz

Photographer Anthony Bologna

David Kunz, California is the Guru of all BULLITT enthusiasts. His interest in the movie and the Mustang lead him one day to start a project of a BULLITT Mustang replica. He found a rather unmolested 68 GT in 1992 and invested a lot of time and money to make it look like the real thing. While working on the project, he found out more and more about the facts and fallacys of the movie. 
Thanks to David and contacting him early enough I was allowed to publish his investigations on my website. The following article (follow the link) has been published in the November 97 issue of Mustang & Fords magazine as well.

  Report: Dave Kunz about the making of Bullitt

More details about the making of "BULLITT" can be read in the article from the eye witness Anthony Bologna (Daves friend) further down this page, in the 69 Car Life and late Motor Trend articles and via the link section to Susan Encinas textpage. 

More about the actors, the guys behind the scene is available from the BULLITT link section.

The most "official" Replica

Sky One flew over to the US to do a Movie cars report. With our help they could gather a number of them and rewarded the support with some exclusive pics and insight about the current owners. (Waddell Productions)

This is Dave Kunz's famous replica displayed quite often at the Petersen museum and used in Ford's own promotion events until recently.

David's Mustang GT 390cui has already won its share of glory in the past years. 
The frst appearance was in a famous Mustang book by Randy Leffingwell.

Then the replica was used in the FORD PUMA commercial aired in Europe in 1999, it was featured in several Mustang and other excellent car magazines and it was used on several official FORD promotion events during the concept car phase of the new BULLITT 2001 GT Feature car. 
Even in the press kit and in the 2001 dealer brochures there is a lot of coverage on Davids Mustang.
It appeared as well in TV reports with the 2008 on the west coast.

Thus it can be considered somehow as an "Official BULLITT Mustang Replica" if you like. 

Randy Lleffingwells pics were used for a long time and catch the spirit of the coolnes factor

Davids changed the steering wheel pictured here later to an original wheel covered in leather. The repro wheel is available today through Branda or the David Mathews/SAAC.

Davids car appeared also in some European magazines in the year 2000/2001 . It had been shipped up to Northern California in 2000 for a photo shoot with the Ford Puma again (after the very successful advertising campaign in 1999). 
Ford had the top automotive journalists flying in from Europe to drive the Puma in the States (where the car wasn't even sold). 

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from Anthony Bologna 8.Dec.99

Special Bonus: Location photo from the garage, where the PUMA/BULLITT MUSTANG were photographed last year.
from David Kunz

Davids replica in 
"Thoroughbred and Classic Cars"

David is 6feet 6inch high. For cornering downhill he usually takes his arm outside to grap the nearest pole to avoid oversteering.

"On the 30th. of April 2000 a journalist from the famous "Thoroughbred and Classic Car" Magazine came over and we met in San Francisco for another photoshooting. Here are some of his shots."

Editors note: Some might think, Steve is back, but in fact it is Dave sitting on the driver's seat wearing a similar jacket like Steve did in the movie.
The article was published in the February 2001 issue with 12 pictures and 9 pages. A perfect tribute to the BULLITT mania from Gus Gregory.

More pictures.

Davids replica at the Petersen Museum

In May 2000 I got a phone call from the Petersen Automotive Museum here in Los Angeles. They had been trying to get the original Bullitt Mustang for a summer exhibit featuring cars from the movies. To nobody's surprise, the owner again flatly refused. With the exhibit approaching, they asked to borrow my replica for use in the display. Of course, I accepted!

My car was exhibited with other famous movie cars, including various Batmobiles (including the Barris original), some 007 movie cars including 
- the red Mach 1 (owned by Mike Allameda,  the stunt car is still in the UK based James Bond cars collection), 
- the '49 Mercury from James Dean's 'Rebel Without a Cause', 
- and the Mustang from the original 'Gone in 60 Seconds' and the silver Shelby clone from the actual movie remake.
The exhibit  has been quite popular.

