Mustang Mutations and Conversions
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A. Pickups  
Beverly Hills Mustang Mustero
First it looked like a really odd conversion, then Iso and Ruedi from Switzerland stepped in to report, that this might be a series of customized Mustangs.
This pic on the left shows the car as it was on sale by in the mid 90ies for SFR 18500 (about 10.000 EURO)

Exclusive - 
Eye witness Edward Sherwood reports on the Beverly Hills Mustang Pickups
The car appeared to be 5T07T237949, a so called 'Mustero', as Iso Schwager from the Mustang Club of Switzerland found out.  
It had been auctioned in 1990 in Interlaken, Switzerland (as shown in the upper picture). 

Ruedi Laederach became the proud owner of this rare Pony. 
Ruedi did a major restoration and changed some items to his own taste. Since the late 90ies the car is back on the road again.
For a bigger photo click here.

Ruedi has done some research on these cars:
Back in 1965/66 a company called Beverly Hills Mustang LTD (9280 Alden Drive Beverly Hills, California) custom built some Mustangs into Mustero's. Maximum 50 were probably made. Acc. to his report the company was authorised by Ford to change the body parts as well as engine, transmission and exhaust parts. The modifications were priced at about 6500$, an unbelievable sum, as you could buy a Shelby Cobra for this amount. Ruedi has a brochure of that company. Unfortunately I lost the contact over the years. 

In late July 2003 Edward Sherwood passed by this site and was so kind as to give us some insight into the actual building back then. Let's hear, what he has to report:
"Hi, we customized these Mustang Pick-Up's, out of completely restored 1965-1966 Mustangs. I believe there were three or four of them there during my time, they all had 289 engines. I did not know there were 50, but I left soon after we had done the work on the first batch. The rear seat and roof section just forward the rear seat were removed to accommodate a heavy-duty fiberglass truck bed of which we produced in the body shop. The roof line was again matched up with the rear window section giving the Mustang the look of a mini pick-up. The Mustang's rear end and taillights were a perfect match for the little truck, I remember we were having trouble getting the driver side and passenger side windows to operate properly due to the re-shaping of the roof line. But in the end we had customized windows installed and the problem was solved. 

The last time I've seen the trucks was in or around 1979 and I remember personally producing and installing a new bed in a red 1965 Mustang in Beverly Hills. All of the little trucks were like a mini Ford Ranchero. I don't think more then three or four were ever built , but I may be wrong, since I left Beverly Hills Mustang to work for a wildcat drilling operation in Nevada. I do know however that they were all in like new condition from the ground up. 

J. Brunk, the owner of Beverly Hills Mustang should know more about these trucks. I also know that several Hollywood stars had in interest in them. In fact one day I was installing some chrome trim on a 1967 Mustang owned by Harry Morgan, star of M.A.S.H. and Dragnet and he was asking me a lot of questions about one of the little trucks that was in my shop at the time. I don't know if he ever bought one, but I do know he was very interested. Debbie Boon, was another one that showed some interest in the same truck. Well I hope this helps you, its been a long time and I not sure on how many were ever built, but I do know they are out there some where. One guess would be a prop warehouse on Doheny Avenue in Beverly Hills, at least I know that's where I stored the molds for the fiberglass beds. Its been nice chatting with you! You have jogged some old memories. 
Thank you"
Ed Sherwood.

Mustang Ranchero
Mick Bull bought this Mustang in the states as a 1966 4-speed basket case he said and look what he created out of it. This is a first showing of his car that will appear on the show circuits in 2009, probably at Capel Manor in the UK.
It features a 331cui engine with 436 HP, certainly making an impression once the engine is ignited. The car was totally refabricated including pickup bed pressings and built in subframe connectors. It has a working tailgate as you can spot opened by gas and a ducted hood up front. More soon, we will feature it in our club mag first.

Mustang Ranchero
This is a parts hauler and custom built Mustang Ranchero from Smithy Mustang Parts in the Netherlands. You'll be the judge on craftmanship and design, but at least it is another idea of what you could do with a Mustang.

One more Mustang Ranchero
This is another Ranchero-style Mustang spotted by eagle-eyed Mario Fröhlich in Miami at Mustang Collection. I think this amount of workmanship deserves a little bit of admiration, if not for the design itself. You'll be the judge. Acc. to Pete S. this one sees approx. 25-30.000 miles a year, so it's a daily driver.
And after a colour change - the same Mustang Ranchero
Mustang Collection in Miami Florida still owns this one.  Michael Flaake visited the shop and reports of a very friendly welcome. Make sure you stop over at Mustang Collection on 4865 S.W. 75th. Avenue.
And again - Mustang Ranchero
If you do not have a nice word for the others, this one at least deserves our attention. I stole this one from the Mustang-and-More-forum. I would like to give proper credit, but I forgot the name. A nice 67 with all the goodies, a Ranchero should have. Look at the excellent craftmanship and cover.

Pete S. had some bits of information on this car, as he checked it out:
It was on sale through C. J. Mustang in Harrisburg, Pa. in 2001. The price was about 10,000$. No Air Condition and no power steering. The conversion was done in Ca. and then the car was brought East. And it had a FUNCTIONAL tailgate!

Plus more....
Gene owns this Ranchero, probably a Beverly Hills one as well , but we're not sure yet. Could be one of a series as well. VIN 5F07T376343. 
Data plate says it's an export car with DSO 91. It's original vintage burgundy paint has been replaced with a stunning black/gold scheme. 
Powered by a 200cui engine with a C4 automatic it's an excellent cruiser.

