The unexpected Bond movie car news

Since the Dezer collection was moved years ago from Miami to Orlando, there was a lot of speculation, when and if the Bond Exhibit would ever be opened. They obviously preferred a slow opening of the various inhouse attractions in the previous shopping centre.

New DEZERLAND Bond Exhibit in Orlando

The DAF Mach 1 appears actually on the FOR SALE pages, but repeated requests ended up in Nirwana. Maybe it takes a big amount to get their attention to respond to inquiries. So far we can be happy that the car is still on display. Recent sneak previews show that the car is now staged for the official opening in September 2022.
Seeing the Dezer Collection myself north of Miami Beach in Florida in 2017 was a real thrill.
The car that inspired my father to buy his own 1971 red Mach1 was a milestone.

I enjoyed taking close up pics and with the help of the friendly staff I could even take pictures from the inside. Time to update this page.
Well it took more than 4 years to finally start this up.

The reason: The 50th Anniversary.
Stay tuned for more insiders information. We might expext something thrilling as of December 1971 with some Ford action.
December 16th, 2014
In Search of Mustangs has started new research about the DAF Mustangs used in the movie. In checking out the movie sequences based on the latest Blue Ray material, Bo Durban was able to retrieve the filming period and more details about the interior, some interesting stickers and details to distinguish some of the used cars. This in order to make Kevin Marti research more easy narrowing down the list of equipment ex-factory and identifying possible DAF movie cars. Check out his findings here

Also Big Body Mustang Enthusiast Kurt Kaminer from Florida has visited the Dezer Collection in North Miami to take pics of #1F05M160938 which is known as the Stunt Alley car used by Buzz Bundy.
Before the Dezer collection this was the  former car of the Stars of the Cars collection in Keswick/UK and previously owned by Joseph Brancella.
With actual pics from the cars interior and underside, some more findings are published on and on In Search of Mustangs website.

Former Joseph Brancella car #1F05M160938 as shown at Keswick/UK  Picture courtesy Damian Ward

July 22nd, 2013
We have not updated this site too often indeed in the past years, but there were not too many news at all regarding the Bond movie cars.

A few recent updates:
The Cars of the Stars Bond car has been moved from UK to the USA last year and is now in the Dezer collection.

The Mike Alameda car was again rediscussed on a webforum, but with little news. Here is a link.

At the 50th Team Mustang Center Nederland show in 2014 there will be a Diamond Mustang on display. We wonder which one, but probably a replica.



August 9th, 2010 - Updated 2021
New Bond museum for 2012? Not so.

A stunning concept design had been prepared for the 2012 launch of The Museum of Bond Vehicles + Espionage in Illinois, a collaboration between several sponsors including The Ian Fleming Foundation. 

Out of the 3 429 Mach1 used in the Diamonds are forever movie it was planned to find a Texan car there with the VIN 1F05J100066.
Update: Actually that 429 Mustang was bought by the  Ian Fleming Group and went into the much later Bond in Motion exhibition.

The above 2012 Gensler projekt obviously did not materialize.



It's easy to build it
and if Ford missed on this one so far, there are dealers to jump in on the opportunity.


More pics (Hint found on the 429 Megasite)


6th /14Sept 2008
Mike relisted his 71 429 on ebay. 

Personal Editors Note:
I have heard about all the doubts expressed elsewhere. Actually this paperwork is known for quite a while as are the doubts. Doubts are yet no proofs.
Reread my intro on this Bond site and it says "most probably" still since the beginning from 2001, same as in the 98 or so MM article well-known, while at the same time I maintain a lot of trust in Mikes evidence, quotes and his own saying..enough for me to publish it here, because no one could say it is not the DAF car so far. Weird? I don't think so.
Let me say that doubts and assumptions alone can't kill a friendship with a fellow Mustanger and Mike is a friend , one of many I made over the decades in this scene with an "open hood" sharing information whereever possible and there is no presented evidence that this is not the car to my knowledge ...only doubts.

I am pretty much aware of the Eminger paperwork since years. While I keep always open to facts and proof that might say anything different about published cars here, I am sure that thorough research has been done by Mike with the result, that he is 100% sure, he's got the right deal and he has reassured this more than once. He did not buy it to make something out of it and he certainly would not put it on ebay if he would be afraid of being sued after the sale for having offered a fraud.
Mike has 3 binders of evidence from his discussions with movie people and many more things. For sure I have also deep respect for Lois Emingers work, so I would be the last one to doubt anything from her research. She has helped the scene a lot in preserving the info and fortunately the paperwork is still available through Kevin Marti. In fact she is very accurate in her writing taken from the things she has. So reread her written statements word by word.
It looks rather that one is stuck with a mystery of clearly assigning some of the VINs and Las Vegas Convention cars to the actually used cars in the movie, because only few know what happened during the movie filming and which cars were actually used for what scenes. Be it cars with correct paperwork, but maybe dings and dents spotted on site? Or cars being available nearby with a better paint job. Who took notes of the VINs back then to say, yes No. XX was used. Somebody will certainly find sb. some day with a watertight proof, will he?
A correct paperwork car could still have been exchanged, but that remains speculation as many other issues today for those that haven't been there and took the VIN from the actually used car during filming. I don't know either way. but have trust in Mike that he has evidence enough. 

As said I'll continue to maintain my trust in Mike and running this section further on with his contribution and helpful documentation and quotes. Trust is something that keeps real Mustangers together and will die last. The rest or let's say better evidence is up to the future and further research. I don't close my mind nor eyes.

