The Mustang Zebra
The Story of a famous George Barris Kustom Mustang
©  Wolfgang Kohrn - July 24th, 2005
Pics by Philippe Guattari (MCDF) - Special thanks to Don Chambers of Mustang Country/Paramount for his permission


The Zebra as stored in Don Chambers collection. 

The rear trunk lid was covered with fake Zebra skin as well. Note the radical roofline and rear vent window change and the T-top openings


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George Barris and his project engineer Richard Korkes built this car for the Marriage on the Rocks movie for Nancy Sinatra. 
Acc. to Don Chambers documentation basically they extended the nose by 10 inches with an all-aluminium front grill and used a double set of  Cibie headlights.

The rear end was completely restyled, although not everybodys taste, even back then. Taillights were running across the full width of the rear and recessed, Fenders flared and a removable landau style roof cut and formed and a chromed molding added to the edges. 

Most apparent on the side and in the interior is the fake Zebra skin. On the outside it was applied together with a chrome molding around it. 

The car was painted pearl white with a satin-black rear deck lid underneath the Zebra skin. It featured also some Pearl red fadeaways around the body moldings.

It later was used in the Ford Custom Car Caravan and at various events and shows over the nation. 

Frank Sinatra himself posing with the Barris Kustom Mustang. 

While the speedometer is a standard unit, the in-built TV set and the steering wheel is not. Note the early type drink holder console. We may say, that the Humphugger console idea might be based on this Barris Kustom Mustang. 

Usage of the car for Marriage on the Rocks meant... they needed something in the car of that stuff that Americans typically carry around in daylight in those paper baskets. 

Note the customized front and grill section.

Further info can be obtained from "Barris Kustoms of the 1960ies" written by George Barris and David Fetherston

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