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Wolfgang Kohrn 1992-2018

Australia/QLD updated March 28th, 2015
Mark Johnson 
1968 BULLITT Replica RHD

I'd like to share with you my finished 68 Bullitt Mustang.

I've tried to copy the original as much as I can, installed 65 round mirror slightly lower on the drivers door, painted the rocker moulds, deleted the rear back up lights, moved aerial to the rear, installed custom made diamond mesh grill, painted tail light bezels, fuel cap and rear in black, removed all badges and painted my Torq thrust D's black.
I even managed to get the right number plates here in QLD.
This rebuild was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, everything had to be modified, nothing really went straight in.

But we think it was worth all the effort and the car looks as if it really can pull and sounds good with those exhaust tips.

More actual pics coming soon from the coating. (Sorry Mark)

I have just had my car Opti-Coated, this is a clear ceramic coating applied to the paint work and glass. This is for protection from stains and also make a lot easier to clean. The detailer I had do this is excellent at his job and alsomakes very good photos. I thought I had a good paint job before, now it's Excellent. A lot of work goes into the cutting and polishing.

A RHD Bullitt replica from down under is certainly a rare sight.
Mark points out that the steering wheel came from the US, sold there as a Bullitt Steering wheel replica on a more budget oriented price level meanwhile.

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