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© David Kunz, Anthony Bologna, Wolfgang Kohrn

The  Ford Puma  & David Kunz Bullitt Mustang replica

Text by Anthony Bologna

"Well, Dave's car was a star that week for a photo shoot with the new Puma. Nov.30, 1999.....
Ford Motor Company had Dave's car shipped from Los Angeles,Calif. to San Francisco,Calif. for a full day of shooting. Photographer Charles Magee was flown in from England. The cars were set up on a pier with the Oakland bridge in the background...

After lunch, the cars where shot in the Potrero District This area has many hills and give it '"Bullitt" feel. This is the same block the movie "Pacific Heights" starring Michael Keaten was filmed a couple of years ago....I don't know much about the Puma....I have been told it's a high performance type...Enclosed are photos that I took of the day"

Unloading Dave's car

Staging for the photographer

 The Puma RS - ready for shots  One of the shots is set up - for the new PUMA RS brochure

 What you might see in the brochure

 The dream location for BULLITT fans

 An official Ford photo from UK - courtesy Ford of Gribraltar/Lee Lopez

More pictures - Be patient while loading

Publications from the PUMA/Mustang photoshooting

Telegraph/UK 14th. December

The PUMA RS Brochure was probably out in September 2000

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