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Bastian Ebener

In 2008 he got hold of a 390 cui FE engine, which was not in really good shape, but was good enough to overhaul it and modify it with a few performance parts.
In 2004/2005 Bastian Ebener was searching for an Eleanor to find out finally, that the car wasn't up to his expectations once he could inspect one in person.

Soon after he happened to see the movie Bullitt and was pulled into another direction. After a desperate search for a Fastback body, he found out that Hardtop and Fastback have a similar chassis and floor pan group, so checked out a few Hardtops worth between 3000 and 5000 Euros. Finally he found a T-5 Coupe in Belgium with a 289 and a C4 automatic. When he decided to buy it his father had already bought another totalled 67 Coupe body with a title, just 30 miles away from his home.  After cutting away all crimped body parts, a small order was sent to the US to test a supplier, which worked out good and the big one followed. 

Step by step he realized his vision of a 1968 Fastback in Bullitt-Style and called it finally Bullitt Coupback.

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