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VIN 0F02Z110-429 KK 2155

This SUPER BOSS 429  had been kept alive by a collector over years, has been reunited with Elton Al Eckstrand in the late 90ies and is still in unrestored condition. In 2000 it was for sale via Orlando Mustang. Pete Geissler offered this unique car in the name of Elton Al. Eckstrand - the LAWMAN himself.
The car was sold in the meantime three times, went to Dennis and Kim Collins in October 2001 and is since May 2004 owned by Bill Goldberg and displayed in his collection at Muscle Car Museum.
A report appeared on the History Channel in late 2004.

Picture thanks to Pete Geissler/Orlando Mustang

This very special BOSS cost 23.000 dollar to build back in those heydays. The radiator and 2 batteries were placed in the trunk. Engine dyno tests prooved 780HP - probably on the flywheel, but back then it was not tested on dynos and 1200HP were a common statement for this car.
The power is transferred via an automatic transmission to the big rear tires. The car is still grabber blue with a white interior and has only 720 miles on its odometer due to its use for drag race only.

The BOSS 429 was admired during its heydays by approx. 240.000 army soldiers acc. to Elton, so it was a good promotion for FORD as well plus enhanced driving skills of many people that should be thankful today to "The Lawman", because he saved their lives.

Above shown Mach 1 is currently in the ownership of David McGorman. Exclusively presented on this site, this car has been confirmed by Elton Al Eckstrand in 2002. He brought indeed some of the cars back from Europe and sold at least 3. This is the white one as shown in the picture above. The brown one is known to have been wrecked later. In the above picture it is still shown with Magnum wheels on, but the original wheels were Spyder wheels from Motorwheel Corporation, typically a Mopar rim. .
More info on this car on this site

The Lawman's Super Boss 429 and 428CJ Mach1s

Picture thanks to Pete Geissler/Orlando Mustang


Two '70 Super Boss 429 - fuel-injected and supercharged - and 11 or 12 stripped 428CJ MACH 1 Mustangs are known to have been used by the American Command Drag Team (later United States Performance Team) for training of the european and south east asian US army guys. 

6 of them have been reshipped to the US acc. to recent confirmation by Al (Oct.2001). The upper title picture shows 1 Super Boss (middle) and 5 of the 6 428CJ Mach1 that were used in Europe. Acc. to a Kevin Marti research only 5 were build in the second group, not 6. The picture was probably taken in Sweden back then.
(picture Tord Jönsson from Sweden/CARLISLE).

The Eye witness:
Larry James was one of the lucky US army soldiers who had an opportunity to have a ride in these Cobra Jets. Here is his report:

I was on the Coral Sea CVA 43 when the Lawman Tour came to Japan. They put the Big Boss on the flight deck and fired it up. No burnouts on the nonskid. Even so it was loud and made me think of home town racing, though not with any thing like this. Well I did get to drive one of the CJ Mustangs. I got on it a little to hard going in to a corner and went of the designated course. They forgot to tell me that these things did not have power steering and they are front heavy with that 428. Besides the driving of one of these monsters at 19 years of age what I remember is the paint jobs. Pearls inches deep. Beautiful. I have seen the pictures and they do not do justice to the workmanship that went into these artistic expressions.
The motors were fine and the sound of it rumbling made my hear race, but the over all experience has stayed with me long after the engine stopped and the smell of the fuel drifted out to sea. It stayed with me so much that I now have a 1970 Mach I of my own. I have looked for the Lawman story before and I am so glad that I have found it. If there was a way to thank Al Eckstrand for what he did not only for me but the thousands of others who he helped keep sane in the midst of hell and chaos I would want to do that. "Thanks for the memories", to quote an other great warrior who is 100 this year.

Larry James

Picture thanks to Pete Geissler/Orlando  Mustang

Elton sent us this shot himself when being reunited with the car.

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Follow this link for detailed information from 'The Lawman' himself. I was fortunate enough to get him on the phone on the 31th of December 2000.
Update 2018 KK2155 was transferred from Bill Goldberg to Anghel Restorations for a complete restoration.
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