This is a Ponysite domain actually, isn't it? We have more than once corrected narrations in books and given new facts or facettes to historys transcripted. 
Better knowledge is achieved in the future, day by day. There is still a lot that can be unearthed. I like so many others around stick to a story, because they believe in it, until they get corrected by well-done research and proof, not by just doubts. 

And rest assured
I speak for myself here, because Mike isn't interested any more in correcting doubts except maybe for a really interested buyer. 

Whoever will have further doubts after seeing Mikes evidence, is not going to buy this car. No problem with that.
Others are easily able to meet Mike, talk in person with him and see his paperwork. As I understand transferred messages from other friends, another DAF related car was doubted, then sold for a minor price, just to be confirmed later on by somebody (no proof shown either for that statement) as one of the DAF cars by the Ian Fleming Organisation. 
Moreover this car again prooved to be wrong (100066) later on. Strange enough

If that is not a good example of doubts and better knowledge obtained later on? But where is the evidence for the better knowledge? Just a name? 
For sure I would cover any of the related otther early 71 red cars as well, if the owners like to share information based upon current knowledge, but I certainly need to build up trust in what they say on a personal level.



Jan - August 2008
Dennis Dierking is still working on his Bond Movie car replica

We like to keep you updated what the
progress is in 2008.


March 2007
The Alley Diamond Car

First time you see it on display on the web. 

Thanks to Peter Nelson we've got this picture from the Stars of the Cars collection.

The Bond Collectors Weekend #10
Matt Sherman reports about a weekend with a focus on the famous Bond movie Diamonds are forever 
"Friday began much like any other in Los Angeles before 007 arrived. James Bond fans in business casual (or Bond costume or tux) reminisced drink in hand about the DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER house in Palm Springs or seeing "stars" at Hollywood Wax Museum; Connery in different poses, Halle Berry and front runners Farrell, Jude and Jackman. That morning, I'd walked the stars fronting Grauman's with friends to find Brosnan's and Broccoli's, Tom
Jones's and others.

Now BOND COLLECTORS' WEEKEND #10 guests unwound atop The Standard Downtown'sroof, its shiny "red pod waterbeds" straight from TSWLM meeting skyscraper views and a swimming pool, topiaries and restaurant. We lounged on retro hip seating and watched movies simulcast from the bar, as projected onto a neighboring skyscraper!

We turned downstairs to the chic Standard lobby including inspirations in LCD from floor to ceiling and a pool table. Next, the 007s hit the roof again for further partying under the stars and skyscrapers.

Before bed, I brought the BCW 10 fans through our Memorabilia Room on Floor 11 of the posh hotel. Nearly 20 full cartons of 007 collectibles stared back at the group's stare, entire sets of Bond films still in shrink wrap, audiotapes and music CDs with Bond's visage on them, complete trading card sets mint in box, Bond clothing, new Zippo lighters, posters, magazines andbooks... "Take it all, for free, now!" was my snarled command. I felt like Blofeld hissing, "Kill Bond, now!"  Would the Saturday tour, with so little Bond in Los Angeles, leave everyone shaken, or even stirred?

Saturday's excursion left The Standard for the Westin Bonaventure, one of the ten most photographed buildings in the world, with its hotel atrium, shopping plaza and the glass elevators we rode to the top from TRUE LIES with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Art Malik (Kamran Shah in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS) plus many more sites. 

We had to visit world-famous Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Hills Hotel (Shampoo, American Gigolo, Beverly Hills Cop) and an Aston Martin or two, before winding up Mulholland Drive for magnificent outlooks and photos taken hundreds of feet above the Universal lot used for the Diamonds are Forever  Mustang car chase; Hollywood and EON's California office, Capitol Records, LAX airport (MOONRAKER, DAF) and Culver City and the VA Hospital (THE FACTS OF DEATH).

Thanks to Matt Sherman from the BONDLIST
His full report and other participants reports together with many more pictures and videos from this event can be read at 


Bond archive curator Danny Biederman in what could be a real nice new Diamonds are Forever movie car 
Pictured at the Galpin Aston Club in Van Nuys/CA. Picture courtesy David Zaritsky, another die-hard Bond item collector. 

Archives, personally led by owner/curator Danny Biederman! Mind-numbing, overwhelmingly cool spy artifacts on display include the prop spider used for DR. NO, Blofeld's actual conference table and Connery's attaché knife as seen in FRWL, the actual telegram with payment terms to Barry Nelson, casting him to play James Bond in Casino Royale '54 (!), Ian Fleming's copy of his own treatment for THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. with his handwritten notes throughout (!) plus the artist's original sketch of U.N.C.L.E. HQ fromFleming's treatment (!)... many more Bond items blew us out the door! 

Biederman's collection on display includes cells and slicks used for the I SPY and U.N.C.L.E. onscreen titles, Agent 86's GET SMART shoe phone and .38, and my favorite, KAOS' RISK board (!), the original artist's painting used as the Wild Wild West titles concept, ultra-rare and unique props from Johnny English and a dozen other films and TV shows... Entire rooms and wall sections filled with one-of-a-kind items were devoted to each and every spy show. Everything stands in near pristine condition and is displayed museum quality. The always-gentlemanly Danny personally welcomed us to his exhibit, before leading the BCW'ers through his collectibles for more than an hour, answering our many questions from his lifetime of collecting. The hundreds of artifacts on display are but 5% of his collection! The show is held over by demand through January, don't miss it or the secret entrance (and exit) to the show itself aboard ship! We thanked Danny as best we could, although we were still a bit speechless

We had hoped for  this Mustang Gen V SE with the appearance of the red coloured Mustang spy shot. Anyway it is not far away and would make a decent show like this photoshop from Vyto Petrauskas/done already in 2005.


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