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Gunter G. 
1967 BULLITT Mustang Look-alike 

Picture courtesy Gunter G.

This '67 Mustang was in April 2000 for sale. The owner stated, that this is a meticulous rebuilt - frame off restoration 1989-1994 - with just 19.000 original miles. The VIN is 7R02S14... and it was built in December 1966 at the San Jose, Milpitas plant.

Acc. to my impression after seeing the car myself it is a very unique and and nuts & bolts restored 1967 (!) 390 GTA. Although it is not the correct model year for a BULLITT replica, it is an excellent piece of workmanship. Previous owner Axel B. sold it finally to Gunter G. in 2001. 

It was used in December 2001 as the cops car in the TATORT TV series in Germany.

Some more details: 
- New 390 engine with an output of 239kW or 335HP/4800rpm (Edelbrock carb), 
- Special flake paint green exterior, black interior 
- Torque Thrust 7" and 8" x 15" wheels 
- C6 transmission, a new driveshaft and a rear axle ratio of 3.00:1 
- Power steering, front disc brakes 
- Heated leather seats, rear fold down seat, radio/cassette player 
- Sports steering wheel, special trunk coverage 
- Additional cooler vent, oil thermometer and tachometer plus a 22 gallon fuel tank.

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