One of 12 Lawman Cobra Jet Mach1
1 of 6 used in Vietnam

©Dennis Collins, Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on May 21th, 2004


One of only 11 or 12

This Lawman Cobra Jet Mach 1 is only one of 12 (or 11) ever produced special purpose Mustangs, that Elton "Al" Eckstrand (The Lawman) used for his european and asian driving ambition training tour for military personell. Research from Kevin Marti ( had shown that in the second group only 5 consecutively numbered cars were built. Still promotion pics show 6 cars alongside the Super Boss.
We've covered the whole story already some time ago in an interview with Elton on this site

These pictures are very rare and thanks to previous Lawman Super Boss owner Dennis Collins exclusive on this site:

The pics were taken upon arrival in Vietnam, while the first Super Boss and the 6 CJ Mach 1 were unloaded. Note the vietnamese letters on the body that were obviously necessary to avoid any misunderstandings with vietnamese authorities or are they sort of vietnamese jokes? Any hint appreciated as to the meaning of those letters.

Acc. to Elton Al Eckstrand all 6 Vietnam CJ Mach1 had to be destroyed in Vietnam after the tour.

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