Mustang Pegasus Rare Find
created by Jack Florence and Warren Veurink for Merle Taggart 
and shown in  the Ford Custom Car Caravan

Ramon M./Wolfgang Kohrn - created on August, 16th., 2004, last updated on July 25th,. 2015


Jack Florence from Fostoria Styling and Warren Veurink from Holland Auto Trim (upholsterer supreme) created this unique custom Mustang back in 1965 for Gerald Taggart based on a brandnew Mustang. Shown at the Cobo Hall, it caught the interest of Ford representatives and subsequently whisked from its appointed display position and made a part of Ford's impressive Custom Car Caravan display.

This was a completely roadable custom Mustang with rolled pans both front and rear. Both tail light assemblies, chromed lettering and horizontal strip sit in black landau material at the rear. Cibie high headlights with turn signal indicators built into their centers are amongst the front  alterations. 
No parking lamps were used. The side sculpturing line carries through to the front.

More soon on this site thanks to Mark Gustavson from the Lynx Project, a scale model project based on the famous Mercury and Ford custom and concept cars of the 6oies.

Check out some background info so far on another subpage.

The Mustang Pegasus - a long time mystery
found and finally subject to a complete restoration in the near future (started 2005, sent to bodyshop in Nov. 2005, plug pulled 2006, now finally restoration will be done together with its genuine creators in 2007 - update received in June 2014)

Thanks to owner Ramon, we got some exclusive pictures of the former Ford Custom Car Caravan Mustang in its  condition as he found it.
These pics have never been published elsewhere and are only shared with Mark Gustavson from the "Lynx Project".

The car's restoration was started in early 2005, the body has been shipped in November for a correct reconditioning. Due to a sponsoring problem the car had to be pulled from the body shop.

In 2007 Ramon got in touch with Warren Veurink and Gerald Taggart as well as in March 2007 with Jack Florence, now being in his 80ies. All of them have promised to get together to help Ramon in his efforts and all of them want to see the car back on the show floor soon. 

The project turned out to take much longer than expected. As of June 2014, the interior is basically done and the body ready for new paint.

We hope to be able to add pictures this summer.
Meanwhile we got a new never published color picture (below) from Scott Veurink, the son of Warren Veurink. Thanks for that.

Special thanks to Ramon M.

The car as it appeared in a Rod and Custom Magazine back in 1965.
We hope it will be shown once in a special Ford X-Cars display

Special thanks for historic pics thanks to Mark Gustavson and his Lynx Project research on Ford X-cars.

The car as of July 2015. Thanks for the update to owner Ramon.

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