The first of 2 Lawman Super Boss 429
 in Vietnam

©Dennis Collins, Wolfgang Kohrn -  May 21th, 2004, last update Feb. 2011


One of only 2 Super BOSS 429 Drag Cars  

These are exlusive pics of the crushed first Lawman SUPER BOSS 429 from Vietnam.

We've covered the whole story with lots of details from Elton himself already some time ago on this site

These pictures are very rare and thanks to previous (second) Lawman Super Boss owner Dennis Collins exclusive on this site:


These pics were taken upon arrival in Vietnam, when the first Super Boss 429 was unloaded. It had been crushed on the sea by a palette of form sheets that fell onto it. 
6 CJ Mach 1 were unloaded together with this car. See one of them at this site

Acc. to Elton Al Eckstrand this Super BOSS 429 and all of the 6 Vietnam CJ Mach1 had to be destroyed in Vietnam after the tour.

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