From 2001 up to 2004 it has been  used extensively for various events. One of the outstanding being the music video of Sheryl Crow. (see separate page from the menu or news)

In 2005 the car was part of a special Movie car section at the Knotts Berry Farm. It was also filmed for a special TV series "Best movie cars" on Sky one TV, which is aired on 27th. July 2005. (Picture on top of this page thanks to Nicola Waddell of Waddell Productions/UK.

The car has appeared as well in a 2009 longterm exhibit. Watch the news for continues appearances of the car.

Other replicas and look-alikes

More pictures and stories by clicking on this photo

This section has become very popular quite recently, as there are more die-hard BULLITT maniacs out there in Cyberspace, than we ever thought. From East to West, owners of Highland green BULLITT clones, replicas, look-alikes and whatever you may call them, were kind enough to send a picture and some lines about their cars. Rather than keeping those hidden, we took the pledge and set up this showroom for you.

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The chase scenes locations as of today

Dave Kunz 68 GT390 Bullitt replica in SFO - actual photo by Dave himself

David Kunz made a tour in the late 8oies or early 90ies through San Francisco spotting the locations of the chase scenes. He updates us about the appearing of the sets.

Click here: A late 90ies tour with actual pictures from Anthony Bologna.

Magazine articles on BULLITT

Photo courtesy Warner Brothers

There have been a number of BULLITT articles published since the early 60ies up to today, which are in our collection.

BULLITT - Video, DVD and collectibles

picture taken from e-bay. If you are the owner, let me know. Upon request, I will remove it.

A lot of collectibles are available these days. Here is a list of only some.
  • Video (english as well as in many other languages)
  • Video - Special Anniversary edition containing extra bonus sequences about racing at Willow Springs with Steve McQueen and Hickmann
  • DVD (US and UK version - english/arabic/english subtitles)
  • Special DVD kit (only 7500 produced - contains original movie script, movie cards and other material)
  • Screenplay script
  • Book "Mute witness" by Robert Pike. The BULLITT movie was based on this novel.
  • All sorts of Movie posters (if you are interested check out the link section)
  • PC game. If you want to get the experience of "bullitting" through SFO on your "desktop engine", then get out your X-mas or Birthday wishlist and note the "Midtown madness" PC game, latest SFO edition. Although it will never copy the real ride, it might be a kind of placebo drug and ... it doesn't hurt that much.
  • REVELL 1/25 scale model (since Jan. 2001, revised in 2008 with a new box)
  • ERTL 1/18 scale model (out since Jan. 2002)
  • Auto Art scale model (out since April 2002)
  • Pioneer slot car (since 2009)
  • JJZ 109 and Charger aluminium plates redone by Carl Genatassio (

The Revell 1:25 kit

One-of-a-kind Collectibles

a perfect miniature scenario created by Everett Westphal
Another view of Everetts BULLITT miniature artifact.

This is a one of a kind miniature model of a BULLITT Mustang, created and "artifacted" by Everett Westphal. He was already featured in several scale model magazines and was in Car magazine in 2000. Surprisingly there has never been an official scale model of this famous car in the 60ies to 90ies, as movie enterprises were not that much into merchandising collectibles at that time. This is an ideal gift for the die-hard BULLITT fan. If you want one to be reproduced, try to convince Everett , that he can make a business out of it. Consider this idea as copyrighted for him.

It gets even better with this packaging box, where Everett Westphal is a specialist.

Where is the real car?

Picture courtesy Warner Bros.

As most of the BULLITT enthusiasts you would like to know, where the real BULLIT car is?
Well, we know - and we are going to tell you. Here is a teaser. It has 66.000 miles on the odometer and the weld-on camera supports are still in place. 

Dave Kunz keeps us updated about the whereabouts of this icon of the movie industry - exlusively on this website. As of 2008 there are rumours around that it might appear soon with a few cosmetic changes done currently, but those are rumours as of now. Don't even ask.

In late 2009 Brad Bowling was contacted by the second owner Frank Maranca (Detective) and wrote an report for the April 2010 Mustang Enthusiast. 
At the same time we got some more hints about the current owner. So 2010 will be become a very interesting BULLITT year. Let''s celebrate the 41st Anniversary.

Now, go for it.

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