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Franz Me▀ner
1967 BULLITT Mustang 
This '67 Mustang is a professional built car acc. to the owner - with just 69.000 original miles in Nov.2000. The VIN is 7R02S19013x and it was built around 8th of March 1967 at the San Jose, Milpitas plant. 

Credit for this exceptionell replica go to Chuck Francis of Dream Machines, LA, who built this car in 1997 for a customer who was a car designer by himself and who had a vision of what his utmost dream machine should be. It is a true S-code car with a 4-speed manual trans. The big block however had been replaced with a modified brute 351W engine, output rated at about 300 - 320HP. 

The exhaust tune will confirm you. Previous owner Bernhard E. was put into contact with the owner back then by Chuck Francis and after some tough negotiating over weeks the car finally changed hands and went over the pond to Germany, where it is driven now only when the sun shines and not more than 500km per year. It was stored in a dry garage and is still in almost the same condition as bought. The car was bought in 2001 by its current owner Franz Me▀ner. Unfortunately a fire in the wiring loom made the car undriveable before, he could even pick it up at a resto shop. Franz hopes to get it back on the road soon. (Oct. 2001)

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