SAAC-25 Special

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The 69 and 70 section of the Sunday car show
SAAC-25 was the most impressive Shelby and Mustang show I ever attended. You ask why - because Shelbians tend to have an 'open hood' mentality. Each owner, official and VIP I approached was friendly, willing to share his or her knowledge and surprised to see an overseas guy travelling that far distance.*
250 photos and 1h45 minutes of video footage are my treasure for oncoming club magazine issues.
Just want to share the premium selection of cars with you in this section.

*Just one guy did not know what he should think of that Alien at his show. Look at his face, when he recognized me.
QUOTE: Whats this Gump doing here?

My friend Pat Johnson's 67 GT350This is my friends Pat Johnson's 1967 GT350. It was one of only 7 67 GT350s that was originally exported to Germany back then. It returned to the U.S. some decades later. This car has a very unique Autobahn flasher set up, that was originally equipped by Performance Cars Ltd. in Geneve. This dealer was one of the few Shelby importers in the late 60ies and even printed its own german leaflets (b/w), which are a very rare collectible of today. Pat and I were probably the only non-race participants that toured the race track at least once on Sunday during car show staging (due to missing the spot).

Another 67GT500 with the early - in some states forbidden - rear scoop red lights

A 67 GT500 that you must like - one of my many favourites.
The rear scoop red lightNote the red light in the rear scoop - this was forbidden in some states, so later dropped in serial conversion

An ultrarare 427 tunnelport engined Shelby
tunnelport engineSorry, but you have to imagine the power of this tunnelport engine. Don't mix it up with the "bad image" 302 tunnelport. This one is more reliable and creates lots of horsepower on the dyno.

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