1966 Anniversary Gold Mustang Special
Owner Morten Ek

© and hosted by Wolfgang Kohrn - March 7th, 2011


The door tag of 6R07C177440 clearly states the 331111 DSO that identifies some of the 50 Gold Anniversary Specials. Not all of them carried the District numer 33, but the 1111 was the special order code for that batch of cars.














Another 1966 Mustang Special

..imported by Morten Ek from Norway in 2010.

This is one of the 1966 Mustang  Anniversary Gold Specials, most probably 50 were built. Morten thinks the car was repainted not in the original color, yet it has traces of the "real gold".

The plan was to build one for each DSO, but of course there were only 33 DSOs that year, so some got more. Such seems to be the case for DSO 33, as several have surfaced. 


C-Code engine

Pony Interior

More later.


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