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 Where to find the set locations from "BULLITT"? 

This page was created in 2004 with Anthony Bolognas pics from the mid 90ies

For an update of locations
(pics as of 2006) see also our webgallery done for the Bullitt Nationals 2006 (courtesy of Michael Gullery)

Pics from the Motortrend Sept/Oct. 2006 photoshooting here

Google Map data - map created for Bullitt Nationals 2006, courtesy Greg Autry/Michael Gullery (see for info on the Bullitt Nationals
Map part 2 and 3 at the bottom of this page

Cruise with us through the hills of SFO! (Numbers in parentheses represent grids from AAA San Francisco map)

Dave cruising through San Francisco in the 80ies- picture courtesy Anthony Bologna

Photo courtesy Anthony Bologna

Thanks to David Kunz I got information about the spots, that played a major role in the movie.

Most of them have not changed in more than 30 years. There must be a BULLITT maniac sitting around in the city development department. A perfect scene for a future remake.

David Kunz added details, which and how those locations have changed as of today.

All pictures courtesy Anthony Bologna.

1. Frank's Apartment, Clay and Taylor (C-10)

The apartment building looks the same, lower unit has been converted into a garage.

1a. Corner market across street still there. This is the grocery store were Bullitt buys the frozen food and bangs open the newspaper stand.

2. Union Square Phone Booths, Powell and O'Farrell (D-10)

During cab ride with Robert Duvall, McQueen stops to make phone calls. Phone booths are gone, but the street looks the same.

3. Enrico's Restaurant, Broadway east of Columbus (B-10)

Also during cab sequence, McQueen meets an informant here. Restaurant hasn't changed at all.

4. Cesar Chavez St.(formerly Army St.), just east of US101 (H-10)

This is where the chase scene begins. Unfortunately the car wash is long gone and a self-storage facility has gone up in its place. Hardly recognizable. Some ramps have been added to the freeway interchange as well. This is where McQueen pulls out and heads under the freeway with the Charger in tow. Go west on Cesar Chavez and it'll look familiar.

5. Cesar Chavez and York (H-10)

McQueen U-turns here and heads up a narrow hill (York).
Gas station on triangular lot still there.

The lower picture shows the continuation of York, where the Charger goes after losing the Mustang.

At top of York is where guys in Charger can't decide which way McQueen may have gone and make a left up another narrow street.
Still looks exactly the same.

6. Columbus and Chestnut (B-10)

Guy driving Charger waits on northbound Columbus to turn left, buckles his seat belt, then smokes tires up the hill on Chestnut. Still looks the same.

7. Taylor and Filbert (B-10)

This is "The Hill". Stand on corner and look south. You'll see the three blocks where the two cars got airborne. Actually done several times in the film from different angles .
The photo atually shows, were the Charger slides sideways, then exhilarates left. Both cars made left turn onto Filbert. Street looks much narrower and steeper in person. Walk to the top and you'll be out of breath.
This is the famous corner, where the Charger slided sideways and had to touch the left side boardwalk almost with its tire to make it. Steve had problems to make this stunt and was replaced by Bud Elkin for this scene after 3 failed trials.
This view is looking up Taylor Street. This block, near the top is were the Mustang crushes the oil pan when he rockets over the crest of the hill.

8. Larkin and Chestnut (B-9)

Famous shot of Charger taking turn too hot and wiping out the camera. Then McQueen overshoots turn and locks up brakes, does reverse burnout, then forward.

9. Larkin and Francisco (B-9)

Cars careen down a narrow curve to left, beige Firebird nearly hits them head-on (one of several appearances by the Firebird).(picture from 1998) Only little has changed at this location.
View from top to the narrow curve, where the Charger hits the siderail (picture from the '80ies)
The Charger hit the siderail exactly here and looses one of its 8 wheel covers. (picture from the '80ies)

***Bonus: If you watch this scene on a good 4-head VCR or Laser/DVD, there is *one* frame from the fixed camera along the road in which you can see the camera in the back of the Mustang!

10. Marina Blvd btwn Laguna and Divisidero (A-8)

Cars go high-speed here, past a Safeway market that's still there. Actually, they do it twice - different angles. Then they shoot past a bunch of cars on the road. Seem like they're passing them awfully quickly? That's because the cars are sitting still on the road! They seem to be heading out of town. ***True fact: The script called for the chase to go across the Golden Gate bridge, but the city said "NO!".

11. Guadalupe Canyon Parkway (off the map a little, but look at N-9)

Without use of the bridge, the chase jumps to this road. Go from west to east, from Market and Hillside in Daly City, to the end of Guadalupe at Bayshore Blvd. Still looks mostly the same, but the road was being widened the last time I was there (road runs through the middle of a state park, so it should be free of development forever).
Remember this area, where the motorbike was layed down and Steve had to use the sandy bank to escape.
Vacant lot - where Charger explodes at the end - now contains an office building.
The view back from the "Gasstation lot". The Charger was unhooked at a specified marked spot to hit the gasstation, but as you know it was a little bit to early and the Charger went behind the station. Anyway explosions were ignited and the film cutting later safed this expensive scene.

That covers most of the cool chase locations. 

Best bet for sightseeing is to get near intersections, then find a place to park (it's tight parking at most spots), then stare, take pictures, etc. on foot. That way you're not holding up traffic and can take your time.
Unfortunately, one of the coolest locations, the dive hotel and adjoining double deck freeway, were victims of the '89 earthquake and were torn down. Hard to even tell where they were now.

For 2006 pictures of the locations, see our webgallery (courtesy of Michal Gullery)

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