Mustang Ads Contest and Brainpool
by Emotions

Ford could save millions and spent on a dark green Shelby GT350
© Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on August 9th, 2006


Finally we got it right -
the new Ford Mustang ad campaign -
Ford could save millions using the Enthusiast brainpool or reading simply :) 

We'd like to see your proposals as well. We'll put them in this web gallery and Ford could donate a Shelby GT500 for the winner in January 2007, if they pick this idea. 
No warranty given nor claims taken! 

They don't need to be vintage style, Mustang 2006 and later are appreciated as well. A good catch phrase and a suitable illustration idea. Just leave out the Blue oval sign, we don't want to cause trouble too early. 
If you have good ideas for this campaign Powered by Emotions, let me know.

This is not just a funny proposal, if you thought so.

"Strong in character, emotional and at the same time touching are the words of Stefan Lamm, Chief designer at Ford Europe, when he talks about cars. Dynamic, with power and energy. Design differentiates, he says. There are no more bad cars out there based on technology, so we need to have a vision based on other features. 
Stefan Lamm is responsible for the IOSIS CONCEPT Study. The Ford S-max was based on this as the first one. Rest assured the Mustang will have characteristics of this too. is known to have some visions, too.

Go find a better suitable theme for Mustang-Enthusiasm or create new visuals with us.

This photoshopped design is based on Tomasz Rozkosz "10 best 3D-designs". 
Thanks Tomasz. Modifications done by W.Kohrn

Steve LaRiviere thought up this scenario of derelicted Challenger and Camaros with a brandnew name it.

John Noble from NZ spotted yesterday this rare (Pony64 licenced) couple and instantly we had a new idea. Thanks John

Lee A. Exline hosts an interesting site for the Mustang Jr. - Photoshop W.Kohrn

Any salvage yard owner knows exactly where his Mustangs are - even at 10.00pm

Police is testing heat detection vision systems for safe night capture - Emotions ensured 

Top view of the LA airport parking lot - Emotions last longer than you may think 

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