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© Wolfgang Kohrn, David Kunz, Anthony Bologna
Down we go - follow me - fast

Dave Kunz' replica at the May 2000 photosession of "Thoroughbred and Classic Cars"

View from top of the hill down into Potreiro district of San Francisco. If you look close, you might see David sitting in his car wearing a Steve McQueen-style jacket.
Isn't this the spot to be with your 68 Mustang? Many McQueen-wannabees exercised the jumping after the actual filming and caused serious headaches for the SFO police.
Today you can exercise it on your PC with the latest SFO edition of the PC-game "Midtown Madness". Check out your dealer now (Feb.2001).

Anthony and his son enjoying a nice day at the photosession
On-Spot-Education of BULLITT-Mania for generations to come.
If it is not us, who is responsible for transferring heraldic "good-guy-stories" to our children, whom do you want to blame in the future?
Car education has been always a way to get the youth out of their "no-future" philosophy. This is really serious....

The article was finally published in February 2001.

9 pages and 12 pics made up a great story on the thrilling experience of riding a BULLITT replica through San Francisco - a childhood dream of the author. Thanks to Thoroughbred and Classic Car Magazine and Gus Gregory for this great tribute. Be sure to get your issue of this excellent magazine.

Phil Bell from T&C: "If Bullitt fans are having trouble locating a copy of the magazine, they can obtain one directly from this office:
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phone: 0044 1733 465798 (changes to 0044 1733 468219 from March 26)
fax: 0044 01733 465857 (changes to 0044 1733 468229 from March 26)

Ella Bryan
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Price is 5.00 (including postage) while stocks last, payable to Thoroughbred & Classic Cars. They can send credit card details (name, address, card number, expiry date) or an international money order."

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