The customized taillight is another goodie to talk about during shows.
Similar ones that fitted however around the gas cap were sold through J.C. Whitney in the 60ies, probably made by Custom Cal. manufactur

Get your photo books out...
John B. found this old pic of one of his old cars  in his attic and would like to see it again:

"This was a Ranchero that we hand built from scratch (not a kit or BH related). At the time (as I recall it was 1985-ish in Longmont, Co) we thought we were the only ones doing it. We started out with a wrecked '65. 
We moved the rear roofline forward enough to loose the rear 1/4 windows and fabricated the bed from scratch. It was outfitted with faded blue Levis interior and red piping. The red was the stock '65 Mustang red and the ponys on the fender were from a '79 Pace car." John

...projects of Rancheros are out there
Fred was searching for a Ranchero Mustang for a long time and finally found this one, which will see a major restoration.

Frank Horberts Mustero from Beverly Hills Mustang is a true collector car
"I bought it 15 months ago (in 2004) off a collector in Pennsylvania. It was owned by 3 collectors for a total of about 32 years before me. 
The guy I bought it from told me, it was an original Beverly Hills car. It appears that it is. The car is rust free and always attracts a crowd. I took out the original California motor to preserve it and replaced it with a 1966 Hipo. It has a deluxe interior and a console. I do believe the car also had AC. All markings shows that it did. Trans is a C4. 
If anyone has any more info about these mustang ranchero's please email us. 

B. Stationwagonsns 

picture courtesy Jim Sprague
2nd picture courtesy Jim Sprague

Mustang Station wagon
Some Mustang station wagons were even built by the Ford design studio, but never made it for production. In 1965 Barney Clark and Bob Cumberford, both writers for Car and Driver magazine, had a better idea. 

Bob, being a designer as well draw a nice looking Mustang wagon on the board and they teamed up with Bob's friend Jim Licata for financial support to realize their idea. A 1964 289ci engine equipped Mustang coupe was sent over to Italy in March 1965 to a company called INTERMECCANICA. 
Bob had alreday worked with this company on the Griffith and Frank Reisner was the guy to lead the new project. They cut off the roof and fabricated a new one, the rear seat was altered to a fold-down-version, the fuel inlet was moved to the left rear fender. The tailgate could be folded downwards and the overall workmanship was excellent, but in the end they ran out of money for additional modifications in the trunk area. In February 1966 it came back to New York and was an instant hit on the Detroit Expressway. Even GM employees thought, Ford was working on a wagon and alarmed their management. Barney enjoyed that a lot. There are rumours that at least 3 were built, at least not more than a handful of these nice looking Mustang mutations are supposed to have been built.
Some information from Car and Driver Oct. 1964 issue. 1st. picture courtesy Willy de Reerink/NL.

More Station wagons out there?  
Yes, several custom built stationwagons are known to exist. Mustang Country built some back then in the 60ies. One is still in their museum. These wagons had no rear side glass, but panels in the cargo area.

To the left you see a nice Shelby clone station wagon, that appears quite often at US 'stang meetings.
Picture courtesy Mark Gustavson/Archive

Then there is this other nice looking 67 wagon, that I found on another website  - probably . My memory leaves me alone for giving proper credit.

Aside from that several enthusiasts have gone the extra way and tried to convert their Pony.

A custom built station wagon 
Jim Sprague send this picture of a friend's Mustang conversion stationwagon. It was created from a 65 Mustang Coupe. More information on Jim's website

Another 68 converted Mustang 
...that appeared on ebay in 2006

Probably the most photographed one. Picture courtesy Klaus Schaefer Archive

Another nice station wagon conversion with Cougar style rear end lights that appeared at Carlisle, here shown as of 2003.

Some more from the web that circulate around without proper credit or were sent to me... 
owner unknown

C. Others

A 1973 Opera Window dealer option in a Grande or a custom car?
While we know that Vynil roofs have been quite popular and a favourite conversion at dealers as well, you don't see these opera windows too often. It was certainly an eye-catcher back then as it is today. Glenn would like to hear about this conversion at other dealers. Maybe there are more out there with a similar customized C-pillar. 
Asked about Landaulet versions, my swiss friend Iso came up with this kit that was available from American Pride Products Inc./Michigan back then. They offered the full kit incl. the vynil and ornaments for 69,95$, while you could get a pair of  ornaments alone for 13,95 for 1967-1970 Mustangs. (advertised in Hot Rod January 1971). Maybe the same company might have offered a conversion for the 1973, maybe not. Anybody kno
ws more?

Must be a series of Opera window 73 customs
Sunman Ford owned this other opera window equipped 73 custom car early 2004. Note the well done chrome around the vynil roof and the obvious good workmanship. So it seems there was indeed a kind of dealer promo, although they have their differences. This car should be saved anyway and certainly makes a good show-eyecatcher.

Keith has not only the 'opera view' but enjoys a sunroof
Keith is the proud owner of this other opera window equipped 69. "This is my 69 mustang 351W/2V, it has a power sunroof, which is Ford stamped. I have never seen a Mustang like mine only heard of them."
Me, too, until now.
 Your Mustang "mutation" might be here.
E-mail me with a pic

Mustang bycicles
Did you know that a childrens bycicle was sold in Germany with a Mustang emblem? This is not a joke. Indeed Kreidler sold a girlies bycicle, maybe so they would not be angry, when her brother had a Kreidler motorbike Enduro. Check out our T-5 section at our clubs webpage for the Kreidler Mustang motorbike and be patient for a picture of the girls bycicle.

Mustang JR
Ever heard of these Mustang mutations? Lee A. Exline has collected a lot of information about this rare breed of Mustang's scale models.
I know they should not be called that way. Lee himself owned a 67 gas powered version, but sold it meanwhile to one of the MCAs board of directors members. 
Lee also has the molds of the early 65/66 JRs. 
Check out Lee's website for the Mustang JR.

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