The Sonny & Cher Custom Mustangs
The Story of 2 famous  Barris Kustom Mustangs
©  Wolfgang Kohrn - July 31th, 2005 - update January 8th, 2009
  Special thanks to Philippe Guattari (MCDF), Don & Ailene Chambers of Mustang Country/Paramount 


Seats customized with fur

The special Sonny Bono Custom Edition tag

Custom rear panel lights



The rear trunk and light panel treatment of Sonny's car inside 

About Mustang Country:

"Mustang Country International is committed to delivering the highest level of quality and service while maintaining a competitive price. 
New and used
parts for Mustangs from 1964 to 1973. Visit our website at "
David Mattei
Mustang Country employees indeed breathe and live Mustang-style. Make sure you don't pass by in Paramount/CA.

Cars are on sale at R/M Auctions in February 6-8th. 2009
Check out the press release here

George Barris  built this famous pair of Kustom Mustangs together with Sonny & Cher.
We certainly don't need to tell you who Sonny & Cher are. George Barris and his brother Sam were the most famous customizers back then. George had numerous other obligations like writing for Hot Rod, being stunt coordinator, director, advisor and even actor himself in movies. Thus he made a lot of contacts to potential customers.
Aside from this pair George built 6 special Pontiac station wagons for John Wayne plus customized cars to Clint Eastwood, Glen Campbell, Liberace or Dean Martin.
However this Mustang pair got a lot of attention. An AMT scale model customizing Car Kit was offered, where you could turn the body pieces and acessories into "His" or "Hers" Mustang.  AMT (owner Bud "The Kat" Anderson) was another successfull cooperation of the Barris adventure.

Mustang Illustrated famous author Bob McClurg visited Don Chanmbers in 98 and did an interview with George Barris. The article appeared in MI September 1998.

The original pair of Mustangs looks exactly like the AMT scale models with a different grille treatment next to the rectangular headlights. 

But let's look through the eyes of Don and Ailene Chambers, long time Ford Rarities collectors and Philippe Guattari, famous Mustang historian of the Mustang Club de France and let's visit Don Chambers collection at Paramount/CA. 

Don and Ailene as well as David Mattei are good friends of Philippe and gave permission to the appearance on my little secret hidden Ponysite. Thanks to all of them.

Door handles in a 60ies Barris Kustom-Style

The pair was later used in the Ford Custom Car Caravan and at various events and shows over the nation. 

Further info can be obtained from "Barris Kustoms of the 1960ies" written by George Barris and David Fetherston

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