The TASCA 505
1965 Performance Car of the Year

© Mark S. Gustavson, Wolfgang Kohrn,  - June 19th. 2005, updated
January 11th, 2018


Tracing down the TASCA 505 Performance Mustang
Ever wondered what happened to this outstanding Performance car of the Year?
6500 Dollar changed hands, when this unique car - built by the Alexander Brothers and initially given to Bob Tasca as an incentive  - was sold back then from Paul Harvey Ford in 1972 or 73 to Billy Joe Gilbert.

Tom Dillman (Brother in law of Gary Gilbert, son of the previous owner) tells us about past traces of the car. 

"I contacted you some months ago about the 505. I managed to find one picture of it from the early seventies when my father in law owned it.

We recently moved my mother in law to a smaller home and came across a large box of old photos that looks promising. Since my brother in law still has a 67 GT500 he is also spreading the word around to his Shelby friends here in Indiana that we are trying to locate the car.

As far as we know today Billy Joe Gilbert of Greenwood, Indiana bought the car from Paul Harvey of Paul Harvey Ford in Indianapolis In. Billy traded the car in at Smart and Perry Ford in Greenwood in and they wholesaled the car to Perry Bros Auto Sales in Indianapolis.

That is the last anyone around here has seen of the car. Just to think that as a junior in high school I got to drive and work on a piece of history... I actually thought the reverb radio and square headlights and T-Bird style tail lights were corny back then.

Boy was I wrong!!!! I was also wrong telling my father in law that it was too expensive. It would certainly catch more than 100.000 Dollar today. I'd like to see it again."

The current owner  - 2007- 2017 still uncovered
We were fortunate to have been contacted in 2007 by the current owner, who wants to remain anonymous and the location of the TASCA unknown. But he allowed us to show a few pictures here of the car that has been stored away since the 80ies.

Since I have the pics first published  in our club mag 02/2007 exclusively, we kept the pics confidential for a period. Now added in 2009 a few a bit further down this page. And in 2014 a few more added.

As of April 2014 we reconnected with the owner to see wether it would be at a 50th Anniversary, but he denied the appearance. Collectors have been trying to persuade us to give them the name, yet there is no interest in selling the car, so don't ask again.

We hope one day it will be out there, but then again, it is better reserved as a mystery car like the Bullitt survivor.

Bob Tasca himself has confirmed the car to be the original one. Another employee said, he had not. Well we do not have any doubt in this being the real deal.

Tom Dilman once worked on the engine and we hope, Tom, Gary and the owner will have a nice day chatting about incidents and reuniting the family with an icon of their history. 
Ponysite brought them in touch with each other. That's why we are here. Connecting genuine car guys and enthusiasts with the right attitude.

Performance Car of the Year 1965?
And never mentioned through all those years?

I was pretty much surprised myself, when I first read about the TASCA 505 in the Gary L. Witzenburg documentation in 1999 or so realizing that there was so little information available in the Mustang world. 

Awarded by the American Rodding Magazine with this trophy, it is amazing that this special custom car is covered so little these days in all that Mustang hype.

Thanks to the archives of Mark S. Gustavson, the leader of the
LYNX Project group, we can shed some more light on one of the 20 personalized cars that Bob Tasca received from Ford.

Robert (Bob) Tasca was the most successful Ford Performance dealer of the 60ies into the 70ies. Although he started much earlier to race Ford iron at drag strips, most enthusiasts remember the A/FX Mustangs and hin influence on the 1968 1/2 Cobra Jets with his KR-8 package. 

Built by the Alexander Brothers, a famous customizer enterprise that had earned its reputation since the mid 50ies withh outstanding customs, this car was a true eyecatcher. Plus it could unleash 505 HP towards the rear wheels with a little massaging from the Tasca garage.

The Tasca 505 is indeed a Custom Mustang driven to perfection by its creators.  Following the european sportscar influence Cibie headlights were installed up front.
The rearend was 2,5" lengthened and a full width light panel being installed.

Performance enthusiasts like those at American Rodding magazine of course did not choose the car based on its design alone. What made their hearts beat stronger, was the 505HP engine, a 289 stroked to 325cui with a modified intake manifold and a double 4V-carb. It was backed up by an all-aluminium Shelby transmission.
12 Seconds for a quartermile (120mph) with a top speed of 147mph was not too bad for a street car like this. 

The Tasca 505 at a later date with an added hood scoop and additional side graphics. Note the white instrument top on the dash, that was original with the Tasca 505 as were the rectangular frontlights.























This picture shows the engine bay as of 2007. 

Update 2014:
Bob McClurg published a book of the Tasca family heritage in June 2014. It contains also Gary Gilberts input that you see above on this page.

Update 2015:

Martin TDale sent us this interesting mail:

"When i actually found your article and pics of the 505 hp mustang I remember, it was fantastic.  I grew up on the southside of Indianapolis.  I bought a 1971 Yamaha RD350 from Perry Brothers Auto Sales during the time that they had that car.  They were always nice to me there and I came in a lot, because my dad worked close to their car lot, which was not in Greenwood, but just maybe 50 meters north of the troy ave. and madison ave. intersection in Indianapolis.
I can tell you what I distinctly remember:

- The 2x four barrel setup under the hood.

-The Two-tone interior had the "pony" option on the seats.

- Your pic of the front fender ...badge at that time said "Harvey 505" -- it looks now like the reference to Paul Harvey Ford has been removed --- you can see the space on the badge would have had something there.*

A guy down the street with another car lot said that his 396/375hp Camaro got smoked by the Mustang in a "friendly" street race. 

I hope this info is useful to you and other enthusiasts. I enjoyed sharing.

* Gary Gilbert responded lately to the comment about a Harvey 505 emblem from Martin:
"That is incorrect. As a young boy I washed that car by hand with my dad and I can assure you that it said Tasca 505. The Alexander Bros. built the car for Bob Tasca Sr. and made those badges."

The interior as of 2007.

Update January 2018
Dan Mc Donald sent us Polaroid scans of the day, when the Tasca 505 was in the Tasca dealership showroom.

There is a pretty good chance - aside from the main purpose to showcase the Tasca history around the 1968 50th Anniversary - that it will be shown at the June 8th - to 10th, 2018 Special Mustang Owners Museum Preview day 100 yards from the current construction site. Otherwise maybe at the next MCA event.
Make sure you watch pre-announcements on their website.

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