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International Bullitt Mustang Replica and Look-alike Collection

Wolfgang Kohrn 1993-2017

Larry Smith owns this 1968 GT390. Here is his story:

I grew up in a Ford family.  My father was a Ford technician in the late 60's so he found the Ford bug and passed it to me.

 The first time I saw the movie... when I was around 10 or so, I was awe struck with the car and of course, the King of Cool himself.  I knew at that moment, I would have my own Bullitt and be able to emulate the King of Cool.

 I found this car about 15 years ago and worked on it on and off until the past few years where I pushed the restoration.  
Since the car was an original 390GT, 4 speed, Highland Green car, I went from making a driver tribute Bullitt to a full on rotisserie, nut and bolt restoration.  

It is as it was born, marks and all, aside from the Bullitt Points.  I even located and installed the correct Yankee mirror.

In 2017 I received at the first car show a "Best of Show"


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