© Wolfgang Kohrn, David Kunz, Anthony Bologna

The location of the key scene from the 1999 PUMA commercial

Is it clean or not - do it again, toolman.
Photo of David Kunz Bullitt Mustang replica with the FORD PUMA -
This location was used in the PUMA commercial that was aired in Europe in 1999.

Did I drove a PUMA or my old fellow Mustang?

This is where the actor - a guy almost looking like Steve McQueen backed the PUMA into the garage beside the Bullitt Mustang. Then he got out of the car - stops for a moment, looks back somehow irritated, then the Mustang dissolves, Steve shaking his head and walking away to the rear of the garage.

Puma advertisement in Germany

The advertisements from Ford Germany were published in a lot of magazines in 1999. This is one of them out of "Auto, Motor und Sport". There is not much left of all the work in the A4 size advertisment, but the TV commercial contained more coverage of David Kunz car.

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