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This is an early red Ford Mach1 429 press car 
from Lars-Petter in Norway- 
The Eminger invoice confirms this car to be a Ford fleet press car. It has a very early 1971 VIN.

Wether it was used for anything around the movie remains speculation so far, plus Lars Petter has no intention to show it around as that, but the fact, that it was a press car adds certainly to its value. 
Anybody who has early press coverage clippings of this car, is invited to share this info with us.


The 1971 Bond clone
from Dennis Dierking

or How to Diamond a Mach1

Click here to follow a long restoration process

Dennis is still restoring it and we will feature it in tis full glory, once it is done.

A  Bond car look-a-like ...
with BULLITT style modern wheels.

Pics were taken by the dealer, who sold this car.


"Two weeks ago we purchased our 16 yr old son red í71 Mach 1 as his first car. We found the car at a classic car dealer near our home in Sacramento, CA. It has a 351C with 4-barrel carb on Ram-Air. We donít know the carsí complete history yet, but it appears to be #ís matching and almost completely original with the exception of 17-inch rims (late-model Mustang) and tires, and rear air shocks. We thought a car that would appreciate in value was much better than buying a newer car that would only depreciate in value.
Our sonís passion is cars, especially Ď60ís and Ď70ís muscle cars. He is interested in studying engineering in college and possible pursuing a career in automotive engineering and/or car design so we felt this car would be a good start. "
Michael A. Berrington (November 2004)


If you have a 1971 red Mustang Mach1, 
please send your pic and some short lines on your car and motivation to drive a BOND replica

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