Secret Mustang backyard in Iran

© by Wolfgang Kohrn

Thanks a lot for this tour through a secret backyard near Teheran by an anonymous Mustang enthusiast

Rare finds are typically found where usually nobody seeks. I am pretty sure none of you has ever been in Iran to search for Mustangs, and if so being you were for sure not allowed to enter a iranian Ford enthusiast's junkyard. So here is your chance to stroll through secret aisles of broken Mustangs.
While on the search for a true Shelby, our reporter - who wants to stay anonymous  - found out that there is still a bigger number of classic Ford iron around in the Iran than he expected. Even Shelbys occasionally pop up here and there and he is still hoping to find one soon.

Well let's join our enthusiast and look what he found:

First is a lime green 68 Fastback, next a maybe bronze or brown 72 Mach1 next to a yeloow/black striped 71, third with the customized Z-stripes is said to be a 71 T-5, although it could not be verified, as the car had been stripped between 2 visits.

Next on the picture side is a 66, then some views of the parts corner are shown. The parting out serves of course to get other Mustangs back on the road.
Further down you see a red 68 Hardtop with modified wheel wells. and a 68 green Fastback between two Mustangs of the later 76/77 variety. There are also running Mustangs on the spot. 

Stay tuned for an update here soon. 

There are also other interesting classic and muscle cars around

An early Corvette

...and a split window Corvette.

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